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Official FOX Trailer

Okay El Moochadores, not exactly geek creative, (still very geeky and a few days old now) but check out the trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s new series The Orville! Maybe it’s because I wish there had been a Galaxy Quest 2, or that I really loved the Ted films, but this made me happy to see and I hope it turns out great.


Chicken Attack // SONG VOYAGE // Japan //

I… we… just watch. F***ing best thing I’ve seen in a while. Watch, and love. Here’s the Youtube page for more info.


recall 2

An Overwatch Animated Short

Yesterday, Blizzard released a short animation for their upcoming, “team-based shooter”, Overwatch. The short, Recall, features Winston, one of the main player characters. Winston is… “a genetically engineered gorilla and brilliant scientist who longs for the days of heroism to return.” So, like a nice Gorilla Grodd.

From what I’ve seen, this game looks pretty cool. As many of you know I’m already a fan of WoW, and I sometimes play Hearthstone. For the most part, I think Blizzard does a great job with their games and hopefully this one turns out as well. Okay, they do an alright job with games. I’ve played WoW since 2008 and, eh, kind of going down hill. Wait, I’m a blogger, I can shout my opinion. here goes: Blizzard! Stop dumbing down your game! It’s okay to have a complex and engaging online experience… and be a Panda. My point is, you don’t have to make it so simple, every moron and half-wit can understand it. This isn’t Star Wars. You have a chance to make something great. Games should be hard. WoW really isn’t that hard any more… Whoa. Where am I. Sorry folks. Angry man-nerd just took over.

Anyways, check out the video below. Overwatch releases on multiple platforms on 05/24/2016.


Children of The Cape Teaser


Hey El Moochadores! Black Mast Studios and Stan Lee’s World of Heroes have a teaser trailer out for a new show about the super powered offspring of Golden and Silver aged super heroes. The show is called Children of the Cape starring the “bastard son of the Crimson Cape“. Hell, that sentence right there sells the show. Anyways, check out the teaser below along with the official synopsis!


What if the super powered heroes of the Silver and Golden Ages had failed to save the world?
What if they arguably made things worse? What legacy would their children inherit?

The bastard son of the Crimson Cape is about to find out.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Peter Griffin and Deadpool… not at the same time though… but that would be cool too.

Good morning El Moochadores! We had a pretty damn niffty Moocast recording last night, so you can look forward to some podcasting excellence in the near future, but until then: Morning Moo stuff!

Today, I’ve got some of the best the internet has to offer starting with The Real Life Peter Griffin! Check out footage from New York Comic Con and Robert Franzese cosplaying as Peter Griffin. No shit, I’ve watched this thing like 5 times just this morning. It’s that damn cool. According to the Boom! Big Pants, Youtube page I pulled this from, Franzese is an aspiring voice talent actor, and I think he’s going to get there. Take a break Mcfarlane! The dudes got this covered!


Deadpool Red Band Trailer!


Yeah, I know; You’ve already seen this, but watch it again! It looks like we’re getting the Deadpool movie we always wanted! So check out all the violence, wise cracking, butts, and mutant powers that’s probably going to make this one of the best super hero movies ever! Yup. I’m really raising my expectations on this one. No, way Fox will let us down, right? It’s not like they could possibly fuck up Deadpool… oh, wait. They already did once. Eh, we’ll call “mulligan.” Oh, and this is the Redband (aka: more violent and cussy) trailer, so NSFW!


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Muppets, Music, and Millennium Falcons!

Good morning El Moochadores! I finally have time to do a Morning Moo, so let’s make it a good one! Starting out: Check out this 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon reportedly being made by Hot Toys. These images have already appeared on several other websites, but who cares, this looks frigg’n awesome! According to the whole internet, this 1/6 size model is being made to accommodate Hot Toys’s line of 12 inch figures. Now let’s get them to make a scale Falcon model that fits us 6′ size figures.


Armenian girl Sings Like 5th Element’s Plava Laguna


Okay, so I fucking hate pretty much anything on TV anymore, but this is Armenian TV! So, it should be 100% more… Armenian. I don’t know where I was going with that, but recently on their version of The Voice a young girl preformed this very awesome rendition of Plava Laguna’s (big blue chick) tech-opera song from the 5th Element. According to sources, the real song this was based on is Lucia di Lammermoor an Italian opera from 1835 by Gaetano Donizetti. But we all already knew that.


The Muppets – First Look Presentation


Ha! The Muppets are back! Check out this “first look” from ABC featuring The Muppets in their new upcoming series, The Muppets. The new show will premiere Tuesday, September 22nd and it looks pretty damn cool. Check out their new “mockumentary” like style and a bit more adult like humor.


Comic Con Videos!


