Some of the Cool Stuff We Grabbed at SDCC 2018!

Every year that Chud and I can go to San Diego Comic Con we come back with some pretty cool stuff. In years past we’ve picked up some pretty cool Con-Exclusive items, and interesting collectibles, but I’ve never mentioned this stuff on Atomic Moo before. So, today I wanted to take a little time to post about the stuff we accumulated in four days at Comic Con. Unfortunately, this year we did not have a chance to get any exclusive items. We had a bad combination of being both broke and unable to get in any lines. Which is so important to collecting at a convention this big. Know your lines, know where to get tickets for those lines, and be willing to wait a long time in those lines. I don’t have that sort of patients anymore, so no exclusives for me. However; that doesn’t mean I didn’t get some cool stuff and good deals. Let’s take a look…

Art Books From The Warhead Booth

Although I think Comic Cons small press, and artist alley, areas need to be expanded; what is there is a really good collection of off the wall art, indie comics, and past Moocast guest like Warhead author Katrina E. Kunstmann! We came across Kat’s booth and picked up a couple of art books, which (I could be wrong) I think she was selling two for $5.00. Groovy weird.

Robotech Blind Box Figurine from Toynami

In the last four years we’ve developed a tradition of buying one (and only one!) Robotech Blind Box Figurine from Toynami. We never know which figure we’re going to get, and this year I picked up the VF-1J as piloted by Rick Hunter in the series for $11.00! At first I was bummed out, because I thought I already had it, but(!) as it turns out, I had the VF-1S Skull Leader figurine! No Doubles (yet)! Ha! C’mon, this shits important. Anyways, my bookshelf looks all the better now that the VF-1J has joined its brethren. Next year (if we get in) I’m hoping for the Battlepod or Miriya’s red veritech. geeeeee….


As we wandered through the convention we came across the ever present Tick booth where they were selling old tick collection for $1.00 each! For only two bucks we got some fantastic Tick comics, one of which is my all time favorite story where the Tick, Eli Whitney (famed inventor of the cotton gin), and T-Rex, are transported to another world to compete against other aliens! Spoon!

Scott Blair Mini Prints!

The best place to get unique geek/fan art for your home is Comic Con’s artist alley. I love buying prints there and it sucks that I was so poor this year. However, we did come across artist Scott Blair’s table and we picked up these mini-prints for… well Chud paid so I can’t remember, but the important thing is that Blair is helping to keep Comic Con sexy in a time when radical left elements are neutering geek culture. Good god, I just re-read that and I’m turning into my grandfather. Next I’ll be cursing about the government taxes and pissing in the rose garden. Shit. Anyways, Blair has a fantastic art style that is sexy and fun.

Graphic Novels from Red 5 Comics!

Some of the great deals you can get at Comic Con come from places like Red 5 Comics. We picked up two graphic novels (The Rift and Haunted) for only $5.00 each. I’ve already read both books, and I’ll be doing a Moo-review about them later, but these are quality graphic novels with good stories and great art. Very much a bargain for only $5.00 a book!

Lola Comics From Aspen Comics

At the very end of the convention we passed by the Aspen Comics booth where they were giving away Free comics. We picked up one of each, and I have not had a chance to check them out yet, but I will! Anyways, a lot of times at Comic Con if you stick around to the very end, you can pick up unreal deals or even free books from booths that simply don’t want to take the stuff home. FREE!!!

Famous Monsters Gear

I spent too much money here, but I can’t help it. Their shit looks sooooo coooool! This year at the Famous Monsters booth I picked up four new t-shirts and two new hoodies for Chud and I. It’s our birthdays this month! I deserve this. Just a quick critique of the Famous Monsters stuff; I love the style, but they really need to improve the quality of their stuff. Last year I bought one of their messenger bags and it’s all ready coming apart at the seems. I haven’t used it since last year! That sucks! So, I kind of wish they would either bring down the price of some of their stuff, or make it a little better quality, because it is fucking fun to wear!

$5 Graphic Novels!

All around the trade floor are vendors selling Graphic Novels for either half off the cover price or sometimes for only $5.00! I love collecting the trade paper backs and this year I got a bunch from Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark horse for way cheaper than what they are currently selling for in the comic shops. Some vendors are even selling single issues for $1.00 or cheaper. Chud and I picked up a stack of old Robotech, Green Arrow, and V (remember V?) comics for only $10.00. Sunday is probably the best time to find better deals, since most vendors want to sell their stuff. Books are heavy. I wouldn’t want to carry all that stuff back either. Also, if buying book, don’t be afraid to bargain or make up deals. Most of the comic vendors are kind of skeevy, unwashed, pseudo-criminals, but they will also haggle with you. So, go. Haggle. It’s fun.

Well, there’s a lot more, but I got my own comic to make. Some of the comics and graphic novels I posted about here I will be reviewing soon, so look forward to that. Please remember to help support Atomic Moo by visiting the site and following us on Twitter and Facebook.


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