The Illustrations of Eric Geusz

Hello again, El Moochadores! I just got done working out and I’m still kind of “twitchy” so excuse any typos here. However; I didn’t have to go very far down my Facebook feed this morning to find some cool stuff to post about! Brought to us by A Different type of Art on the old FB, check out this fantastic illustration work by artist Eric Geusz (aka: Sapcegoose on the Instagram), where in he takes everyday objects and draws ’em up as spaceships. I mean, we all did this as little kids, right? Where we would take something like a remote, or whatever, and pretend it was a cool spaceship of some kind, because our parents were cheap and refused to buy us any toy a normal kid might have… I kind of think my life would’ve been way different had I owned a bunch of Transformers instead of a hand full of cheap ass Go-bots and some used up sparkplugs. Sigh. Anyways, it’s just cool to see that same imagination played out so well by a talented illustrator. Anyways, check out a few samples below, and be sure to follow him (@spacegoose) on Instagram. Also, give Different King of Art a “like” on Facebook.


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