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Good evening El Moochadores! Our favorite holiday of the year is less than a day away now, and we thought we’d celebrate it with a few of our favorite Halloween related videos! So, in the spirit of the fun, weird, and spooky, please enjoy Disney’s 1949 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Disney’s 1940 Fantasia:its-a-great-pumpkin-charlie-brown-movie-poster-1966-1020427391 Night on Bald Mountain, and The Green Ruby Pumpkin from Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma. I wanted to add It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown but I couldn’t find any adequate links. However, you can see the full movie on the ABC website. I apologize for the annoying commercials. So, here we go folks! Enjoy the flicks and feel the vibe and we hope you all have a great Halloween!


Air Villains!


Cool art by Andy McDonald!

Via Geek Art: Okay, I hate sports, including basketball, but if it were to be played by a team who’s players included Mumm ra, Skeletor, and Megatron, yeah, I’d watch. Check out this incredibly cool art from Brooklyn based artist Andy McDonald showing super villains in awesome dunking poses. Click the link above to see more of his work!


Andy-McDonald-Air-Mum-Ra-686x576 Andy-McDonald-Air-Megatron Andy-McDonald-Air-Krang


Also, just because it’s frigg’n awesome, check out a Tick illustration found on his website; Whiskey Mech. Spoon!


Justice League VS Legion Of Doom


New Cosplay Video from Distractotron!

Good evening El Moochadores! Distractotron has a new cosplay video from Dragon Con 2014! Watch as the JLA takes on The Legion of Doom as shot by Justin Reich and Blake Faucette. Very cool stuff, but where was Elongated Man? Nobody ever gives old Dibny the cosplay love. Shame. And G’nort! Sure, he’s not JLA, but c’mon! Be a G’nort already people! Anyways… Check out more of Distractotron on thier Facebook page!


Heavy Gear Kickstarter!


I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics

It’s getting crowded in here. Heavy Gear is joining BattleTech, Robotech, and CAV in launching plastic robot figures for tabletop play. So at this late stage, what does Heavy Gear bring to the table?

There can be only one. Maybe two. Three at most.

BattleTech’s plastics figures are now on American soil and trickling out to retail shelves next month. The Robotech figures have wriggled through customs inspectionBlack Talon Primary Insertion Team Big and have been seen in the wild after a two-year process, which CAV has already undertaken. Now Heavy Gear brings up the rearguard. (Are there any other big robot franchises left?) So how is Heavy Gear going to stand out in a crowded field? What’s their ace in the hole?

O, Canada!

Unlike the other three franchises, Heavy Gear, a Canadian outfit, will produce its plastic figures in North America. (Metal figures are already mostly made locally in small workshops.) This could and should shorten their turn-around time. The world is getting smaller, but it’s still pretty damn big the long way around!

America, F– Yeah!

In FAQ, they’ll be produced in the US. Where, I wonder? And how well is the site guarded?

Rejoice, big robot fans! You’re spoiled for choice in this new golden age of tabletop gaming. If only my wallet were fatter…

Fringe: The Sins of the Father


An Atomic Moo Book Review of Christa Faust’s New Novel

Now out through Titan books is the final novel in Christa Faust’s trilogy of Fringe novels. Based on the NBC television series, Fringe, these books are a chance to jump into the history of the principal characters, giving readers interesting, and exciting, insights into the strange events that led up to the first episode. In book three, Sins of the Father, Peter Bishop is a struggling scam artist, until the day of a very lucrative con, where he accidentally grabs the wrong suitcase from a stranger, and begins a bizarre, and deadly, adventure… Here’s the synopsis:

A fatal incident in Walter Bishop’s lab estranges his volatile son Peter. In Bangkok, Peter steals a briefcase containing a mysterious vial and becomes the target of a group willing to kill to get it back. Seeking answers, he becomes entangled with Ella Lachaux-—the woman behind the lab disaster—and David Robert Jones, a terrorist whose goal is to create an army of shape-shifting killers

I’ve really enjoyed this series, and Faust’s writing has helped me to enjoy the television show (…as I binged watched it on Netflix) with a perspective most casual watchers don’t get. I think Faust did an excellent job of imagining and scripting the pre-television characters as well as establishing the full level of weird that Fringe fans expect from the show. Though Sins of the Father wasn’t my favorite of the three novels, it was still entertaining. I just couldn’t see Peter, as a globe trotting professional con artist, getting involved with Dr. Lachaux and her virus loving schemes as quickly as he did. However, the level of bizarre happenings is fun. Fringe readers are in for a full treat of mutant making viruses, alt-dimensions, and weird shape changers. Or are they body snatchers? Anyways, Sins of the Father is a solid and fun story and hopefully you’ll get to read it with Faust’s other novels!

Fringe: Sins of the Father is now available in all major book stores, or you can find your copy online at

Also, Netflix subscribers: Check out the entire series online!

Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing Art


Incredible Star Wars Art from Chris Skinner!

