An Atomic Moo Shout Out!

Hey, El Moochadores! This is just a quick shout out for our friends over at Ugli Studios and their successful publishing of… Lords of the Cosmos issue #2! Here’s a quick synopsis of the fantasy/sci-fi series:

A nod to the glorious mayhem of 1980s comics and cartoons, LORDS OF THE COSMOS is the tale of the exotic planet Aiden, a planet lost to space and time. Here, all manner of escaped super villains, heinous inter-dimensional demons, exiled Earth gods and ancient bio-wizards battle on a hostile world controlled by a sentient, planet-wide machine.

The second issue comes out of the gate with laser rifles a-blazing, featuring another jam-packed issue of comic madness for fans of 1980s action-adventure properties. This issue features sexy crystal princesses, nuclear fantasy war, alien gladiatorial battles and a closet full of heads

If you grew up with Saturday morning cartoons, Heavy Metal Magazine and action figures galore, this comic is a wish come true! Issue #2 is a super-sized, massive, JUMBO comic – actually more like a small graphic novel! The new issue will have 44 interior pages comprised of part two of the main story, as well as work by Robert Hack (ARCHIE COMICS), Livio Ramondelli (IDW TRANSFORMERS), Bill McKay (ZOMBIE TRAMP), Joe Palumbo FUBAR/ALTERNA COMICS) and Rebecca George (BONESHAKER PRESS). LORDS OF THE COSMOS was created and drawn by Jason Lenox and written by Dennis Fallon and Jason Palmatier, (creators of the graphic novel PLAGUE, published by Markosia UK).

I know a lot of hard work went into this comic, and we were very fortunate to get a digital copy of it, which is also a big chunk of awesome! There are not (any?) comic companies producing stories like this anymore, so get on board while you still can. You can get your own copy (print) at the Ugli Studios online Etsy store and on Comixology. I posted some sample art and images from the comic below. Check it out, and support independent comics!


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