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Amazing Comic Covers!


Hand Painted Covers by Felipe Massafera

Via Deviant Art: Check out these brilliant comic book covers by Brazilian (Brasil!) artist, Felipe Massafera. Massafera painted blank covers in gouache and rendered just some amazing work showing Marvel Comic’s Storm, Beast, and Captain America, along with Dynamite’s Vampirella! Click the link above to see more of Massafera’s work on Deviant Art!


vampirella_commission_by_felipemassafera-d87kb9a storm_by_felipemassafera-d872391 captain_america_by_felipemassafera-d875fv8



A Hunger Games Thanksgiving Parody

Via Geeks are Sexy: Check out this funny parody video from the Nerdist that brings the Hunger Games, and the Presidents annual Thanksgiving day Turkey pardon, together.


The Really Long Dragon Con 2014 Video


30 Minutes of Dragon Con from Beat Down Boogie!

Good morning El Moochadores! We’ve posted a few videos from Beat Down Boogie’s trip to Dragon Con 2014, but now check out a full thirty minutes of the experience! Along with the video I’ve posted a small sample of photos from the Beat Down Boogie Facebook page, but this just a small sample. Hit the link above to see more.


10670199_709025302467812_4752419589244658525_n 10660229_708962605807415_1299166617615422435_n 10653483_708962779140731_517492831789710841_n

10646688_708963685807307_2585624377236280983_n 10636069_708996442470698_8088372266697601410_n 10629857_708994642470878_8071221493183648499_n

10614339_708994905804185_1446742697675436692_n 10541814_708962772474065_5622068780953333672_n 10357526_708962302474112_5054637397402976106_n

Funny Bob’s Burger’s Fan Art Mash-ups

Bob's Burger/Disney Princesses by MB Gillett

Seeing the Disney Princesses drawn in the same style as the Blechers gave me a pretty good chuckle today. They were illustrated by MB Gillett, a California based storyboard artist that we met at Comikaze. She also did the Tina/Black Widow drawing below. If you watch the show you’ll get it…Tina has a thing for butts. Anyhow, check out MB’s website, or follow her on twitter (@Silly_Emby). Also, both these images are available for purchase. Email MB ( if you’re interested in buying a print.

bbavengersposter by MB Gillett



New Independently Produced Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG

Hello El Moochadores! Right now on Kickstarter there’s a new MMORPG seeking funding. Produced by EFROB Gamebox, Skies is a Ukrainian developed RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. I’m just guessing English is a second language to the game makers, but excuse that and check out the game’s synopsis below:

In the early 21st century solar activity increases dramatically. Just within two weeks, people lose all the benefits of civilization: cities are cut off electricity, factories are stopped, streets are immersed into chaos and disorder.

People are dying: disasters, heat, fires, diseases and mess quickly destroy the population. Cities and forests are burnt out… Rains are now dirty and dangerous, water supply systems do not work, the lack of food and drink is killing human civilization.a6d63899c365d498cbc62ab575263cc3_large People are searching for a shelter, hiding from the riots, heat and ash rains. Ash mixed with radioactive dust has veiled the sky, thus depriving them of the last source of energy and communication. The planet falls asleep… sunlight no longer passes through the dense layers of clouds.

Later on destruction of human empire has been restored after the terrible disaster. Game starts in 2150-2170. Some people survived in shelters that had filters cleaning the air and water from the ashes. Burning reactors faded after centuries of storms and rains, dust began to settle on the surface of the planet and the sun’s rays reappeared after 150 years of darkness.

Is the mankind strong enough to restore what they’ve destructed over the last century? What life is going to be like now?

According to their web site the game is already in development, and when finished will have 8 square kilometers of in game space; A complicated multi-level economic system dependent on player actions; PVP and TVT combats (what’s a TVT?), and a novel expanding the universe and characters. Check out the Kickstarter (link above) for more information on rewards for pledges, or visit the Skies Website. You can also follow the games progress on Facebook. Below I’ve posted the Kickstarter promo video along with a video showing a sample of the game play.


AT-AT Cake!


