Kickstarter for “a collection of one hundred comics about talking back to your self-doubt and anxiety, and a plush demon to go with ’em.”

You know, I was just thinking that today I would like to post about a kickstarter project dealing with self doubt and anxiety, because (you know) we’re Atomic Moo, and self doubt and anxiety are our bread and butter here. Anyways, Talented Portland based illustrator, Lucy Bellwood, has a Kickstarter going to publish a collection of a hundred comics about anxiety (think Steven Pressfield idea of “the resistance” made funny) along with of plushie of the little anxiety monster.

As of this post the project has hit its goal of $25,000, but that’s no reason for you not to still contribute and get in on some cool rewards like limited edition prints and the plush toy. I’ve posted Bellwood’s KS promo video below, but click the link above to learn more about the project and contributing.


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