Artist H.C. Brown Explains How Not To Be Afraid of Your Sketchbook

Hello again El Moochadores! I’ve always had this weird problem with showing my sketchbooks to other people. Especially artists. It’s because most of my sketches are either thumbnails for later projects, half-assed drawing attempts and practices, or lots of naked women. So, I’ve always had this fear that anyone one who sees my sketch book will think I’m a pervert (they’d be right) or a schizophrenic. Or even a perverted schizophrenic. I’ve also had this problem with, “what to draw,” and “how do I make my sketchbook look perfect.” Which, in my case is a justifiable concern since my own twin brother’s (aka: The Chud of Atomic Moo) sketchbooks are minor works of art that deserve their own gallery displays.

So that is why I’m posting this video from artist/illustrator H.C. Brown who does a fantastic job of “breaking the fear” of your own sketchbook. In the video below, Brown goes through a lot of stuff artist, and cartoonist, can do to fill their sketchbook and put aside the fear of ruining a blank page. I really like the idea of taping or gluing other elements into a sketchbook. Personally, I do this with cigar bands and bottle labels. I love how they look and a lot of my sketchbooks have collections of cigar bands taped inside. Okay, so I probably smoke too much and might be too obsessed with drawing naked women.

Also, go check out Brown’s comic work at Which, I’ll probably should just do a Moo post about all on its own. Really cools stuff. Anyways, here’s the vid!


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