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Pariah Missouri Complete Hardcover Collection!


Kickstarter for a Graphic Novel About the Supernatural Frontier!

Hola El Moochadores! Sorry for the lack of post lately, but Jason and I are preparing for a couple of conventions, and what with the those dastardly day jobs, our time is a bit short lately.

However; a few days ago I had a chance to record an interview with Andres Salazar about his comic book series, Pariah Missouri!webcomic-page01 Now, the Moocast is chugging along at my usual Moocasting pace, so until its ready for all your eager ear holes, I just wanted to share Salazar’s current Kickstarter for a graphic novel that collects the first three volumes of Pariah Missouri. When complete the collection will be an “exclusive over-sized hardcover,” with Omnibus, RPG and TIME Stories games. Andres explained the TIME Stories game to me, and sounds like fun.

Anyways; The good news is the Kickstarter has already hit all its funding goals with over a week to spare. The better news is, you still have time to contribute to the campaign and collect unique rewards for helping get this unique book made. Below I posted a few sample pages, taken from the website, along with the Kickstarter promo video. Check it out, then click the above links, and help support a fantastic story that is really unique even among comic books!


1857. Pariah, Missouri is a riverboat boom-town and a haven for the unscrupulous. The charismatic Hy Buchanan works undercover as a foppish cheat, and creates a rag-tag team to ferret out evil, both the corruption of man and the supernatural. His first challenge is the arrival of a duo of thespians, whose intentions are not to entertain.

Page2 Page Page 3

The Art Work of Iamosi


More Great Stuff from the Con Pile!

Okay El Moochadores, I got a day off and a little time to relax with my good buddy; the con pile. Yeah, that growing mound of cards, comics, prints, buttons, and whatever else falls into my SWAG bag as I meander the isles of California’s best comic conventions. However, tragedy struck the con pile recently. Well, “tragedy” being my tumbling, 210 lb, body as I tripped over the vacuum cord while trying to clean my room. To be honest, the pile kind of saved me, but at it’s own expense. You see, previous to this the con pile was a form of strata built up from all the various conventions, now it’s a mingled mess of motley promotional muck. Weird thing is, when I was picking it all up, I actually found a bone in the pile! I shit you not, a bone! At first,tumblr_mw6ywsqsYg1qi2w7yo1_1280 I thought it was fossil, but nah… chicken bone. I gotta clean more.

Anyways… Straight from the con pile is a post about an artist who I know I met at SDCC 2016, because I bought one of his prints! Today we’re taking a look at the amazing talent of Erwin Haya (aka: IAMOSi. Haya is a Bay area based artist/illustrator and I think I remember him telling us some of his work was vector based art. I think. I could be wrong, but if so; this is incredible, and done at a level I’d like to see my own vector art achieve some day. You can also see a bunch of his pen and marker work on his website, which is equally impressive. His work has this sort of cool, urban life, vibe that explodes in only a few colors. Yeah, I’m happy with my print.

I’ve posted a few samples of his work below, but Iamosi has an online store where you can go an buy some of his art and show some support.


Untitled-08-01 Ride-01 arcade-01

Daily Paintings – The Art of Piper Thibodeau II


The best of Piper Thibodeau’s daily paintings from the past four years!

Okay, El Moochadores, just a quick “shout out”, or reminder, that Piper Thibodeau‘s Kickstarter campaign is back up, and now in it’s last week. In association with Forge Publishing, Piper is raising funds to produce and hardcover art book that collects some of the best of her “daily paintings.” For over four years now, Piper has completed a daily painting featuring some sort of unique critter. These illustrations are highly imaginative and show what a person with a lot dedication and initiative can accomplish.

Check out a recent Q&A we had with Piper, and hit the link above to check her kickstarter, and all the cool rewards for contributors! I posted the KS promotional video below along with a small sample of Piper’s work below, but tip of the ice berg folks!


daily_1336__nurse_shark_by_cryptid_creations-daan1cl daily_1318__charmander__charmeleon__charizard_by_cryptid_creations-da8efj1 daily_1324__betta_testers_by_cryptid_creations-da960bw

The Atomic Moocast #119!

