San Diego Comic Con International 2018 Photos and a Moo-Review!!!

Last Sunday, San Diego Comic Con International wrapped up its 48th year, and once again Chud and I were there for all four days for a spectacular show of art, comics, animation, film, books, music, and television shows! Oh, and alcohol. I’m really not a drinker, and though it’s been a week; I still feel wrecked. This con marked our 23rd year as attendees, and although the event had it’s highlights, I walked away feeling incredibly bummed out, but we’ll get to that later. First, the good stuff!

Much like years past SDCC had star filled panels, outside events, and a massive exhibit hall full of every piece of geek related media you could want. As four day attendees we tried to experience as much of it as possible… which actually wasn’t much. Unfortunately we got to see none of the panels in the mane show rooms. The lines for such events were huge, and mostly outside. However, Chud did get a chance to meet the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. He loves the zombie stuff. So, since we couldn’t get into the bigger, fan based, stuff, we sat in on several panels (usually held in rooms 2 or 4) that discussed more creative topics like introduction to television writing, or Indie creators. Panels such as these have way more value for us, and although I would like to sit in the main ballroom and geek out over the next big comic movie, I actually feel better and more inspired for attending the creative work panels. Also, they’re great place to take a break, and get informed at the same time.

Other good stuff this year; We got a ton of SWAG! In Moo-Post of past I’ve often referred to my “Con Pile”. A stack of cards, promo material, and comics collected at conventions that I use to find geek creative posts. I walked away from SDCC with a giant bag of this stuff. Lot’s of new stuff to post about. Then there is the stuff we bought. Comic Con is a great place to source discounted graphic novels, new and old comics, independent comics, and gear. I spent well over $100 dollars at the Famous Monsters booth. I’ll probably do a separate post about all the stuff we came back with, but now I’m happily broke.

We also photographed a bunch of great looking cosplay, played video games, and met a celebrity! Well, sort of. This year we came across Dan Fogler at the Heavy Metal booth. Fogler was there to promote his comic, Brooklyn Gladiator, and he was really cool. Yeah, I was pretty harsh on him in my past review of his comic for his attitude at the con. However, I probably should have realized that the convention can be pretty exhausting for everyone. Then again… when you get to make out with Maggie Q, and then ping pong kung fu fight Christopher Walken all in the same movie, (I feel) after that you have to spend the rest of your life as happy as bunny strangling Lennie let loose in a puppy farm. Anyways, great guy, awesome comic.

Other highlights of this year con included new chances to meet “line buddies”, old friends, and the “Con Fade.” A magic time when at the end of the convention Chud and I sit back at a local 5th avenue bar, smoke a cigar, sip a long island iced tea, and watch the convention fade away. Kind of sad, but also kind wonderful.

Also, I think a special shout out should be given to this years convention organizers. Closing down Harbor was a fantastic idea. I’m not being sarcastic. Good job. Also, the crowd control was good, people felt safe, and the security didn’t seem as aggressive or rude as years past. I can’t imagine the logistics in keeping a crowd that big safe and moving, but SDCC did it. Way to go.

As for the negative stuff at this years con; Hollywood is fucking up the convention. I was very sad to see a chunk of 5th avenue was taken up by some dumb Ted Danson sitcom. SDCC’s own mission statement is:

Comic-Con International: San Diego is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.

Most of the fan panels and shows being promoted in and around the convention had nothing (NOTHING) to do with comics or creativity. Shit like that Ted Danson… thing, are an absence of art and culture and go against the conventions own mission statement. At one point, Chud and I even overheard a self aggrandizing (douchey) conversation between two millennial television execs, about how they were attending the Eisner awards with other TV producers. What the fuck? One of the few things we get to actually own in this life is our own accountability. Comic Con (I’m speaking to the con as if it were a person), Your accountable to that mission statement and your own name. Comic Con’s focus should be comic books, creativity, and those things as related to that. Let the sitcoms go somewhere else.

Then there were the massive amounts of people, everywhere! Want to use the bathroom? Fuck you. wait in line. Want to see a panel? Fuck you. Wait in line. You just got done waiting in line to see an event outside? Fuck you. Wait in more lines.

This convention also had a weird push for diversity in comics… which has never actually been a problem! I know some groups out there are trying to make it seem like a problem, but comic books have always been a great place for inclusivity. Fuck… we’re all nerds, and in 2018 if you want to make a comic then go make a comic book, but attending this year felt like some angry feminist activist was standing over your shoulder screaming, “Girls are gonna make comics whether they want to or not!” Grrrrr…

Yes, we want more creatives. White, black, male, female. Who gives a shit so long as they make good comics, but Comic Con (again, like I’m talkin to the con) stop feeding the goddamn vilification and identity politics that is taking over other media. I’ve always consider myself a big lefty, but I’ve seen more straight up hate and division coming from so-called social justice warriors, then I’ve ever seen on any bullshit Fox News show or fat fucking Rush Limbaugh, and it sucks seeing that hate overrun a convention. So, instead of a panel on “There aren’t any fake geek girls” (Which there most certainly are. For every girl out there who loves comics there is absolutely opportunistic bitches out there, without a shred of creativity, using their gender as a way to invade an industry), Just have more panels on creativity and production… for everyone! EVERYONE!

Okay, so I’m ranting, and my real problem with this years convention (and what made me so depressed) isn’t even the conventions fault, or radical left feminism, or even that piece of shit Jim Jefferies and his hack coverage of the con. Seriously though (Jefferies), why would you do that? How stupid are you, and your shows producers? Dope. No, the only problems really are with me.

I’ve been going to Comic-Con for 23 years, and I’ve always wanted to cross over to the other side of the event. To be a creator, and have books and art that I’ve made on display, and I haven’t done it. I’ve boothed at smaller conventions, and I try to make my own art and comics, but it is not enough. I’ve only ever played at being a creative, and now the world that I wanted to be a part of (and never did) is changing into something else. I walked away from this years con feeling like a big loser, or maybe realizing what a big loser I really am, and now I have this anxiety of not knowing how to fix things. Above I wrote about accountability, and it sucks that I have to own this, because I really don’t want to. It would feel great to blame this failure on my parents, siblings, women, the convention, society… hell even that aussie fuck wit, Jefferies. I really wish I could just blame my dumb fucking life on someone like him. But I can’t. I’ve had a lifetime to make something, and I didn’t. And I feel something worse than bad. Something I can’t even describe really. Hollow, yet scared. Terrified. I don’t know. I also hate ending the post this way. Like I said above, I love Comic Con. It’s the only holiday I have left anymore, and I look forward to it all year. This year I wanted to find some inspiration or hope. I didn’t. What a fucking bummer. I don’t know how I’m going to turn things around, or even if I can, but I know it’s on me to do it… and that sucks. I do hope Chud and I can attend the con next year, and that I’ll have done enough between now and then to feel better about myself. I don’t know. We’ll see.

I’ve posted some of the photos we took below. Check ‘em out, but I probably won’t have a gallery set up until after next month. We’re looking into changing servers in a couple of weeks and so I don’t know if I want add a gallery I’ll just end up deleting. Once again thank you very much to SDCC for all there hard work. We do appreciate it.

Chud and Trog at the Con

The Cosplay at the Con

The Stuff at the Con

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