New Kickstarter for Sketchplanner 2.0!

Hello again, El Moochadores! The other day I came across this cool looking Kickstarter, that I thought was a really great idea. Created by artist, Tom Bancroft, Phil Earnest and Elena Stewart, the Sketchplanner 2019 is just what it sounds like; a day planner you can draw in. They first introduced the Sketchplanner on kickstarter last year, and now they’re back with an new and improved (2.0) version. I would actually really like to have something like this, and even though I’m very broke right now, I’m thinking about contributing before the KS ends in 28 days (as of this post). I also think this would make a great gift for Atomic Moo’s official graphic artist (and my twin bro), Chud.

So far the Sketchplanner 2.0 has 118% of its goal (keen), however there’s still plenty of time to pitch in and reap some cool rewards. You may also want to pick a couple up and donate them to your favorite cow based web comic, blog, and podcast… maybe. Anyways, check out the promo video below and click the link above to learn more about the Sketchplanner and its makers.


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