Moocast Logo

Comic Con, Yestercon, and Sir Noel!?!

New Moocast Mother Fuggers!!! Yeah, it took awhile, but here it is, Atomic Moocast #119. On this episode we kick things off with a “roadcast” discussion of San Diego Comic Con 2016 and all it’s happenings. Well, some of it’s happenings… Anyways, Image_Three You can see some images from the event here, and I’ll post a few below as well. Then, fellow brethren moo and Destiny Comix creator, Sir Brandon Noel joins the show to talk about some of his new projects, life, the universe and everything else.

Its been too damn long to keep blathering when we have an Atomic Moocast to listen to! So, get ready folks! You know the drill: Salty snacks, fizzy drinks, comfy chairs, and quick tap on your listening device and suddenly you’re in moo heaven.


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

Destiny Comix’s Images

Image_0ne Image_Five Image_Four

Some Comic Con Photos

IMG_0521 IMG_0549 IMG_0573

IMG_0497 IMG_0487 IMG_0486


Down Arrow

Mewshroom the Fungapuss!


New Kickstarter for a cute cat mushroom plush toy from Stitchmind!

Okay El Moochadores, Stitchmind, the creative talent that brought us The Mighty Cockblock, has a just launched a Kickstarter for a new plush toy: Mewshrooms the Fungapuss! Which is awesome and probably the best thing I could post about right now. I’m not kidding, I love these cuddly puns this guy comes up with.Image_3

Anyways, according to the kickstarter page, each plush doll is six inches tall and though the main character is in red, other variant color fungapusses (also my new favorite word) will come in different colors. Stitchmind is an incredibly talented graphic, and character, designer. I think these new plush dolls show off his diversity to work in several mediums and I hope our readers get out there and support this KS.

The kickstarter is just a couple of days old now, so there’s still plenty of time to contribute. Click the link above to learn more about the project and rewards for contributing. I posted the promotional video below along with a couple of sample images along with the Mewshrooms short bio. Best wishes to Stitchmind and I hope to pass a booth full of Mewshrooms at the next design con or sol. Cal con I attend!


Mewshrooms are magical fairy creatures that have come to our world out of curiosity. They are playful and happy creatures that hold within them fascinating yet eerie mystic powers. Drawn to humans and life, they will bless anyone who pampers and spoils them with luck, joy, and prosperity. However while their appearance may seem disarming do not be fooled! The Fungapuss posses both the predatory ferocity of the majestic cat as well as the decomposing poisons of the cunning mushroom. Woe to those that dare to treat the Mewshrooms with disrespect.

No one is certain for sure where the Mewshrooms came from or what they are truly capable of, But perhaps these questions are best left unanswered, for those that have ventured out to find the real truth have never been heard from again….

The Mewshroom also are great friends with their best buddy the Cockblock Dolls!

Image_4 Image_1

Nerd Con 2016!


Okay El Moochadores, at the end of this month we’re going to have a table at Nerd Con 2016 in… Escondido. Sorry, I was trying to come up with an agreeable adjective for Escondido, but all that came to mind was a sort of wheezing sound.wolverine_vector_bust_072916_by_jrmurray76-dacmkol Still, they have a comic con happening there from Aug. 26th to the 28th, so there’s a sign of hope! This’ll be our first year tabling at Nerd Con (actually this has been our first year tabling at any con), and we’re trying to get the word out so as to help support local cons, which in turn supports your local, cow inspired, geek blogs. Both Jason and I will be premiering new art work at the con, like this Wolverine bust Jason just finished. As this month passes, I’ll be posting more about the art work we’re taking and hopefully, if you’re anywhere in the Southern California area (especially Riverside and San Diego counties, you’ll swing in and have a good time checking out independent art and creators making stuff they love.


Brooklyn Gladiator #000!


Excellent Comic pulled from the Con Pile!

Okay El Moochadores, my excavation of the “con pile” continues and today I uncovered something really cool! At this last SDCC 2016 I wandered past the Heavy Metal booth where actor Dan Fogler was signing preview issues of his comic book, Brooklyn Gladiator! Yeah, Dan “Balls of Fury” Fogler made a comic book! keen.

