I honestly forgot it was Halloween today. Which also created kind of an embarrassing conversation, until I realized “that guy’s not a Mormon. He’s just wearing a goofy costume.” In my defense, I got very little sleep last night…

But it’s Halloween! Seriously, my all time favorite holiday, and I’m already seeing some great costumes… including the deceptive little non-Mormon. damn.

Yesterday, on Twitter I saw one of the best Halloween costumes of all time. Not so much the costume itself, but a great combination of costume and wearer. It was like peanut butter and chocolate, but on a cosmic level. The image was former Wonder Years star Danica Mckellar dressed in the Slave Leia metal bikini. She looks amazing, and yes, growing up that was one of my fantasies. A hot math professor dressed in a brass bikini. Thank you Ms. Mckellar! Though I was kind of bummed to see some of the responses from the internet. Crappy websites like Decider.com and Fatherly.com couldn’t help but inject their little bits of self righteous indignation and virtue signaling by writing the word empowerment in quote marks and claiming that Star Wars fans see the metal bikini as an “unsavory element” in the Star War universe. Which is total horse shit. Princess Leia’s wearing, and fighting, in the metal bikini was (is) one of the best parts of the original trilogy, and it is loved by millions of fans – male and female. Currently the only “unsavory elements” in or around Star Wars are shithead Decider.com bloggers and (of course) the Walt Disney corporation. Disney ruined Star Wars. Yeah, I’m ranting, but dammit, I love Star Wars, gold bras, the American flag, and Halloween.

So like many a Halloween before; please check out a smattering of fun Halloween cartoons and movies and have a happy, fun, and safe Halloween. And protect the slave Leia metal bikini! Its a goddamn global asset!


Winnie the Pooh Boo to you too

Night on Bald Mountain

silly symphony – the skeleton dance 1929 disney short

The Green Ruby Pumpkin

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