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Movies by the Numbers!

An Atomic Moo Movie Review of Blade Runner 2049!

The opinions expressed in the following review of Blade Runner 2049, do not necessarily reflect those of, its staff, or its sponsor, Pan Am.

We find ourselves living in dangerous days. In today’s entertainment industry, creativity is uncreative. Originality is unoriginal. All too often, companies heartlessly reimagine, rebrand, relaunch, and rehash beloved old brands, viewing them as nothing more than “intellectual properties” ripe for monetization. But only someone extremely skillful or excessively vain would think himself capable of making any kind of worthwhile sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner. And yet, Blade Runner 2049 is now playing in theatres everywhere. It’s too bad it can’t possibly live up to any expectations — but then again, what does?

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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017

Cospaly Video from Beat Down Boogie

Hey El Moochadores! Here’s a quick post to finish off the day. Check out Beat Down Boogies unique coverage of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017. I got to admit, a lot of the cosplay in the video – I have no idea what it’s from, but that doesn’t mean the costumes aren’t well made, and with a spreckel of stuff I dig. I also posted a smattering of images from the BDB Facebook page. Click the link to see ’em all. So, give it a watch while I go finish a comic about cartoon mice.


Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

An Atomic Moo Movie Review by the Numbers

The opinions expressed in the following review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, do not necessarily reflect those of Atomic Moo, its staff, or its sponsors, even though they should.

There was a moment in the espionage action comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service where the mission goes from bad to worse, and field agent Eggsy asks his mission handler whether or not he is taking the piss. I found myself wondering the same thing when watching the movie’s sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In my review of the first installment, I criticised the first flick for being tonally inconsistent, as it featured both dramatic character development and over-the-top action but was unable to transition between the two convincingly. The Golden Circle opts to do away with character development at all and only focus on the ridiculous, preventing it from being as strong as its predecessor on nearly as many levels.

Opening with a balls-to-the-windshield car chase/fist fight action scene, The Golden Circle establishes from the get-go the professional relationship (as well as good friendship) between dapper suit-wearing field agent Eggsy and tech guy/mission handler Merlin, both returning from the previous adventure. I was surprised how many characters returned from the previous adventure, to be honest. There’s even at least one flashback to The Secret Service, too. You can follow the story of the sequel if you haven’t seen the first one, even if some elements might not make sense (like Eggsy dating a literal Swedish princess).

Not returning from the first movie is the villain (flashback notwithstanding). This time, there is a new villain, albeit one who maintains the level of camp as Sam Jackson’s evil tech billionaire with a lisp. The every-lovely Julianne Moore stars as Ms. Poppy, the world’s wealthiest businesswoman who also happens to be the world’s most ruthless drug lord. Operating out of a secret jungle compound styled after Happy Days’ and American Graffiti’s 1950s golden-age America, Poppy launches an all-out attack on the Kingsmen, which you might have already seen in the marketing material.

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How To Draw HIPS & WAIST

Drawing Tutorial from Mikey Mega Mega

Hey El Moochadores! I gotta run to work in a second (…well, drive), but I wanted to start posting some of the tutorial stuff I’ve been watching. First up is a video from Manga artist Mikey Mega Mega on the youtube. This tut covers how to draw hips and waist, which is something I’ve always had a problem with. Not just with sexy pin-up girl stuff, but also with my mice characters who are a bit “hippy” too. Anyways, I gotta get going, but enjoy the video and hit the link above to see more of his tutorials.



If you are currently working on (or have produced) an independent comic, film, game, or music that has a strong nerd/geek vibe: Let us know! I’m always looking for cool “geek-creative stuff to post about” here on the Moo, and learning about your project would really help me out – and save me a lot of time searching the internet!

S’more Bugs Bunny

Okay, El Moochadores, it’s getting late, and I’m tired. I had a bunch of geek created stuff to post today, but then I got caught up in draw’n the next Atomic Tails comic. So, for some sort of post today: a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The raw fuel that makes me want to draw my own toons. This is one of my all time favorite “Bugs Battles”, and it inspires me to try harder and keep drawing.


Dragon Con 2017!

Cosplay Video and photos from Beat Down Boogie!

I gotta admit; Every time I see one of these Beat Down Boogie videos – of cosplayers dancing around, and having fun – I get jealous. I mean; I want to go to Dragon Con! Hang around with a hot Oolas and a Ninja turtles, but no! I gotta go to my crap ass job, and then get groceries and the dry cleaning. Y’know, maybe I’ll go get a camera. Then I’ll travel around the country and take pictures of people dancing around in foam costumes, and pair that up with… 1960’s folk music! Yeah, I’ll be that guy! Screw these kids what with their fancy videos and trippy music! I can do this too!

ehh. No, I can’t. So, just enjoy another video from guys who’s job is way better’n mine, and watch all the cool fun I’ll never get to have. Also, I posted a few images below from the Beat Down Boogie Facebook page, but this is just a small sample. Click the link to see way more.


P.S. El Moochadores. If you are currently working on (or have produced) an independent comic, film, game, or music that has a strong nerd/geek vibe: Let us know! I’m always looking for cool “geek-creative stuff to post about” here on the Moo, and learning about your project would really help me out – and save me a lot of time searching the internet!

How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

For all the film making El Moochadores out there; You finally have the recipe for a kick ass movie trailer the next time you finish a film project! Check out How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer from Auralnauts on the youtube.


Cartooning and Markers with Will Terrell

Lessons One to Four

Hey El Moochadores! Yesterday, I came across this great Youtube series from Strathmore Artist Papers featuring professional cartoonist Will Terrell. Watch as Terrell explains cartooning with markers on a toned paper sketchbook. After watching this, I am thinking about getting a toned sketch book next and trying some of his advice.

I’ve posted all four videos below, but hit the Strathmore link above to see way more, and of course check out Terrell’s website to see some fantastic cartooning work!


On the Shortness of Life – Seneca

A Lesson in Ancient Stoicism

Hello again El Moochadores! I’ve got a few posts to put up today, but I wanted to start with this helpful(?) youtube video I came across while working at my computer (Atomic Tails!) yesterday. For some weird reason, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on stoicism lately. I know I’ve been posting a lot of “how to” and “sketch book” videos lately – and these are helping me a lot – but listening to videos like the one below just make me want to work harder to be an independent artist, and live a better life. Videos, like this, help me stay focused while sketching cows and drawing mice.

So, while you work on your own projects today, give a listen to Seneca the Younger… well, some English guy reading a translation of Seneca the younger. It may help you, or at least lull you into one hell of a great ASMR mellow and then a nap. Your welcome.


You Need a Product not a Project

Useful Illustration Tutorial by Jake Parker!

Hello again, El Moochadores! This morning I found a great video on the youtube about where to focus your attention as an artist and creator. Basically, Jake Parker talks you through several ideas that can turn you from a hobbyist to professional illustrator/artist. So, check it out and use the link above to subscribe to his youtube channel for more videos and advice!


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