Introducing Rio: Evil Goddess of the California Highways!

Hey El Moochadores! As much as I like posting about other creative projects (in the realm of comics and books) I do really kind of dig it when I get to post about my own stuff. My stuff may not be that good, but its a start. Anyways, I finally finished another Atomic Tails web comic. In this comic I’m introducing a character I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Her name is Rio, and she’s the evil goddess of the California Highways. In my real life I work as a driver, and imagining all the poor decisions other drivers make is actually caused by a malevolent goddess and not an extreme lack of focused by a smart phone addicted population, kind makes the job easier.

Anyways, this particular strip was kind of beast to make, but I hope you enjoy it and I’ll have another one done soon. I hope. Also, check out Trog’s Blog where I write a bit about making the comic, and check out the Atomic Tails archive to see past comics.


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