Via Geek Tyrant: Check out these amazing illustrations of the mellennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, and X-wing fighter, by artist Chris Skinner. More information about these pieces can be found on Skinners Behance page. Currently the Millennium Falcon, “The Baby’s Got A Few Surprises Left In Her, Sweetheart”, is selling for $40.00 on HGC, however the Tie and X-wing fighter prints are not available for sell yet. Check out previews of the images below.


c6284985bcc87651c50c899817796968 103dfc2b18dc847b9c543fd03153a353 4bd1a4db25cc1e28f9eb9634ce3013b9



AWA 2014 – Cosplay Celebration Video from Beat Down Boogie!

Hey El Moochadores, check out Beat Down Boogie’s coverage of 2014’s Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA)! Their coverage includes awesome video work set to music and images from the con! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but you can see the rest on the Beat Down Boogie Facebook page!


10409310_720309104672765_6460200747110176039_n 10361327_720306621339680_467244627427289273_n 1460243_720308058006203_6294475523898326145_n 10672319_719972718039737_6559528328142749954_n 10484926_719972818039727_8288408358197818420_n 10433107_720306171339725_4794369574489380661_n



Atomic New Book Review of Samit Basu’s New Novel!

Resistance is the incredibly powerful, and fun, sequel to Samit Basu’s 2013 novel, Turbulence. Published by Titan Books in 2014, Resistance begins eleven years after the fateful flight of British Airways 142, when all persons on board received super powers. Since that flight, and the subsequent formation of the international super hero team; the Unit,Turbulence sales cover the world has had a second wave of “new supers” and now planet Earth is brimming with super heroes, villains, and a young god. However, Supers are being killed and a very powerful global corporation is threatening billions of lives and it’s up to the mind controller, Uzma, and the Unit to stop them! MuHahaha!!!

Both Turbulence and Resistance are fantastic adventures that speak to the heart of geek culture. These stories parody, and serenade, the comic books, and science fiction, I’ve loved my entire life without pandering to current fads or my fandom. In Resistance, Basu writes the perfect sequel with stronger villains, more dynamic action, and deeper relationships between the characters; who’ve now lived more than a decade in a world of super powered shenanigans. I especially enjoyed Basu’s imagination for how modern super powers may manifest themselves. Sure, there are the supermen and women, there’s even a super-president, but highly imaginative powers spring up in the form of Super Photobombers and Super Viral Marketers (who is also one of the most hated people on the planet). Brilliant! There is also and almost cinematic, or film like, quality to Basu’s writing that makes it almost feel like I’ve “seen the movie.” His descriptive power and writing style lead readers through an amazing roller coaster of adventures that include kaiju, power armor, Mad Scientist, and Tias. Tia! Good god, the one superpower that could save millions of lonely nerds… Anyways, I enjoy many of the books Titan sends over to review, but I absolutely loved Basu’s two novels. His books are strong reminder of why I love movies and comics and I’m very much anticipating the third novel. If there is a third novel… better be a third novel… There’s gonna be third novel, right?

Resistance is out in all major book stores now, or you can get your own copy online at!


If you could have any super power -not including flight or invisibility- what would it be?



Just Another Nigerian Drama

An Original Webcomic by Modé

Good evening El Moochadores! At Atomic Moo, independent, and web, comics are some of the best things in the world, and we love it when we’re introduced to someone’s new project. So, in true indie spirit check out JAND, an original webcomic, updating twice weekly, that focuses on the lives of Nigerian university students living in the United Kingdom. Produced by professional illustrator, writer, and Jeweler, Modé (by the way, I actually learned how to type that accent mark, which I’m kind of proud of…) with coloring and backgrounds (strips 50 +) by concept artist Segun Samson. The strip follows the lives of eight students and is a “slice of life” comic dealing with work and relationships. Some comics do feature explicit content (mostly cussing), but it’s also gives a look at a culture many of us here in the states wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Oh, and “Jand” is also a slang term in Nigerian pidgin English which means “England.” You see the stuff you learn when visiting Atomic Moo. Keen. Anyways, Check out a few sample comics below, but you can follow the entire series of strips at the JAND website.


comic012 comic027_1 comic028

The Atomic Moocast #86!


Interview with Rum Row Creators Andrew Maxwell and Michele Bandini!

NEW MOOCAST!!! Finally! Wow, this was a tough one to get done. Almost like the universe didn’t want it to happen, but damn the fates! We wanted to Moocast, and Moocast is what we did!

RR_Cover On this episode we talk with independent comic creators Andrew Maxwell and Michele Bandini about their fantastic new comic: Rum Row! Rum Row is a prohibition themed “aerial crime adventure” and chuck full of dashing heroes, dames, dirigibles, and fighter planes! It’s keen! Congratulations to Andrew and Michele on a successful Kickstarter campaign and getting all their funding!

So let’s get into it folks! The propeller is spinning and this Moocast is ready to launch! Go, (now!) and get some tasty snacks and a cool fizzy beverage, then sit back in calm, comfy, chair and start the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Rum Row

8b905a6787cd3821f01bbc4ba3cf897c_large 8f99f400b7a402cfcf720bb90ea46526_large RR_12b

Tail Spin Intro

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