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Splash Heroes!


AurumLight 2015 Milk Calendar!

I’ve found my true calling in life, folks. It took awhile, but now I know that from this point on I’m to hurl buckets of ice cold milk at beautiful naked girls, and take pictures of it. Yes, it may have it’s own challenges, but I’ll approach it like any artist would by thoroughly explore the medium. Maybe even move away from milk, and hurl logs of cheese and curd at the ladies…

Anyways… check out this really unique form of photography using splashes of milk, photoshop, and (yes) naked women from polish artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz! Wieczorkiewicz and crew have used a unique form of photo techniques to create costumed super women15920201215_2eb7507178_o out of splashes of milk and they are currently offering a limited edition calender featuring the amazing images! The calender measures 480mm x 330mm and being a limited edition, every calender is numbered and signed. Click the links above for more information on the calender, and check out the video below to see how the images are made!

Now, I’m off to start my own naked girl/milk based art. All I need now is a few gallons of milk and some women. Women, feel free to e-mail me if you want to pose. I won’t pay you anything, but I promise to throw buckets of ice cold milk at you… and maybe take a few pictures of it too.


AurumLight – SplashHeroes – 2015 Milk Calendar from Aurum Light / Jaroslav on Vimeo.

Butterfly Skin


An Atomic Moo Book Review of Sergey Kuznetsov’s Cult Hit Novel

Hello El Moochoadores! Our book review this week is of Sergey Kuznetsov’s Russian cult classic; Butterfly Skin! Well, I say this week, but I think it’s been well over a month since my last review. D’oh. Anyways: Originally published in the 1990’s, Butterfly Skin has recently been translated to English and re-published in the United States by Titan Books.

Since finishing Butterfly Skin I’ve read a few other online reviews who refer to this novel as the Russian Silence of the Lambs, or even compare it to Stieg Larson’s Girl with the Dragon tattoo, but I disagree. Though it hits a level of sexual weirdness, and creepy savagery few other novels have obtained, Butterfly Skin lacked what ever intrigue, or charisma, brought to us by Larson and Harris in their novels, and instead offers readers a dull story sugar coated in violence.

In Butterfly Skin, Kuznetsov floats between the first, second, and third person narratives as he writes about the life of young internet journalist, Ksenia Inonova (is the “K” a “Z” sound in this one?). Ksenia works for a small online newspaper, but she soon hits a new level of fame when she creates a website about a Moscow serial killer and his horrific torture and executions of young women. Ksenia, a masochists with deep BDSM desires, soon finds herself in a relationship with the unknown killer via an ICQ (remember – 1990’s, unless Russia still uses ICQ(?)) chat. Ksenia and the killer, only known as Alien, then develop a strictly online, but very explicit, relationship based on domination and submission that ultimately leads to fatal consequences.

Though I found the book interesting for it’s many changes in tense (sometimes first person narratives by Ksenia, or the killer, other times Kuznetsov writes as if you are the characters and what is happening to you) Over all I found this book to be mostly boring and far too reliant on shock value. Grizzly murder, torture, and submissive sexual encounters are described in vivid detail (way, way too vivid detail), but the book takes a long time to get to any real plot points and resolves with an incredibly abrupt ending. Butterfly Skin also seemed to imply that the dark fantasies, like the ones enjoyed by Ksenia and the killer, are shared by everyone, and readers should be “stimulated” by the story. However; after many (many!) chapters of the Killers narrative of why he kills, and how, the expositions became dull and mostly just weird. Yes, the book gets a little weird. Though, when narrating as the killer, Kuznetsov does show some incredible talent for writing and a prime example of this can be found in the beginning of chapter twelve (page 83) where the author has the killer speak to us:

It is good to kill in winter. Especially if it has snowed overnight, and the ground is covered with a delicate blanket of white. You put the bound naked body on it. The blood from the wounds flows more freely in the cold frosty air, and the warmth of life departs with it. If you are lucky and she does not die too quickly, she will see the solid film of ice cover what was flowing through her veins so recently. Red on white, there is no more beautiful combination than that.

Creepy, weird… sure, but also vivid and well written. Through out Butterfly Skin, the killer will often talk in this manner and provide readers with an insight into his supposedly normal life. Well, as far as mass murderes go…
Overall though, Butterfly Skin just tries to hard to shock or provoke the readers. Yes, full of awful murders, and weird/kinky (almost sad) sex, but that’s just a thin veneer on a story that doesn’t really do anything. Expect maybe it teaches us a detailed history of the lives of serial killers, and that we really loved ICQ in the ’90’s. Is ICQ even around anymore?

Butterfly Skin is available in all major book stores now, or you can get your own copy online at! Check out the books synopsis below!

A new psychological thriller that will take you into the dark depths of contemporary Russia.

Moscow is plagued with a series of gruesome murders. Ksenia, an ambitious young editor in the news department of a small but influential online journal decides to track down the serial killer, devising an elaborate website to entrap him and thereby boost her company’s profile. She soon realises, however, that her obsession with the psychopath reflects something more deeply disturbing: her own unconscious mixture of horror and fascination with the sexual savagery of the murders.

Through his riveting plot and singular characters, Kuznetsov explores the sometimes pathological fallout resulting from our instant connectivity in the emerging world of emails, facebook, twitter, and other forms of electronic “intimacy.” The novel has enjoyed a cult following in Russia.

Frizzle and the Magic School Bus


Live Action Parody Trailer

Okay, the only kids I knew in this bunch were Cartman and Daria. At least I think that was Daria. The rest must be from a generation after mine. All the same, check out this funny parody trailer from Aggressive Comix about Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus. I bet they wouldn’t put this version on public television.


