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Atomic Moo #1 Update!

atomicmoo_5x7_by_jrmurray76-d9z31nf (1)

…and Other SuperCow Related Stuff!

Still with us El Moochadores? Sorry for the lack of post lately, but Jason and I have been working really hard on getting things ready for our first comic book convention. Next week we will be tabling at Cherry City Comic Con in Salem, Oregon. If you happen to live in the area, we encourage you to come on out to the con and see all the nifty art work we’re bringing. Frigg’n Flash Gordon is gonna be there too! Keen.

Anyways, we’ll be podcasting from the con and getting as many interviews as we can, but I wanted to blog about some of the stuff we’ll be bringing up.MurrayBrosLogo

This convention kind of (sort of) marks the launch of our parent creative company: Murray Brothers Creative. The site isn’t functional yet. We’re currently building the elements for the new site, and it’ll be through Murray Bros. that we’ll be selling our art work. Also at the con we’ll have the above (look up. At the top of the page…) Atomic Moo mini-print (5×7) along with promotional buttons, and a small preview (ashcan) of Atomic Moo #1! I just posted a rough version of Page 4 to the Atomic Moo Comic Book page,AM_Buttons but also check it out below. Also, we’ll have over twenty different prints and mini-prints. I posted a small sample below, along with one of my favorites, Robot Gorilla!

I’m in the middle of my work week, and we’re really busy with preparing for the CCCC 2016, so I probably won’t be posting as much this week, but I’ll see if I can’t get a few post in before we leave. There’s still a ton of great stuff from WonderCon that I’m working my way through. I’ll try and blog from my iPhone with the scant free time, when possible. Keep Checking back for more updates and cool art!

Things are gett’n awesome!

Page #4


The Work!

mechagorilla_8_5x11_2016update_v3_by_jrmurray76-d9z3206 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-6 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-3 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-4 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-5 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-7 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-8 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-9

The Atomic Moocast #115!


WonderCon 2016!

Yeah, I know WonderCon was about a month ago, but damnit! We’re in the midst (Midst, people! Midst!) of some very important con preparation ourselves, and that sort of slowed things down a bit. However, the podcast is here! So rejoice! Then check out a few notes about this episode: NEuY5mxKsO4Jyv_1_b

First: Many thanks to all the comic creators and artist who let us interview them at the con! Unfortunately, I lost about half the interviews I had recorded that day. D’oh! You have to understand, that I’m very new to recording stuff on my iPhone. Add that to my limited intelligence and… well, bad stuff’s going to happen. Seriously though, I feel terrible about it. Somehow I deleted about 1/2 of all our interviews and it was gone before I had a chance to pull them from my phone. Some of these interviews included conversations with past Atomic Moo interviewees like Josh Henaman (Big Foot: Sword of the Earthman), and Sarah Bitely (Pimpkillah!). IMG_0289Also, because I lost so many interviews, I will be posting about this great stuff here on the website, so as to make sure everyone get’s some coverage for their hard work. Check the show notes below for information about the featured interviews, but keep coming back to see more great art and comics featured at this years con. Which leads to…

Second: I’m really new to recording with an iPhone. So, things are going to sound weird. I know that it’s always been a struggle to get good audio with our limited resources, but I’m getting some new challenges thrown at me with this new set up. We’re practicing more and recording as much as possible, so hopefully it sounds better in the future, but the sounds kind of all over the place on this one. I did my best to level everything, but… ehh… you’ll hear. I hope.

Third: The movie review of Batman v. Superman at the very end of this podcast was heavily edited. You see, I got this problem where I can’t talk about any movie without bring up how much I hate (HATE) the most recent Disney/Star Wars film. So, because we were talking about Batman v. Superman,2016-04-01-1459488050-1567099-bvs I kind of went through and edited out all my tangents about the (not Star Wars!) Disney-bullshit that has me so perturbed these days. It’s not like I’m afraid to tell people my feelings about that (shitty) film, it’s just that I felt it wasn’t necessary for a discussion about another movie. So, the review at the end may feel a little, “clunky” and “malformed.” Much like Disney/Star Wa– goddammit. I can’t stop myself.

So, having wrote all that: Here it is folks! One hour of Atomic Moo bliss ready to make a home somewhere in the deepest crevices of your brain! But don’t hit “play” yet! Get ready for it! Go and grab some tasty snacks! Then turn off your all distractions and nestle into your comfy zone. Then all that’s left to do is settle your brain and smile as you relax with the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!



