Atomic Moo: The Fire Breathing Super Cow

Welcome to the official web site for the comic book: Atomic Moo! Atomic Moo is a fire breathing super cow created by a mad scientist in the late 1940’s. Being a noble bovine, she uses her super abilities to protect the planet Earth from the cosmic horrors that threaten our very existence! Her powers are super intelligence, super strength, invulnerability, and the a super blast of energy called “the Atomic Moo!”

The first issue of Atomic Moo is currently being created by twin brothers Jason R. Murray and Sean C. Murray. You can see a few samples of the comic here. Also, please enjoy the main page of this site, which is a blog dedicated to Atomic Moo, our creative projects, and all things that are geeky creative! This includes other comics, music, games, and stories by mostly independent or small press creators. Also, check out our podcast: the Atomic Moocast where we interview professional and independent creatives about their projects and what inspires them to make cool stuff. We appreciate your support and you can also follow us on social media like Facebook page and Twitter (@atomic_moo)!

Sean (Trog) Murray
April 2017

Who are We?

Jason Murray (a.k.a. Chudd) during the day is a mild mannered graphic designer, but at night he becomes… a mild mannered graphic designer… who constantly seeks out freelance and self-initiated projects, hoping someday they might lead to something. You can see some of his work at www.jasonrmurray.com. Also, he submits vector illustrations to iStock.com as often as he can under the name of Thirteen-Fifty.

Sean Murray (a.k.a. Trog) was once bit by a monkey… no, really he was. It almost took his thumb off. He currently aspires to be an illustrator, blogger, and, hopefully, to someday own a large tobacco plantation in South America. There he will watch all his illegitimate children labor in the fields and then come home at night to hand-roll his cigars, and bask in his vast wisdom and judgment… Es Bueno…. Check out Sean (and Jason’s) work on the web comic Atomic Tails!

Murray Bros

Chudd & Trog

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  1. Now we know who the sesbnile one is here. Great post!

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