An Atomic Moo Book Review!

I re-read books a lot. Sometime (like the Game of Thrones novels) it’s just for fun, but a lot times it is to absorb more of the book into my limited memory. Steal Like an Artist from Austin Kleon is one of those books I want to absorb.

First published in 2012, Steal Like an Artist lays down 10 principles to help creatives be more… well, creative. I think the book is fantastic because, not only is it an easy read (huge benefit for someone as ADD as I am) but it really helps to establish a foundation for anyone wanting to be a professional artist. Each principle represents a chapter where Kleon explains (and motivates) an artistic life to would be artist. Much like Steven Pressfield War of Art, I consider this book part of my “artistic arsenal” and I’m probably going back for another read sometime soon.

You can find a copy of Steal Like an Artist at most major book stores, or online at Barnes and Nobles. Probably Amazon too, but I like B&N much better, and I want to keep them going. Also, I found a TED Talk by Austin Kleon where in he discusses Steal Like and Artist and what brought him to it.


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