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New MOTU Art!

evil_lyn_vector_051616_by_jrmurray76-da3zfa3 teela_vector_051116_by_jrmurray76-da2rs1l

A Small Preview Before Power-Con 2016!

Okay El Moochadores, in a couple of weeks we’ll be exhibitors at Power-Con 2016!. Power-Con is “The He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Comic Book Experience,” and last night Jasonpc2016la finished one of the pieces of art we’ll be selling at our table. Look up and check out his take on Teela and Evil-Lyn. I know I’m a little biased, but I think he did an awesome job!

Along with these two prints we’ll be taking a unique button set based on the MOTU icons, and I’m even pitching in with some of my cartoon mice, based on the comic strip I’m working on: Atomic Tails. We’re hoping to have a good time at the con and if you happen to both follow our website and live in California, swing by the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach hotel on June 4th and 5th and check out our table! Though I’m just now in the process of posting them, all of these prints will be available for sale on the Murray Brothers Creative website. You can also check out more of Jason’s art at the link above or on his Deviant Art page.


Teela_EvilLyn He_Mouse



New Print Available on Murray Brothers Creative!

Okay El Moochadores, look up and check out the latest addition to the Murray Brothers Creative online store!

The E-11 Blaster Rifle Ad 8 1/2″ X 11″ is a high quality print that pairs the famous weapon of the Imperial Army with an 1950’s magazine ad. One of our favorite things to create are mock ads for products from popular fiction. Check out our Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle ad 8 1/2″ x 11″ print. The print was illustrated and designed by Jason R. Murray, and will look awesome next on the wall next to your vintage Star Wars action figure collection!

The print will normally sell for $12.00 online, but I’m posting it for only $8.00 until July 1st, 2016! That’s an awesome deal for a great looking piece of wall art! So, click the link above to get one for yourself or share this with your Star Wars love’n facebook buddies!

The Atomic Moocast #116!


Cherry City Comic Con 2016!

Wow. This was a tough one. The gods that live in my head were really working against me when putting the new episode together, but for better or worst (probably worst…): It’s here! It’s weird how one event can change things. Salem’s Cherry City Comic ConCCCC2016 was our first time attending a comic book convention as vendors and it was pretty damn groovy. I think we’re addicted. Since the con we’ve established Murray Brothers Creative, where we are selling our art online. I’ve also started the set up work for my own web comic (Coming Soon!), and Jason and I have booked more cons! Feel’s kind of great. Also, CCCC 2016 was a cool road trip and much needed vacation to see an old friend.

Anyways, on this episode I have a small sample of some to the interviews I gathered from the convention.IMG_0223 I didn’t post every interview because it was taking too long to get the show done, but I might include some of the other audio in near-future episodes. Many thanks to everyone who talked with us, and I’m including links to the different artists, cosplayers, and whatever else, we talked to here in the show notes. I also posted a small sample of our photos from the convention below. I have more to post, I just need to get them from Jason’s iPhone.

So here we go folks. My Sisyphus like attempts to stay on top of this website all boiled down into one hour (almost) of low budget audio excellence! Now’s the time to gather up an ample collection of salty snacks and fizzy beverages, then settle in a to a comfy chair as you hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about! Now, I need a nap.


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Show Notes, Links, and Photos

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The Atomic Moo 5″ x 7″ Mini-Print

atomicmoo_5x7_by_jrmurray76-d9z31nf (1)

A Great Way to Support Your Bovine Based, Geek Creative, Website!

Alright, El Moochadores! The first ever Atomic Moo 5″x 7″ mini-print, is now for sale on the Murray Brothers Creative website! This print was illustrated and designed by Jason (Chudd) Murray to celebrate our first time tabling at Cherry City Comic Con in Salem, Oregon. Now, we’re selling the remaining stock of prints for only $3.00! I know, kind of crazy, but we’ve got another generation of mini-prints on the way. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a piece of Atomic Moo history and help support a website that works very hard to inspire the geeky creative in all of us! $3.00! Shipping not included, but still, Three bucks!


Murray Brothers Creative!


Check out our new portfolio site for cool stuff at great prices!

