A Series of Retro-Inspired Super Hero Action Figures from Fresh Monkey Fiction!

I was looking for something to post about this morning and I came across this Kick Starter for action figures from Fresh Monkey Fiction. Cool name. Anyways, this really reminded me of the early 1990’s when I was a teenager and a new wave of indie, or creator owned, comic book heroes were hitting the shelves. It was kind of a cool thing to go into a comic shop pick up (or order from the Action catalog) a Madman or Nexus. This is the second set being produced by Fresh Monkey Fiction and features The Red Hook, Madman, Stray, Jon Sable, Midnight Tiger, Nexus, The American, and E-Man. Each figure stands 4.5″ tall and 5 points of articulation. As of this post the KS has 20 days left and they’re about a third of the way to getting their funding. I’ll post some sample images below, but click the link above to get more information of the campaign and contributor rewards. Also, Fresh Monkey Fiction is running another Kickstarter for a pulp fiction novella: Eagle Force Pulp: The Cat in Eight Lives Left. Based on their Eagle Force action figure line this looks like a lot of fun and worth a look. Okay, I’m now very late for work. It’s okay. I hate my job.


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