Some of the Awesome Videos from SDCC 2015!

Hey El Moochadores! You’ve all probably seen this small collection of trailers from Hall H (and other San Diego Comic Con halls, and ballrooms. Heh. “ballroom…”) by now, but they’re really fun! So, just for shits’n giggles; here are four of the popular videos from last weeks SDCC 2015 starting with the Deadpool! Well, sort of. This is that popular “leaked” video that’s been bouncing around the internet. Which, is still really cool, but where the hell are all the other leaked videos? C’mon nerds! With all the cosplay, and weird get ups, not one of you can “spy style” hide a camera somewhere in your storm trooper armor to give the rest of geeks and dorks an illicit view of Hall H happenings? Come on!

Okay. Deadpool.

Archer’s Comic-Con Message!


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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Bartkira, Robotech, and Pole dancing!

Good morning El Moochadores! Chudd and I are about to start SDCC 2015, but I wanted to get a post on before we slowly walk our selves to death over the next few days. Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for any lack of post over the next few days, but things are going to get pretty hectic. However, I do have a new Moocast all finished and ready to post, and I’ll try and get that on sometime today as well. So, here we go folks, let’s kick this Morning Moo off with Robotech!!!

Well, a cool Robotech t-shirt at least. Look up and check out this great looking tee being sold on for a meager $20.00. This would make the perfect gift for (just an example) your favorite Robotech love’n podcaster/blogger who just happens to have a birthday at the end of this month. Hint. Hint. G’ahh! Robotech!!!


Bartkira the Animated Trailer


This has been pretty popular across the web this last week, but just in case you missed seeing it on (almost literally) every other geeky website; Check out Bartkira, the Animated Trailer by Bartkira Roadshow.


Pole Dancing Adventures The Book: Vol 2


Pole dancing + Comic Books? I must investigate… Okay, I’m a dude and seeing a cute (scantly clad) girl swing around on a pole is kind of neat. Yeah, it really (really) is. However, it’s also a lifestyle being explored through the magic of sequential illustration in this 2nd volume, Pole Dancing Adventures: Volume 2 by Leen Isabel. This is a 100 page volume featuring over 70 comics that shows what it takes to be pole dancer, along with illustrated tips and tricks, and you can help get it made through the Kickstarter campaign going on right now! So far the book has reached about half it’s funding, so now would be a good time to jump in and contribute. I’ve posted the kickstarter video below (its a little hard to hear), but hit the link above to see more information and rewards for contributors.

Y’know, if I had a girl friend, I would totally get her this comic… and a metal bikini… Which is probably why I don’t have a girl friend right now… huh. But C’mon! Is it really too much to ask for a girl to wear a skimpy Star Wars costume and dance around a pole while I toss nickles at her? C’mon!

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Very Cool Peter Cushing Doll and Hamstrong!

Good morning El Moochadores! We’ve been having some internet problems around here the last couple days, but all that should be fixed, and we can now resume a healthy load of Atomic Moo goodness. So, let’s get back into it with a look at this frigg’n great looking Peter Cushing (Dr. Terror) custom 12″ figure from Distinctive Dummies. According to the website, the figure is selling for $110.00 and features a custom pro print box, hand made clothing, and even comes with a mini deck of terot cards. Check out a few sample images below, but go visit the Distinctive Dummies web site (link above) to see more!

Hamstrong Japanese Commercial


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The Morning Moo!


Featuring WoW Cosplay, Star Wars Animation, and Chris Farley!

Alright El Moochadores, time to get back on track. Or is this a road? The airport moving sidewalk we call Atomic Moo… the point is, it’s Morning Moo time and there’s a lot of cool stuff to share. Let’s start with some frigg’n amazing World of Warcraft cosplay from Phaleure Cosplay10433264_769795979760244_445073380078797727_n and cosplayer Ellie Marie (aka: Dust Bunny on the Deviant art). Look to the image on the right and you’ll see Marie’s Warsong Commander costume from Blizzcon 2014. I’ve posted a few more images below of the costumes construction but you can see way more on Phaleure Cosplay’s Facebook page. Also, click the above links to see her Deviant art portfolio. For the Horde!!! Actually, that’s not true. When I play WoW, I play Alliance. However, I do really like to bashing Horde players in PvP. Okay, that’s not true either. I mostly get the hell beat’n out of me in hopes of scoring a few honor points. Still… awesome cospaly.

10672377_756098724463303_6228101599382197349_n 10646795_750957291644113_6505405642491450354_n 10645049_736666096406566_4264262085785477711_n 10329029_773008802772295_4174553787569703263_n 1622640_764186146987894_7540743926811535984_n 10761_759671627439346_3493875374495195219_n

I Am Chris Farley Documentary Trailer


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