Written by Fogler with Anderw Harrision, also illustrated by Tom Hodges, Brooklyn Gladiator is set in a dystopian future best described as “the lovechild of Orwell, Image_1 Huxley and stoner conspiracy theories.” Set in a world where capitalism, pollution, and government control all conspire to control the American population, a man with strange psychic abilities fights back. Here’s the synopsis from the 2015 Kickstater:

John Miller is public enemy number one.He fights nanite-enhanced maniacs in the underground gladiator circuit and sells bootleg drugs far less contaminated than the government’s brand. Psychic abilities have surfaced in John’s mind, allowing him to bypass the state’s tech and access ancient knowledge. John’s talents will send him on a journey against the machines that govern his city as he deconstructs their regime and the very concept of civilization.

I really dug the art in this book and it’s own special brand of a failed nation. The book starts with some really cool quotes like “mindless consumers buy more crust than pizza. More filter than cigarette” – which kind of sums up my feelings towards this current, Farce Awakens, loving generation of Pokemon chasing nimrods – who’s disinterest in anything unrelated to iPhone apps and skinny jeans allowed for our current sham of an election cycle. Huh. I’m pissed about something, but I’m not sure what anymore.

Anyways, this was a fun read, unfortunately I couldn’t find where a copy of issue #1 can be found (true, I did not look very hard. I have mice to draw!), so I think there is just the preview issue. There is a Tumbler page for the comic and future information might appear there. As for meeting Fogler at the con, and getting a signed issue… meh. Kind of frumpy dude, but then again it was the last day of the con, and San Diego Comic Con can kind of drain your energy. Still, a lesson for any creator at any level, selling their books to fans: liven the fuck up and don’t be a dick when someone’s buying your comic! Smile. Say “hello.” Money is tight right now, so show a little gratitude when some one gives it to you, and don’t act like a miserable old fart! And if you’re not that excited to be there: go the fuck home and don’t create a bad first impression for your other writer and artist who’s work is represented in that book you’re frumpy hands are scribbling on. Fuck’n celebrities.

All the same check out some sample images below. These are just black and white images I pulled from the Kickstarter page and the final, color, pages our much more impressive.


Page Sample Page Sample 2

Q & A with Piper Thibodeau!


Hello, El Moochadores! We got something special for you tonight! Some how (I suspect ’cause we’re awesome…) we landed a Q&A with the immensely talented Piper Thibodeau. Piper is a professional freelance illustrator who has been creating a unique “daily painting” since 2012!daily_1324__betta_testers_by_cryptid_creations-da960bw That’s a lot of illustration work on top of also creating for such groups as DreamWorks TV, Nickelodeon, Intel, CGMA, & Concept Cookie. We did our best to pick her brain clean of any useful information and I think it was a good haul! mmmmh… brain leavings. Anyways, check out the the Q&A below along with a few sample images of her work. Currently Piper is about to launch a new kickstarter for a new book of some of her best illustrations. We’ll keep you updated for when it launches!


How long have you been a professional illustrator?
I became a professional freelancer over the past two years or so. My first foray into the Industry was a character design contract for an Intel app called “Yap!”

Where do you find the inspiration for your daily paintings?
When trying to come up with a pun for my daily of the day, I try to draw inspiration from just about anywhere: conversations, taking the bus, my grocery list, etc. I just muddle as many words as I can in my head until I can find a combination.

Do you have a favorite character or critter to illustrate?daily_1318__charmander__charmeleon__charizard_by_cryptid_creations-da8efj1
As much as I like to design animals, I have a lot more fun with illustrating monster/creature designs. There’s no restraints with the latter, which makes it a lot of fun and more challenging to create.

As a professional freelance illustrator, Is there any advice, or knowledge, you have now that you wished you had know at the beginning, and if so what is it?
A big lesson that I’ve learnt over the years was to get my art out onto as many social media platforms as possible –the more visibility, the better! If your Facebook doesn’t have as many followers as your Twitter, you just have to keep at it. It may seem like a hassle to upload to each site everyday, but there’s options like HootSuite that can help speed up the process.

