Drawing tips from DrawingWiffWaffles!

How’s it going, El Moochadores? Good, probably. Why not. Anyways, check out this awesome little video from Drawingwiffwaffles on the youtube! In this video Mrs. Waffles (maybe it’s Miss…) lays down five tips for improving the overall look of your sketchbook. Which in my case would really help. That shambling mess on the right here is a page of my own sketch book. Not so much art as it is a spastic sneeze with pencil and ink.
So, Miss Wiffwaffles tips are based around the idea of Contrast! which is:

the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

And for a quick summary they are:

1. Contrast in Size!
2. Contrast in Detail!
3. Contrast in Color!
4. Contrast in Texture!
5. Cram!

So go on and check out the video below. She has a fantastic illustrative style and a cute “snorty” laugh. It’s great. Both the video and the laugh. Also, feel free to post links to your sketchbook in the comments below or any advice you’ve found helpful.


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