Outcasts of Jupiter!

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Good evening El Moochadores! Right now there is a new Kickstarter for a fantastic looking science fiction comic book called Outcasts of Jupiter! Created by brothers Shof (artist) and Shobo (writer) Coker, this science fiction epic takes us 1000 years into the future where Earth is a dump and Jupiter is the cultural center of our galaxy! Here’s the synopsis:

A thousand years into the future, earth is a very different place. Catastrophic quakes and natural disasters have devastated the planet, wreaking havoc on our civilization and swallowing whole cities as nature reclaimed hers.Postcard_Kebbah03

Our planet, now a harbor for outlaws, ash-runners, gangsters and vagrants, is no longer the crown jewel of the Sol System, that honor belongs to Jupiter, a hub of interstellar trade, commerce and the seat of politics. The titular Outcasts of Jupiter are just that, a group of four vagabonds deemed persona non grata on most civilized worlds, bound by a common purposeaf0230e5805dee3d4dd70535d92636a2_large – the promise of roaming the fringes of an untamed and wild galaxy, identifying unique and unusual jobs that spark their collective interests and challenge their unique abilities.

We meet Stein, Sulesh and Denarii in the middle of attempting a jailbreak. The reasons for Persio’s abduction become clearer over the course of the comic’s run, but it’s up to the rest of the team to get him out of the Burj, a mysterious tower located in the courtyard of a heavily fortified clifftop palace.

The kickstarter still has plenty of days left, so if you’re interested in seeing new, wonderfully illustrated, science fiction (and you should be…) hop on over there and contribute a few bucks. The Coker brothers (…’kind of sounds like old west outlaws, huh?) have some great rewards for supporting their comic,69fd693111b4c074914d5d7a5f43e7ec_large some of which include original art by Shof and sculptures by their own personal sculptress, Funlola! But better still: you’ll be helping bring more science fiction into the world and we here at Atomic Moo are very much in favor of that!

Below I’ve posted some sample illustrations and pages from the book as well as the Kickstarter video. For more information you can visit the Kickstarter for Outcasts of Jupiter or the Coker’s website, Coker Co Op.


CharacterSheet_Denarii_2013 CharacterSheet_Colors CharacterSheet_Aliens2013

Sample Pages


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Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of The Absence!

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Good evening El Moochadores! Now out through Titan Comics is a haunting new graphic novel by English comic creator, Martin Stiff. The Absence is an entertaining collection of macabre comics full of guilty secrets surrounding a small town in Southren England that absolutely entertains! Here’s the synopsis:

As a coastal village in southern England struggles to recover from the losses of war, it is rocked by the return of a man long hoped dead: the disfigured Marwood Clay.absence-martin-stiff-Marwood-Clay

In a place where everybody hides a guilty past, and unspeakable past crimes lurk just beneath the surface… what terrible secrets has this exile brought back with him? And what happened during his absence?

While Marwood struggles to rebuild his life, newcomer Dr. Robert Temple builds a strange house for himself, on the hill overlooking the town. Clay is consumed by a nightmarish past he cannot remember, Temple by visions of a future he cannot prevent.

And then a young boy vanishes on Christmas Day…

Taking place just after World War II, the black and white story is illustrated in a sort of loose, “scratchy”, style. That is to say: the style of the art isn’t bad, in fact it’s very good and I enjoyed it. I think Stiff does an excellent job of communicating the dark emotions surrounding the village. He clearly illustrates a story full of melancholy, hate, distrust, and weird happenings that kept me engaged and turning pages. At the core of this story is Marwood (the unfortunate gentleman on the books cover) who has returned as an outcast to his home town after going to war. Marwood and his strange circumstance are at the core of this story and, as gruesome as he may appear to be, one of the best parts of this story. This really is a unique story that demonstrates that comics can be much more than super powers and spandex.

The Absence is now available in all major book stores or you can get your copy online at the Titan Comics website.

Below I’ve posted a few sample images from the book, but these only hint at an excellent story. Check them out, but then go get your own copy.


Absence04 Absence03 Absence02 Absence01

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John Cleese on Creativity

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Good evening El Moochadores! I’m not sure when (looks kind of old) this was produced, or even what the function/ event is, but this is one of the best talks on creativity I’ve ever heard. Even better still: it is delivered by Monty Python’s John Cleese! I especially liked his discussion of how important “play” and “confidence” are to the creative process. Anyways, give it a watch and I hope you like it as much as I did.


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Atomic Moocast #75: Kyle Roberts and The Dark Hours Return!

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Wondercon is about to start and I need to post this Moocast before that happens! Ahhh!

Okay, I feel much better now, and you should too because a shiny new Atomic Moocast is now online and ready to be heard! Kyle Roberts returns for this episode to talk about the 2nd issue of the Dark Hours comic and attending Wondercon this weekend.Comic Page Like before Kyle was a great guest, and should you be attending the con this weekend, be sure to stop by his booth and by a great indie comic! Also, we’re going to have a limited amount of Atomic Moo Buttons at his table, so don’t miss your chance to get Atomic Moo’s first ever batch of promo stuff! Keen!

