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What is Atomic Moo?

Atomic Moo is a “geek” blog, aiming to offer news, information, and original content centered on geek culture (comic books, movies, television, video games, certain elements of pop-culture, science, technology, the obscure, and things outside of the mainstream).

Honestly though, this all started out as an excuse for my brother and myself (twin geeks) to design a logo, and do some graphic design work for a self-initiated project. The idea was to design an identity with a real purpose or practical application. We were hoping a project like this would help strengthen our skills, and add more to our portfolios, but it seems like it’s becoming much more than that. The more time we spend on this, the more we want to see it succeed, and although we are new to blogging, we hope we will gain the skills necessary to develop a successful site. We also would like to be more involved in a community we share a common interest with, and to be able to “geek-out” over subjects we love to talk about. We want to create a friendly environment for fellow geeks to roam free in and share their own points of view. We both look forward to working on this project, and building it up to the best of our abilities.


Jason R. Murray (a.k.a. Chudd)

Why is it Called Atomic Moo?

You might be wondering why is it called Atomic Moo? The name was inspired by an illustration I did back in 2006 while going to college in Utah. From the beginning it was something we wanted to include in the logo (because how awesome would it be to have a geek site with a masked luchador fighting cow as its mascot???). Originally we wanted “El Moo” for the name, but that domain was taken (seriously, ElMoo.com was taken). It seemed to us that Atomic Moo sounded a lot “geekier” (and it was available!) so we went with that. Also, adding the “Atomic” to the name gave it more of a retro/sci-fi feel, and we’re both into that kind of stuff.

El Moo

El Moo

When we decided to base the logo off the illustration we also looked at old milk cap logos for design inspiration. This also helped us in coming up with the tag line, “Refreshingly Geek!” since we hope this site will end up being your daily source of geeky goodness… I know that sounds dorky, but hey, it works for us.

Who are We?

Jason Murray (a.k.a. Chudd) during the day is a mild mannered graphic designer, but at night he becomes… a mild mannered graphic designer… who constantly seeks out freelance and self-initiated projects, hoping someday they might lead to something. You can see some of his work at www.jasonrmurray.com. Also, he submits vector illustrations to iStock.com as often as he can under the name of Thirteen-Fifty.

Sean Murray (a.k.a. Trog) was once bit by a monkey… no, really he was. It almost took his thumb off. He currently aspires to be an illustrator, blogger, and, hopefully, to someday own a large tobacco plantation in South America. There he will watch all his illegitimate children labor in the fields and then come home at night to hand-roll his cigars, and bask in his vast wisdom and judgment… Es Bueno….

Murray Bros

Chudd & Trog


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  1. Now we know who the sesbnile one is here. Great post!

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