As many of you already know, Jason and I like creating art. One of the main reasons we started Atomic Moo was a chance to create our own work, and learn from other creatives. So, that’s why we have the Moocast (with all its great interviews), and the beginnings of a comic book. It has been our goal to live a life where we are creating the art we enjoy and being successful creators at the same time. I’m not sorry when I say, day jobs suck. Working for other people, and doing something you don’t enjoy, sucks. So all of this (the podcast, blog, reviews, comic book) is us trying to learn how to live a different life away from the suck that is normal life. And I think we are one tiny step closer in that direction. atomicmoo_5x7_by_jrmurray76-d9z31nf (1)

The other day I finished the basic set up for our online portfolio and store: Murray Brothers Creative! This is where we will be selling all of our very cool prints, fan art, and what ever else we can make. I actually take a bit of pride in this, not just because I know dick all about websites, and even using Square Space was kind of a task, but because we’re actually putting our selves out there and… doing something! I’m not saying we’re great artist. We’re no, (Well, I’m actually pretty proud of Jason and his style of art), but we’re trying to get out of our shells and do more than we thought we could, and hopefully we can make something a lot of people will enjoy at the same time.

So, I’ve blathered enough, but the website is online. It’s at its most basic form. Jason is in the process of creating a lot of the design elements that will really make it awesome, but for right now it works as a portfolio and store. I’ve only put on a few test pieces to start with (about six of our 8 1/2″ x 11″ prints. Each selling for $12.00), but I’ll be adding more in time and announcing hit here. Also, Murray Brothers Creative has a blog, where I’ll be posting about convention appearances, sales, and new art as well. Check out a small sample below, but hit the Murray Bros. link above to see the whole thing.

Fugg’n Groovy.

Fat_Girl_One_8.5x11 Fat_Girl_Three_8.5x11 Fat_Girl_Two_8.5x11

MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-8 Raven_8.5x11_2016Update The_Hunchback_8.5x11_2016

Cherry City Comic Con!


Okay, this may look a little messy, but I just wanted to share an image from our booth at Cherry City Comic Con in Salem, Oregon! We’re here with our friends Dave “D20” Smith and his wife Miranda, and we want to thank them for all their help. Anyways, gotta get back to the con. We’re about to kick off Sunday. We’ll be getting as many interviews as possible and we’re bringing back a whole bunch of new material to post about!


Atomic Moo #1 Update!

atomicmoo_5x7_by_jrmurray76-d9z31nf (1)

…and Other SuperCow Related Stuff!

Still with us El Moochadores? Sorry for the lack of post lately, but Jason and I have been working really hard on getting things ready for our first comic book convention. Next week we will be tabling at Cherry City Comic Con in Salem, Oregon. If you happen to live in the area, we encourage you to come on out to the con and see all the nifty art work we’re bringing. Frigg’n Flash Gordon is gonna be there too! Keen.

Anyways, we’ll be podcasting from the con and getting as many interviews as we can, but I wanted to blog about some of the stuff we’ll be bringing up.MurrayBrosLogo

This convention kind of (sort of) marks the launch of our parent creative company: Murray Brothers Creative. The site isn’t functional yet. We’re currently building the elements for the new site, and it’ll be through Murray Bros. that we’ll be selling our art work. Also at the con we’ll have the above (look up. At the top of the page…) Atomic Moo mini-print (5×7) along with promotional buttons, and a small preview (ashcan) of Atomic Moo #1! I just posted a rough version of Page 4 to the Atomic Moo Comic Book page,AM_Buttons but also check it out below. Also, we’ll have over twenty different prints and mini-prints. I posted a small sample below, along with one of my favorites, Robot Gorilla!

I’m in the middle of my work week, and we’re really busy with preparing for the CCCC 2016, so I probably won’t be posting as much this week, but I’ll see if I can’t get a few post in before we leave. There’s still a ton of great stuff from WonderCon that I’m working my way through. I’ll try and blog from my iPhone with the scant free time, when possible. Keep Checking back for more updates and cool art!

Things are gett’n awesome!

Page #4


The Work!

mechagorilla_8_5x11_2016update_v3_by_jrmurray76-d9z3206 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-6 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-3 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-4 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-5 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-7 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-8 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-9

James Bond: Spectre!


