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The Atomic Moocast #84!


Interview with Artist Dirk Richter!

Hello El Moochadores! We’re back with the Atomic Moocast episode #84! On this fine and quality edition (of podcasting gold) we’re talking with German pin-up artist, Dirk Richter! I think someone once told me, or maybe I heard it on tv… maybe it was Rush Limbaugh… 252889_1706192062470_1468104328_31356506_416893_n “If you can draw a good looking naked woman, you’ll never go hungry.” But I never really understood why someone would want to eat a bunch of their own sketches. Paper taste gross and why would you buy a bunch of paper, draw on it and then eat, when you could just as easy buy food? People are weird. Anyways, Dirk was a really cool to talk with and his work is amazing! Check out a few small samples below in the show notes along with links to his website and Facebook page.

So, it’s that time again folks! Time for easy, educational, free internet listening. All you have left to do now is secure a comfy corner of your habitat, claim a cool fizzy soda, and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!



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Songs used:

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  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Samples of Dirk’s Art


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Rum Row


New Comic from Andrew Maxwell

Good evening El Moochadores. Right now there is a Kickstarter for a great looking new comic, Rum Row. this high flying adventure is written by Andrew Maxwell and illustrated by Michele Bandini. The comic is a prohibition era tale that “mixes Jules Verne and The Untouchables.” So it’s chuck full of airplanes, airships, and dirigibles. Dirigibles! Here’s the story:

To avoid dry laws, rumrunners and patrons alike have taken to the sky. Hot air balloons and dirigibles now serve as speakeasies and black markets for alcohol. The press has coined these flying bars above New York “Rum Row”. Despite operating outside the law, Rum Row has become a worldwide tourist attraction.8f99f400b7a402cfcf720bb90ea46526_large Faced with growing concern over the lawlessness of its airspace, the city has created a special aerial vice squad to monitor and crack down on the sale of alcohol. One ship in particular has been a thorn in the city’s side since the beginning: The Duchess, New York’s premier flying speakeasy. In this story, we’ll follow the NYPD’s attempt to take down the Duchess once and for all, through the eyes of one of its passengers, Jack Tinson. All the while, Jack’s own allegiances and motivations remain in question…

So far their kickstarter has met its goal (way to go!), but they have a bunch of great rewards for everyone who can still contribute. Rewards include posters, comics, t-shirts, and more. Check out the the Kickstarter for more information. I’ve posted a few sample images below along with the kickstarter video.


RR_12b RR_03 8b905a6787cd3821f01bbc4ba3cf897c_large

Guardians of the Galaxy Director Surprises Fans!


Marvel fans and cosplayers got a huge surprise at Dragon Con when Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn suddenly showed up. Check out Beat Down Boogie’s amazing coverage of the event with Gunn and dozens of happy cosplayrers! There’s a few sample images below but check out the video and more photos of the event at Beat Down Boogie’s Facebook page.


10685611_709711779065831_4052422940033596682_n 10616461_709712075732468_5433192357050976894_n 10462356_709711795732496_3985022822560972254_n 10382654_709253075778368_4226827827029986249_n



Cosplay on an Aircraft Carrier

Hey El Moochadores! Blake Faucette and Beat Down Boogie have a new video showing cosplay from this years KantaiCon 2014 on board the USS Yorktown! What an awesome idea; a convention on an aircraft carrier. So check out the great video work of some amazing costumes and I’ve also posted a few sample images from their Facebook gallery, but this is just a small sample. Hit the link to see all the images.


Image_7 Image_6 Image_5

Image_3 Image_2 Image_1

CAV Kickstarter: Big Robot, Small Price!


by Neko_Bijin

Do you like stompy robot miniatures? And are you a cheap bastard? Well, you’re in luck. CAV (Combat Assault Vehicles) has a Kickstarter for their new line of *gasp* plastic miniatures. d119a2b8fea47dbb18eb67068808d93d_largeYou remember CAV as the cheaper ‘Mechs you could play BattleTech with. Well, as the video explains, metal prices are soaring (which is why somebody stole the copper out of your air conditioner unit), and plastic is expensive to start-up but cheap to produce, so if they can get over the current hump, it’s cheap ‘Mechs for everybody! Did I mention cheap?