Check a small sample of photos from the con and some of the featured artists work! Also, if I can somehow find the lost interviews (learn my iPhone) I’ll post them on a future Moocast episode.

Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

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Down Arrow

James Bond: Spectre!


An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of The Complete Comic Strip Collection!

I have no idea if this is true or not, but a very long time ago my father told me why they decided to name me “Sean.” According to him; When my twin brother and I were born, they were not prepared for the extra kid. So, the first baby twin got the only name they had picked out: Jason. Which left me without a name for at least a month (knowing my parents, it was probably far longer, but we’ll go with a month…). I’m not sure what they called me during that time, but it wasn’t until my dad was at his work one day that he looked up and saw a James Bond flick playing out on the old TV. Seeing this, he called my mom and said, “why don’t we name him Sean? S-E-A-N?” Now, knowing my parents, I’m probably very lucky Green Acres wasn’t playing, otherwise I might have spent the last 39 years as a “Wilbur.” However, I got Sean, all thanks to one of the early Bond films. DNJamesBond41So, because of that, I’ve always had kind of an affinity towards the old, Connery, James Bond flicks. Not a tight connection, but enough to make me very grateful that my friends don’t know me as “Jethro” or “Gilligan.”

So, what this is all leading up to is: Titan Books has recently published this incredible new volume of collected Bond comic strips! Yeah, took me awhile to get there, but I wanted you to know that this book actually meant a lot to me for totally un-associated reasons. Ian Fleming’s James Bond: Spectre, the Complete comic strip collection, contains all the strips that appeared in newspapers from 1961 to 1966 with a forward by Spectre screenwriter, John Logan. Here’s the official synopsis:

The daring James Bond is back, this time in a lavishly put together collection celebrating the iconic SPECTRE storylines. Featuring 1. Thunderball 2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 3. You Only Live Twice 4. The Spy Who Loved Me.
These fully restored and thrilling stories are based on the original Ian Fleming James Bond novels.

Every part of this book is amazing! The design, and layout, of the volume is beautiful in a way that would make a Bond girl jealous. And that’s just the cover!mclusky_john_007 In between is a collection of wonderfully illustrated comic strips, most of which are illustrated by John McLusky, but some are done by artist know as Horak. Sounds kind of ominous… Like a guy with with razor wire hidden in one of his fingers… However; they’re still fun and they all have that classic “James Bond” feel to them. Also, they’re very detailed despite being in black and white. Modern day inkers (tracers) could learn a lot from McLusky’s style.

The entire book was a lot of fun to read. It’s like Mad Men but with spies, nukes, and dames! After reading the Spectre collection, I totally want to be the James Bond from that era! I want the secretary you can unabashedly flirt with, and the constant whiskeys, martinis, and cigarettes! I want to fly around the world having cool adventures with sexy broads! But, nope. I just get student loan debt and a few ugly ex-girl friends. damn. Anyways…

I’ve posted a couple of sample strips I found on the web, but if you find a copy of Spectre at a book store, I highly recommend picking it up and adding it to your collection! Also, go check out to get your own copy!


bond-comic bond-strip

Hounds Tooth


Good evening El Moochadores! Yeah, I’m posting late, but it was kind of a crappy day and I want to do something that cheers me up. So, let’s talk about comics! Or… I’ll talk about comics and you can read about it. Sounds cool. Anyways…

One of the best parts of any comic book convention is artist alley and a chance to see dozens of interesting ideas for new indie comics. One such comic we came across at this last WonderCon was Hounds Tooth by Kristen Brown and Sam Rusk.CoverImage We even managed to get a short interview with Rusk for the upcoming Moocast (which is almost done, I promise! Just a few more edits…). Their comic is about a couple of humans in a world of smart animals. Here’s the synopsis:

Houndstooth follows the adventures of Bandit, an orphaned boy who exists in an animal’s world, along with his fellow human and best friend, Pan. The only adventure Bandit has ever wanted to have, are the ones printed inside his favorite books. But, fate brought an unwanted adventure to his feet when Pan is kidnapped! Her only hope of rescue is Bandit and a couple of unlikey tag-alongs.