What are some of the ways you promote your art work and how much time do you spend promoting?
Given that I post daily and onto several platforms, I haven’t had to resort to outright promoting my artwork. Most of my work is original content, but I’ll sprinkle a little fan art here –which does help extend an audience.

What software or equipment would you recommend for new, or beginning, artists?
A pencil and sketchbook will service you just fine if you’re starting off –I would really stress not to worry about getting expensive software straight from the get-go. If you’ve already got a good foundation to work with on paper, I’d suggest starting off with a Wacom pen tablet and trying out Photoshop CC.

Doing daily illustrations must be tough, how do you avoid distraction and procrastination?daily_1336__nurse_shark_by_cryptid_creations-daan1cl
Heh! I procrastinate on them quite a lot actually. Given that I’ve got to prioritize my freelance work, I usually will come up with my daily ideas around 8:00 PM and finish it in a frenzy before my midnight cut-off. What kills any inhibitions for me is my self-induced threat of having to restart my daily counter should I not make my midnight deadline (save for emergencies).

How has doing daily paintings helped your illustrations, and how long will you continue to do them?
My daily paintings have given me a lot of structure that I use for my general work –I can handle working under pressure and with tight turn-in’s quite well. I’m going to keep them up as long as I can go!

How much of your day is dedicated to study and practice?
Not as much as I should, unfortunately. I just finished off my CG Animation diploma, so my schedule has been all over the place. I’d ideally love to spend at-least an hour a day on that when I’ve reformed my day-to-day.

What other artist/illustrators do you follow or inspire you?daily_1343__tartles_by_cryptid_creations-dabihvv
Oh geez, there’s just too many to count! I’d really recommend following Will Terry‘s work, he’s a fantastic illustrator with a lot of experience and tips –which he shares on his YT vlog series. I’m also really influenced by artists such as Nicholas Kole, CreatureBox (Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin), Tom Bancroft and Nico Marlet.

Do you booth at comics cons (and other events) and if so, what events will you be attending in the near future?
I haven’t really gotten into the convention scene –but with the possibility of my Kickstarter book coming to fruition, I’ll definitely start attending them! I can’t make any promises yet, but I’ll very likely be at the following Montreal Comic Con or Hal-Con in Halifax.

Con Stuff: Warhead #3!


A guy in London who has an acid green A-bomb for a Head…

Okay El Moochadores, SDCC 2016 is now a week past, and I finally have time to start digging through my “con pile.” Y’know, that ever growing pile of comics, business cards, promo cards, stickers, and other promotional swag that I absorb while wandering the many rows of indie artist. Well, this time I’m going to beat the pile. I know I am. So, to kick things off and get in the swing of things lets start with a favorite!

While at the con I picked up the 3rd issue of Warhead by the talented Katrina Kunstmann (Moocast #82!). WarheadStickerNow, Katrina is way past issue #3, but I’m not, and it was really cool getting back into the world of a man – with an atom bomb for a head – who is all love sick for a giant (yet cute) bunny. Also, many thanks to Katrina for the Warhead stickers! My sketch books are going to be looking much slicker from here on out! Anyways, I’ve got a few iPhone photos of the book below, but they kind of suck for reference so go to store and get a copy for yourself and show some support for indie comics!


samplepage samplepage2 samplepage3

Yestercon 2016!


Keeping Your Childhood Rad!

Okay El Moochadores, tomorrow we’re going to be boothing at Yestercon 2016! This retro con “celebrates everything amazing about your childhood”, so huge on the nostalgia factor! The event will be tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm at the Carson Center (801 E Carson st Carson, Ca 90745). That’s only like ten minutes from LAX and Los Angeles. Click the link above for ticket sales and information about the event.

We’ll be up there with our prints, mini-prints, buttons, and more, and we hope you swing by our table to say “hi!”Of course you can always just go online a purchase a print at!

Check out a small sample of the prints we’ll be taking to the con!

the_sorceress_vector_bust_052916_by_jrmurray76-da4fl60 Space_Girl_8.5x11 Poe-Mask_11x17_2016Update

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