Now everyone’s made the jump from metal to plastic, and I’m sad about it. Our great-grandfathers played with tin soldiers as boys, and the science-fiction robots that tromped about the battlefields of our youthful imagination were cast of similar stuff. Before long your unpainted BattleMaster will find a spot on Antiques Roadshow.

It’s starting to feel like there’s a real market for these figures like we haven’t seen since the mid 90s. With CAV, BattleTech and Robotech Miniatures all crowding this niche market, it’ll be interesting to see who winds up on top. How long will the tiny big robot boom last? Only time will tell, friends.


New Kickstarter Campaign for a Giant Size Annual!

“In the dark age of swords and spells – monsters and men, one hero defies them all. LOG! The ax wielding wooden giant!”


Good Morning El Moochadores! There is a new Kickstarter for a giant size annual of Legends of Log! Yes, an ax wielding, forest dwelling, giant piece of angry wood. Produced by D.L. Suharski and Paperback Jack Books, Legends of Log is a unique spin on the “Warrior Hero” tale set in a magical dark ages where a giant… log (yup… Log) protects the North Woods. Currently the Kickstarter is seeking funding to publish the first giant annual of the Log series. Check out the details:

LogIf you like giant monsters and swords and sorcery, then you just might like a giant size log swinging around a giant size ax. Welcome to the Legends of Log 1st giant size 2015 annual. Featuring 10 amazing stories and 7 talented artists who present to you some fantastic adventures of the mighty ax wielding wooden giant, known as LOG! Now some of you may be saying to yourself… “A log – with an ax? You gotta be kidding?” Or you may be saying… “A log – with an ax? A-w-e-s-o-m-e!” I hope you’re going with the latter. Because I think you’ll going to enjoy this 56 page giant size comic book of the Legends of Log. Plus the backers of this Kickstarter will be the first of few who will receive the 2015 annual in 2014… largeLOLissue1cover
(cont.) I started Legends of Log in 2012 by coming up with the idea from a comic strip I was drawing that just happened to include a humorous talking log. I took this character and imagined him as a giant warrior. Fighting monsters and sorcery back in the days of medieval times as he carried an ax around and yelled “TIMBERRRRRR!” Out of this idea came some stories. But I needed help to get these stories off the ground and into a comic book. And since I only draw the silly humorous characters, I needed this new Log character to be drawn more realistic than I could ever draw him, So I had to enlist some illustrators. And that I did. There are seven terrific artists that have made the Legends of Log stories come to life and are listed below. I won’t bother going through their credits because each one of them is a credit to their own work. And as you saw from the video above. It’s pretty amazing artwork.

Since all of the art work is already completed, Paperback Jack books just needs the resources to finish printing the annual.Log_Shirt Check out the Kickstarter for more information on the comic and also the cool rewards which includes the book, digital downloads, posters, and t-shirts! I’ve included the video for the kickstarter below along with a trailer for Legends of Log found on the main website. Go check it all out and help this get this great indie comic made.


The Iron Giant – Papercraft!


Hey El Moochadores! Check out this very cool Iron Giant papercraft by artist Aron J. Shay (aka: AronDraws on Deviant Art). According to the Deviant page this was for an Iron Giant art show, but I don’t have any links for that right now. Though, if there were an entire art show dedicated to the Iron Giant, I’d pay to go. Aron is a professional illustrator, designer, and storyboard artist and you can see more of her work at!


6a32062b00837fa8b4aa98a2e75d86ca-d7xoj53 the_iron_giant___papercraft_by_arondraws-d7xoj56



An Atomic Moo Book Review

May include SPOILERS!

