An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

Hello again, El Moochadores! A few months back I posted about the Five From Beyond Kickstarter for a five part comic book anthology from Kyle Roberts. The 48 page book is a healthy mix of suspense, horror, and science fiction, and was successfully funded! It is now a real life, and very awesome, printed comic book that you can go get a copy of for your self! Five from Beyond had a lot of talent behind its creation, including work by Kyle Roberts (writer, inks, and illustrator), Ilaria Fella (colors), Raphael Romeo Magat (pencils), and many more.

We received copies of this book, and I think it is absolutely fantastic. Five from Beyond really reminds me of the indie comics we use to find as kids in the mid ’80’s, but now with incredible art and colors. Most indie comics back in the 80’s were in black and white, and usually had something to do with ninjas. Fat Ninja, Ninja Turtles, Panda Clan… stuff like that. Anyways… There are no ninjas in this book, but there are five really awesome sci-fi/horror, and suspense stories. The art work is solid, the editing is great, making an all around fantastic comic which you can buy online! So, go do that! Also, go follow From Beyond Comics, on their website,!

I’ve posted some sample pages below, but this isn’t enough! Go buy the book!


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