Groovy! Okay, we’re doing our own comic about a super cow that breathes fire, and I’ve got my (soon to be released) comic strip about cartoon mice, so maybe we’re a little biased towards stories with critters in it. I’ve posted a couple of sample pages from their Comixology page below, but also check out their Etsy page to get a physical comic. For more information hit the Comixology link above or visit Hounds tooth on Patreon, Tumbler, or Twitter.


Page_One Page_Two Page_3

East of West: Volume One


An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

One of things I enjoy most about attending a large comic book convention, like WonderCon, is the chance to pick up new comics and graphic novels. Sometimes at a discounted price to boot! Well, this year we swung by the Image Comics booth and I picked up three interesting titles (Nowhere Men, East of West, and Black Science), which I plan to review as part of our ongoing, post-WonderCon 2016 coverage.

I don’t think any of these are recent publications. That is to say, I think these comics have been around at least a few years, and all are currently available in book stores, but this is my first time reading them, and honestly I thought all three titles were excellent reads. So, this may not be so much a review, as a: “holy shit! I really liked this! Go check it out” – type of post.

First up is East of West Vol. One (2015) by Jonathan Hickman (writer), and Nick Dragotta (artist), with Frank Martin and Rus Wooton doing the colors and letters.15842658._SX540_ East of West in an alternate world story where another future reality, and biblical mythology, cross paths in a brutally violent way. It begins with the three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse awakening to discover their brother, Death, has abandoned them for a life on a future Earth (Sometime around 2040, I think) where America is divided into seven different nations, and still very much like the wild west. However, Death’s life on this Earth goes to shit when a group of world leaders got together and killed Death’s wife, then stole his child. Now, the three horsemen are killing their way across the country to find Death, who has also set out on a killing spree against the people who did him wrong. Lot of killing in this graphic novel.

Okay, that probably wasn’t the best synopsis of this first volume, but that’s why I’m encouraging you to go read it. I really enjoyed East of West, and although I’m not very found of storiesYou-wanted-endtimes that assume an alternate society will stay static in one period of history (like this one does with a predominantly western style), the brutal world presented here works great with the merciless characters, like Death, who storm through entire armies to get at the guys who need murdering! Not that I’m all that into violence, but artist Nick Dragotta did a great job illustrating this story, which also has quite a few great surprises. In fact the whole story was kind of surprisingly good. When I first started reading it, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it. What with the bible tie in, the murdering children, and that weird horse thing Death rides, but somehow Hickman made it all work, and I can’t wait to pick up Vol. 2 – at the next con…

Check out a few sample images below. My scanner is pretty much dead, so I had to pull these images from the web. For more information about East of West visit Image Comics online.


15842659._SX540_ rev131703spl east-of-west-image2

Beat Down Boogie’s C2E2 2016 Coverage


Alright El Moochadores, Beat Down Boogie recently released two videos featuring their coverage of all the cool cosplay, and happenings at C2E2. Check out the videos below along with a small sample of images from the BDB Facebook page. Serious props go to all the cosplayers and their talented work.


Image_7 image_6 Image_5 image_4 Image_3 Image_2

Bookies Episode #3!


Alright El Moochadores, check out episode #3 of Bookies, a podcast produced by our Brethren Moo, Ser Brandon Noel. Bookies is a book review podcast (and I do love me some books… in a normal book loving way. Get your head out of the gutter…) and this week they’re a review’n Don’t Point That Thing At Me, by Kyril Bonfiglioli. Don't Point Which, I just learned, was turned into a movie starring Johnny Depp. Groovy. Check out the podcast below along with the official synopsis. Also, try clicking the link above to check out some of Brandon’s comics.

All good.

The deliciously nasty, highly entertaining, comic masterpiece of a thriller-a cult favorite of Stephen Fry and Julian Barnes. A cult classic in the UK since its first publication there in the 1970s, Don’t Point that Thing at Me is the hilarious and dark humored crime thriller featuring the Honorable Charlie Mortdecai: degenerate aristocrat, amoral art dealer, seasoned epicurean, unwilling assassin, and general knave-about-Piccadilly. With his thuggish manservant Jock, Mortdecai endures all manner of nastiness involving secret police, angry foreign governments, stolen paintings, and dead clients, all just to make a dishonest living—while decked out in the most stylish garb and drinking the most bizarre alcoholic cocktails. Don’t miss the brilliant mixture of comedy, crime, and suspense.