An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of The Complete Comic Strip Collection!

I have no idea if this is true or not, but a very long time ago my father told me why they decided to name me “Sean.” According to him; When my twin brother and I were born, they were not prepared for the extra kid. So, the first baby twin got the only name they had picked out: Jason. Which left me without a name for at least a month (knowing my parents, it was probably far longer, but we’ll go with a month…). I’m not sure what they called me during that time, but it wasn’t until my dad was at his work one day that he looked up and saw a James Bond flick playing out on the old TV. Seeing this, he called my mom and said, “why don’t we name him Sean? S-E-A-N?” Now, knowing my parents, I’m probably very lucky Green Acres wasn’t playing, otherwise I might have spent the last 39 years as a “Wilbur.” However, I got Sean, all thanks to one of the early Bond films. DNJamesBond41So, because of that, I’ve always had kind of an affinity towards the old, Connery, James Bond flicks. Not a tight connection, but enough to make me very grateful that my friends don’t know me as “Jethro” or “Gilligan.”

So, what this is all leading up to is: Titan Books has recently published this incredible new volume of collected Bond comic strips! Yeah, took me awhile to get there, but I wanted you to know that this book actually meant a lot to me for totally un-associated reasons. Ian Fleming’s James Bond: Spectre, the Complete comic strip collection, contains all the strips that appeared in newspapers from 1961 to 1966 with a forward by Spectre screenwriter, John Logan. Here’s the official synopsis:

The daring James Bond is back, this time in a lavishly put together collection celebrating the iconic SPECTRE storylines. Featuring 1. Thunderball 2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 3. You Only Live Twice 4. The Spy Who Loved Me.
These fully restored and thrilling stories are based on the original Ian Fleming James Bond novels.

Every part of this book is amazing! The design, and layout, of the volume is beautiful in a way that would make a Bond girl jealous. And that’s just the cover!mclusky_john_007 In between is a collection of wonderfully illustrated comic strips, most of which are illustrated by John McLusky, but some are done by artist know as Horak. Sounds kind of ominous… Like a guy with with razor wire hidden in one of his fingers… However; they’re still fun and they all have that classic “James Bond” feel to them. Also, they’re very detailed despite being in black and white. Modern day inkers (tracers) could learn a lot from McLusky’s style.

The entire book was a lot of fun to read. It’s like Mad Men but with spies, nukes, and dames! After reading the Spectre collection, I totally want to be the James Bond from that era! I want the secretary you can unabashedly flirt with, and the constant whiskeys, martinis, and cigarettes! I want to fly around the world having cool adventures with sexy broads! But, nope. I just get student loan debt and a few ugly ex-girl friends. damn. Anyways…

I’ve posted a couple of sample strips I found on the web, but if you find a copy of Spectre at a book store, I highly recommend picking it up and adding it to your collection! Also, go check out to get your own copy!


bond-comic bond-strip

Atomic Moo #1 Update!


After a very long hiatus, we’re finally back to work on Atomic Moo #1! I just finished both pages two and three, and Jason is about to begin the sketch work for page four. Check out the three finished pages below, but we’ll be updating the Atomic Moo Comic section of the menu bar (previous link) just as soon as new pages are finished!


Page_1 Page_2C Page_3

The Atomic Moocast #114!


Pimpkillah Returns!

Okay El Moochadores, the new Moocast is here, and it didn’t take me 2 months to finish. Cool. Anyways, on this episode: We’re trying out our new podcasting equipment! Well, it’s just an iPhone, app, and a mic,tl8afrvoiwxfoup6uncx but still kind of neat! Then: comic creator Sarah Bitely is back on the show to tell us about Pimpkillah issue #2, and her new film project. Also (because I managed to get this episode done before the con), Sarah will be attending Wondercon this weekend. If you can get to Anaheim this weekend go check out Pimpkillah at artist alley, table D-24!

Well, we aint getting any younger, folks! Now’s the time to reach over and hit play on this work of auditory genius. First though, go grab some salty snacks, fizzy drinks, and comfy chairs! Settle in, and prepare yourselves for a Moocast that may (no promises) alter your brain. Hopefully in a good way.


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

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