New Venture Bros. Season Six Teaser Trailer


G’AHHH! A new season of the Venture Bros is coming soon, and there’s an hour long Space Special on January 19th! Keen! Check out the details for the Space Special and Season 6 trailer below!

THE VENTURE BROS. SPECIAL – Space. The final frontier, where no one can hear you scream, revenge is only served cold, and the drinks are comped in the casino. Join the Ventures–and pretty much everyone they’ve ever crossed paths with–as they rocket to the Gargantua-2 space station for an epic, hour-long adventure that will change the Ventureverse as we know it forever. Created and directed by Jackson Publick and written by Publick and Doc Hammer, both of whom also provide voices for the special, The Venture Bros. Special is being animated by Titmouse, Inc. The animated special premieres on Adult Swim later this year.

The Atomic Moocast #88!


Interview with Independent Web Comic Creator, Modé


It took a while, but here’s episode 88! Where in we talk with artist/illustrator Modé. She’s Nigerian artist and creator of the webcomic, JAND,JAND and she was frigg’n awesome to talk with!

Also, the work continues on Atomic Moo issue #1! Listen to our first segment and hear us develop the plot and respond to fan(?) input. All in all, Moocast excellence and an audio experience you don’t want to miss!

So, here we go folks! Stop what you’re doing just long enough to prepare for a podcast’n experience that’ll set your ears a blaze (ear blazing not guaranteed…) and establish a new bar for low budget – podcasting experience! Go, NOW, and grab that frosty beverage from the fridge and secure the most comfy (warm) place with in your refuge! Then all that’s left to do is put your cursor above the start button and click play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

More Show Notes to Come… gotta go to work. Damn.

Drawings on Newspapers!


Cool Pop Culture Art by Illustrator Carlos Olmo

Via Sure, we’ve all doodled on the various newspapers and magazines that have crossed our paths; because drawing a mustache and boobs on Vladimir Putinn is always fun, but artist Carlos Olmo takes it a bit further by rendering pop-culture figures like Superman, Wolfman, and Star Wars over the images of newspaper stories. I’ve posted a small sample of Olmo’s work below, but check out the Geek Art article for more images and information.


Carlos-Olmo-dessin-au-pinceau-et-acrylique-du-capitaine-au-686x1123 Carlos-Olmo-dessin-au-pinceau-et-acrylique-sur-le-journal-le Carlos-Olmo-dessin-pinceau-acrylique-posca-et-typex-sur-le

Gollum Pencil Drawing


With Speed Drawing Video!

Hey El Moochadores! I’m kind of bummed out that the next Hobbit film is right around the corner and all I keep seeing on the internet is stuff about the minute long Star Wars and Terminator trailers. So, to get a little “Middle Earth” vibe going here; Check out this amazing piece of Gollum fan art by illustrator Dino Tomic (aka Atomic Circus). The illustration, done about a year ago, was made with pencils and Tomic also included a speed drawing video to show its making. Check it out along with the trailer for the last Hobbit film, Battle for the Five Armies. The film premieres December 15th in theaters everywhere!


Star Wars Fan Art


Episode VII Teaser Trailer Fan Art

Hey El Moochadores! Deviant Art’s Fan Art Friday is now featuring a ton of great Star Wars art, including several pieces based on the new Teaser Trailer released last week. I’ve posted a small sample of the featured art work below, but click the Deviant Art link to see much more!


63-img-53 63-img-31 63-img-30 63-img-01

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction


Proper Way to React to the New Teaser Trailer by Rich Evans and Red Letter Media

Via Red Letter Media: Ponder for a moment and imagine that you’re like us (good old Chudd and Trog, but with less charm, imagination, and wisdom…) and you love the Star Wars, but you’re not sure how to feel about the upcoming Episode VII, and it’s recently released teaser trailer. After all, the prequels were a mighty let down, and J.J. Abrams work on the Star Trek franchise was (in your humble opinion) terrible. However; the new teaser trailer piqued your interest, and it was actually kind of cool to see the Millennium Falcon (in all it’s CGI glory) back in action. Your Star Wars drenched thoughts, and emotions, are clouded and confused, and you just don’t know how to feel, or react, to the minute long teaser trailer. Well, fret not young padawan! Mr. Plinkett and Red Letter Media our here to show us the proper way to react to new Star Wars! So, shelve your emotions, thoughts, and opinions – and dive deep into the Youtube powered wisdom below! God bless America.


Outcast of Jupiter!


Issue #1 Now on Sale!

Good evening El Moochadores! Okay, first off; I need to apologize to the Outcast of Jupiter creators, Shof and Shobo Coker. They sent Atomic Moo a review PDF of Outcast of Jupiter about a month ago and I’m just now posting about it.Outcasts_Of_Jupiter_AltCoverLow_Coker D’oh. In my defense, I am awesomely lazy. Yes, that is my only excuse, and I feel it is totally valid.

However: Issue #1 is incredible and now available for sale online! The book is 44 pages of solid art work and the story is fresh and compelling. Indie comic collectors can get a digital copy at, and a Kindle version at for only $2.99! Check out the synopsis below along with a few sample pages from the comic! Also, check out Atomic Moocast #77, where in we talk with the fine fellows of Coker CoOp about their new comic! Now, I’m off to take my third nap of the day. Awesomely lazy…


Four outcasts roam the fringes of an untamed galaxy, taking on unusual jobs that challenge their unique abilities. We meet the Outcasts in the middle of attempting a daring rescue to free their comrade, Persio, from the Burj, a mysterious tower located in the courtyard of a heavily fortified clifftop palace.

Outcasts_Of_Jupiter_Page01 Outcasts_Of_Jupiter_Page02 Outcasts_Of_Jupiter_Page03 Outcasts_Of_Jupiter_Page04

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