Now re-released through Hard Case Crime is a 1960’s crime novel by award winning author Lawrence Block that explores a dark world of debauchery and murder on the Texas border. Borderline follows the sordid lives of four people living between El Paso and Juarez. It’s a story of sex, murder, sex, gambling, and… more sex. Along with Bordeline, there are few other short stories, written by Block, that are included in the paperback. Here’s the synopsis:

On the border between El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, five lives are about to collide – with fatal results. You’ll meet MARTY—the professional gambler who rolls the dice on a night with… MEG—the bored divorcee who seeks excitement and finds… LILY—the beautiful hitchhiker lured into a live sex show by… CASSIE—the redhead with her own private agenda… and WEAVER—the madman, the killer with a straight razor in his pocket, on the run from the police and determined to go down swinging!

Although Lawrence Block has an incredible writing talent, the stories included in Borderline came across as brutal, and very abrupt. The thing is, I really dig these 1950’s – 1960’s, hard boiled crime stories being put out by Titan Books and Hard Case Crimes. They’re awesome in a way today’s stories just aren’t. They have real men who drink, gamble, and kill. Sexy dames in tight dresses, and smoking! Lot’s of healthy smoking and drinking! And all of that is in Block’s, but just way (way) more sex, drinking, and gambling, and then a sudden stop at the end that made me think, “what the fuck?” Which was kind of a current theme in all these stories. Block writing is excellent and provocative, and he describes sex in a way that is graphic without being explicit in the least, but then BAM! Violent death. Or, woman beating. Overall, I just couldn’t enjoy these stories because of that. I enjoy sex (doing, seeing, reading, hearing… however) but it was way too much, and added with that was the harsh violence against the women in these stories. It was really, awful. However; this doesn’t put me off the Hard Case Crime novels. I’m still looking forward to the next smoke filled story of seedy murder in a third world country. I just hope the chick doesn’t get horribly beaten or murdered for no reason next time. Though, with just as much sex. Yeah, the sex was pretty cool, now that I think about it… and think about it…

Borderline can be found in all major bookstores or online at!

An Artgerm Livestream!


Traditional Commission Drawings by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Hey El Moochadores, here’s another Livestream from artist Stanley Lau (aka: Artgerm) showing how he finishes a commission art work. It runs about an hour and a half,10264654_10152731956005159_1453498113985358676_n but it’s absolutely fascinating watching him ink and color the entire piece… and then cursing yourself for not being nearly as good. And then thinking about all the time you’ve spent laying about your apartment, snacking on Hostess fruit pies and watching cartoons, when you should’ve been practicing art. It’s not like you didn’t intend to make something, but your just kept putting it off until the day was done, and then it was too late to do anything, so might as well check out some free internet porn and call it a day… damn. I think I’m gonna go draw now. Anyways, Check it out and more of his live chats to learn from the master!


The Atomic Moocast #83!


Our Interview with Rocky Davies!

A little late, but always great! We’re back with another sterling edition of the world’s best, unknown, podcast… Moocast. On this episode we talk with professional illustrator/graphic designer Rocky Davies! This dude knows his art and toys… er… collectibles.welcome_to_the_jungle___predator_by_rockydavies-d7t2zoc Rocky has done work that covers print, digital, logo and more and he was a great guy to talk with!

So, here we go folks! You’re just at the tipping point – the entry way – the threshold – of an audio roller coaster of creative/pop-culture enlightenment! Now all you need to do is prepare yourselves! Go, now and get that cool fizzy soda! Turn off that distracting smart phone or baby! Then hunker down on your favorite comfy spot, mouse over the play button, and begin the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Rocky Davies Links
Rocky’s Art

vinylmation-all TL-some_choices FantasticSwords-print2

skeletor-square-closeup Joker-Dreams Hulk-HarryPotter

Rocky’s Collection

nerd-toy-collection4 nerd-toy-collection14(1) nerd-toy-collection2

IMG_4713 IMG_7824 IMG_7754

IMG_2967 IMG_2956 IMG_2955

Aug2014-NerditoriumBook IMG_0294 Aug2014-NerditoriumWall

Additional Links and Show Notes:

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