The Final Programme

Untitled 3

An Atomic Moo Book Review

Okay, El Moochadores, Titan Books recently re-released Michael Moorcock’s classic novel, The Final Programme, and now I’m going to try and review this – very bizarre story. Originally published in 1968, The Final Programme (first of the Cornelius Quartet) is like if Andy Warhol started writing science fiction.Final_programme Wait. Did Warhol write science fiction? I really have no clue. He might have… Anyways, the story follows the adventures of Jerry Cornelius and was the first in a series of novels that were apparently very popular back in the day. Here’s the official synopsis:

Jerry Cornelius is a scientist, a rock star, and an assassin. He is the hippest adventurer of them all: tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings, murder, sex and drugs are a daily occurrence. Along with his savvy and ruthless partner-in-chaos, Miss Brunner, Cornelius is on a mission to control a revolutionary code for creating the ultimate human being, a modern messiah— the final programme.

The first book in the Cornelius Quartet is the groundbreaking introduction to the misadventures and vendettas of Jerry Cornelius, one of modern literature’s most distinctive characters, the product of a bewildering post-modern culture, and an inspiration for generations of characters since.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe this novel and so far the best I can come up with is A Clockwork Orange meets The Beatles meets Austin Powers. I’ve read other reviews were they discussed the humor in this book, but I didn’t get it! This is one of those times were I walked away from reading an entire novel and felt either dumber for having read it… or maybe it kind of reminded me of just how dumb I actually am. I really can’t tell! The story moves fast, and as a reader I got caught up in some of it, but its just a weird read about a semi-celebrity rich guy, who zips around the world on boats and helicopters – while trying to kill his own brother – while also helping an even weirder (yeah, weirder) woman build what I guess was a superhuman. All the while doing a bunch of drugs and sexing up every chick he comes across.

The thing is, I really like old science fiction. I’ve read A Clockwork Orange a couple of times. I love books like Starship Troopers, Slaughterhouse Five, and I’ve even read the first Dune novel. That last one was a tough fucking read, but I still got through it easier than… what ever this was. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a group of hardcore SF fans that could explain this one to me, but until then… fuck’n weird book.

You can get your own copy of the Final Programme at

Skies of Fire!


A Dieselpunk Airship Story of Loyalty and Revenge

Hey El Moochadores! Another great project we encountered at WonderCon 2016 was a Dieselpunk comic series about warring airships (war dirigibles!?) called Skies of Fire! The series is by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou, with additional art by Pablo Peppino, Bryan Valenza, and Nic J Shaw. The series will have a limited run that they are currently trying to fund through Kickstarter. Here’s the story:

Skies of Fire takes place in the Aquilan Empire,Image_4 a kingdom where airship travel has become the dominant means of transportation, commerce, and war. In the center of the Empire lies a monstrous, never-ending storm called The Expanse.

In Issue One, the raider Delmonte orchestrates a surprise attack on the key trade outpost, Port Prince. His actions prompt Royal Guard Captain Helen Pierce to volunteer for an expedition to bring him to justice…

Giant metal dirigibles shooting the hell out of each other. Awesome! I’ve posted the Kickstarter promotional video below along with a few sample images. We also got a short interview with Ray Chou at the con which you’ll be able to hear on the next Moocast ( It’s almost done!), episode #115. For more information about Skies of Fire, the Kickstarter, and rewards for contributing, click the link above.


Image_3 Image_2

Art of Dave!


Very Cool “Chromadepth” 3D Art

Okay, I have no idea what Chromadepth means, but it looks really cool!

Anyways… another rad booth we wandered past at this last WonderCon was Art of Dave who had a bunch of incredible “Chromadepth” 3-D art. Yup, all the images posted here are really in 3-D! At the con, 3D glasses were provided to view the images on display and it made for a really cool experience.image_4 According to his website, Dave Warner is a mixed media artist from Riverside, California. Riverside!? Dave, we’re originally from Hemet! Oh, wait… fuck. I’m trying to forget that.

So, I’ve posted a small sample of Dave’s work from the website, but hit the link to see way more. Of the prints available on his store, most come in a variety of sizes (8 1/2 x 11 to 24 x 38) with prices ranging from $15.00 to $50.00, and the prints come with 3D glasses. Keen. Now go buy his art and settle in for a trip.


image_2 image_3 image_5

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