The Sweet Taste of Galactic Opression!

Via Geek X Girls: Check out this awesome cake (well… when aren’t cakes frigg’n awewsome?) from ChrisTheCook and posted on the Cake Central website. According to the Geek X Girl website the AT-AT is lemon raspberry flavor and about two feet tall. I’ve posted a few sample photos of the cake below, but hit the links above to see more photos. Okay, now do a Super Star Destroyer. I’ll help eat it.


900x900px-LL-49dca9e4_2013-04-2715.30.17 900x900px-LL-71aa7b0e_IMG_6713

900x900px-LL-ca962c71_2013-04-2715.27.35 900x900px-LL-eb192b19_IMG_6339

Grimm: The Killing Time


An Atomic Moo Book Review of Tim Waggoner’s New Novel

EISBIBER! I can’t stop saying that, and I think it’s become my new favorite word. If you’re not familiar with the world of Grimm; an Eisbiber is kind of like a “were-beaver”. 221-Bud_wogedI don’t know what sort of bad karma you have to accumulate in a previous life to be reborn as a were-beaver, but it’s got to be pretty bad. Not that this book is about were-beavers, it’s not (but that would make one hell of a good story…). However; it is a story about a deadly shape shifting wesen, a Wechselbalg, preying on Portalnd residence to sustain it’s own life! Here’s the synopsis:

A mysterious creature stalks the streets of Portland, looking for a new identity. With one touch it can dissolve its victim, assuming their appearance, personality, and memories. When Portland homicide detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin are called in to track down a missing person, Nick comes face to face with the changeling, but its powers have an unexpected effect on the Grimm, unleashing a deadly Wesen plague and untold chaos.

For the most part I enjoyed this novel. Written by veteran horror novelist, Tim Waggoner, This is the third “Grimm” novel published by Titan Books, and like the previous two novels, Killing Time does an excellent job of representing the characters and “vibe” established by the television series. Waggoner is an exceptional writer and his prose translates into mental images with incredible ease. My only complaint about this book, and novels like it, is that there isn’t an enduring consequence to the actions that take place with in it’s pages. Because this novel exist between already produced episodes and seasons, I (the reader) already know that the essential characters will survive intact with no effect on future events of the story and all things will revert to the “status quo” by the end of the story. In a way, it’s like this book exists, but also doesn’t exist at all! Which, is kind of frustrating because a good story should surprise it’s readers and take risks that most serialized novels (of any t.v. show) just aren’t willing to take. That being said; Grimm fans should still be able to enjoy this novel, and the opportunities it provides to visit familiar wesen like Monroe, Rosalee, Capt. Renard, and Bud the were-beaver. And yes! I know he’s not a were-beaver, but from and outsider looking in, he so totally a were-beaver.

Grimm: The Killing Time is available in all major book stores, or you can get your copy (and the other Grimm novels) at!

Fan Made Empire Strikes Back Trailer


Wow, this is pretty cool. Check out this fan made trailer for The Empire Strikes Back.

Hawken: Genesis


An Atomic Moo Comic Review of the Graphic Novel by Atomic Moo contributor; Numbers

Review Originally posted on True Game Truths and copied here with Permission

Legendary video game programmer John Carmack once said that “story in games is like story in porn movies: expected to be there, but not that important”. While that may have been the case back in 1993, when the first-person shooter was but a burgeoning genre, the modern arena is… a different story.

So much so that the makers of HAWKEN, the fast-paced multiplayer mech shooter, felt compelled to not only develop a backstory for their game,10 but to have it released as a hardcover graphic novel. Published in 2013, HAWKEN: Genesis “paints a hauntingly beautiful and engaging tale of ambition, loyalty, and betrayal set against a fantastic future world of corporate military warfare,” according to the back cover. A bold claim, but does the book deliver? READ ON TO FIND OUT!

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Real-Life Professor Farnsworth


Great Video from Tested

Who doesn’t love a doddering cartoon mad scientist! Check out this video from Tested showing the special make-up effects behind some frigg’n awesome cosplay!


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