Yeah, every time I put some buttons up on the store I’m going to post about it. Partly because I need to raise money for medical bills, but mostly because I think Chudd did a great job of designing our buttons. This time around I posted the Zombie Hand, Rocket Ship, and Human Heart buttons. I just wish my photography skills were on the level with the actual pins. Still, I kind of dug taking the pictures this time around. I used some old books we have as back drops for the buttons, and I kind of dug the textures. Anyways, I’ve got way more buttons to photograph and post about, but don’t delay! If you see something you like then buy it and we’ll get out to you ASAP. Also, keep checking back at Murray Bros. Creative for new art. Chudd is working on some original, one of a kind sketch pieces that we’ll be selling soon. Original art!


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