Anyways folks, it’s time to Moocast! So, charge on over to your fridge and secure a tasty beverage; then dive roll into comfy chair and brace yourself! You’re just moments away from hitting play and hearing the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links


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TF2 Skeleton Dance!

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Via Geeks are Sexy: Okay, I saw the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) take on the classic Disney cartoon, Silly Symphony, and I thought, “yeah that’s cool. I should post about that.” Then I decided to watch the classic Cartoon it’s based on and…Skeletondance that thing is really kind of creepy! Disturbing to a point that if you’re doing a lot of drugs, don’t watch the classic because you might pull your face off. And nobody wants that.

Anyways, Jesse Baumgartner on the Youtube has produced this funny video that parodies the classic Disney Cartoon but this time with TF2 characters. It’s good!


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Amazing Geeky Cakes of Cakecrumbs!

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commission__cookie_monster_cupcakes_by_cakecrumbs-d5aflte (1)

Via Deviant Art: So, Chudd and I are a couple of fellers that like cake. Well, any sweet pastry or bake good slathered in chocolate, ice cream, is pretty much okay by us; however today I found some cakes that I almost wouldn’t eat. Almost.

Check out these really great looking cakes by Australian creative Cakecrumbs! Cakecrumbs (aka Rhiannon) does a wonderful job of mixing art and baking to produce some really fun looking bake goods. She also has a website where you can see more of her great work. I’ve posted a small example of some of the more pop-culture related cakes, but go check out her site to see some really tasty looking stuff.


piranha_plant_pops_by_cakecrumbs-d6cu2c3 mike_wazowski_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d738aaa jupiter_structural_layer_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d6eqxe5 game_of_thrones_sigil_cupcakes_by_cakecrumbs-d7dmlev blue_ringed_octopus_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d6wl2r2

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Tonk Tonk Toccta Robot Slaps!

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Okay, so Slaps are sticker art. I know this now. I didn’t know it before, but know I know this, and I like it. My introduction to Slaps came via Wayne Wolfson (aka B. Wolfe) a sticker artist who started doing slaps when he came up with the idea for a retro looking robot called Tonk Tonk Toccta.ww-tonk Since creating Tonk, B. Wolf has created a bunch of original hand drawn stickers, printed on vinyl, which have traveled to such places as Australia, Serbia, and Brazil (Ótimo!), and many more! Check out his flickr page to see all the places Tonk Tonk Toccta Robot has been. You can find out more about B. Wolf and his slaps at his website, waynewolfson.com. I’ve posted a few sample images below, but go check out the link above for the full gallery!


wayne_wolfson-tonk_and_elvis_thumbnail toronto-tonk tonk-cardoness-castle belgrade-tonk

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The Last Templar Kickstarter!

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Good evening El Moochadores! Our good buddy, and fellow brethren Moo Sir Noel is a budding independent comic creator and recently he launched a kickstarter campaign to fund his latest comic, The Last Templar! Here’s the synopsis:

A Templar from the fourth Crusade is inadvertently sent to a future where there is no such thing as religion or God. This barbarous warrior of God is not sure where or even when he is yet is convinced he is in purgatory and vows to make every unholy soul pay. This book is for mature readers as there is violence, suggestive nudity and adult themes. Were offer the book on several different platforms in varies formats. The colored versions of the book are hand painted in water color. Every signal contributor will be thanked in the back of the book at every level. Below is a list of the different pledge levels.

So go check out the kickstarter or visit Brandon’s Facebook for more information about the book and how to support Destiny Comics. Oh, here’s another reason to pick up an issue: There’s an Atomic Moo ad inside. Yup, our very first advertisement in a comic book!

I’ve posted a few images from the model shoot included in the book below along with the Kickstarter promo video.


10173270_843414462338557_1894731469_n (1) 10178449_843414472338556_244299961_n (1) 10253397_843414465671890_1170670031_n (1) 10256015_843414469005223_1827175753_n

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Via Geek Tyrant: Good afternoon El Moochadores (boa tarde em Português…)! There really isn’t enough gladiator comedy out there. We got Life of Brian and Mel Brooks’s History of the World and that’s about it. I think. Well anyways, now we Minimus! This funny short film, by Future Shorts has an almost Monty Python like feel to it that I really enjoyed. Check it out and hopefully in the future we’ll get to see more funny romps through world history!


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Batman: Strange Days

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Bruce Timm’s Batman 75th Anniversary Short


Via Kitty Honey Cosplay: Good evening El Moochadores! To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, DC Entertainment and Bruce Timm have produced this animated short titled Batman: Strange Days! The Animation is a throw back to Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27. I’ve also included a small featurette from DC Entertainment which includes an interview with Bruce Timm about the animation.


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