7 Simple Tips from Alphonso Dunn

Ok El Moochadores, the break is over and we’re back to posting again. On the bright side, I’m just about done with the next Atomic Tails comic and we’re back to work on Atomic Moo #1. So, yes we have been working, but I need to get my drawing skills up as we do all this. So there’s going to be a lot more drawing tutorials and art book reviews on here to help keep me motivated!

So, let’s kick things off with a little help on how to draw everyday from Alphonso Dunn on the Youtube. Though I’m not going to list them here (watch the video) Dunn has some really good advice for staying consistent and setting expectations. I really liked his advice on keeping two sketch books; one for practice and study, the other for more finished work. You can see more of Dunn’s work on his Instagram. Now, I am very late for work and I have to run, but I’ll find some time to draw today and update this post with my sketch.


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