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Alt Control Delete: Collapse

Kickstarter campaign for a cool new indie comic

ACD Cover

Hello El Moochadores! Just starting today is a brand new Kickstarter for a cool new independent comic, Alt Control Delete (ACD)! Written and created by Ramón Govea and Black Mast Studios, this new comic series features the incredible artistic talents of Eddie Nuñez and Ander Zárate. Check out the story’s synopsis below:

Set in a futuristic world where video games have evolved into a virtual reality professional sport. Technology and games permeate nearly every aspect of life in a culture that thrives on games and competition and a society where XP is currency. The prevalent philosophy of this societySample_1 walks the border of trans-humanism: man and machine are beginning to merge, but not everyone is happy about it.

… rising star and professional gamer, Tess is in pursuit of her AWOL friend. When Tess’s secret investigation leads her deep into the gaming underbelly of New Angeles, she is faced with a choice: risk her tournament standings and follow her friend’s trail or return to the safety of the compound and forget what she’s seen.

What with all the MMO’s and other online games, this actually sounds pretty cool, plus the combined artistic talents of Zárate (colorist) and Nuñez (illustrations) is outstanding! The ACD Kickstarter has some pretty niffty rewards for contributors including a short story byPoster Maya Kaathryn Bohnoff (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), as well as t-shirts, and exclusive ACD posters! I’ve posted their Kickstarter video below as well as some samples from the comic. Check it out, but go visit their campaign for more information on the story and rewards for contributing! You can also follow ACD’s progress on Facebook.


samp_4 Sample_1 samp_2 samp 5

Plants vs Zombies – The Movie

A Fan Made Film


Hey El Moochadores, check out this fun fan film based on the hit game, Plants vs. Zombies. The short film was produced by Tunnelviziontv with help on the zombie makeup effects from Marihett Cloete Bredenkamp. You can check out more of their stuff on Facebookd and Twitter. Y’know, after watching this video I’m thinking more needs to be done with the Q*bert franchise. I was pickup a kinda Q*bert vibe off the plants… maybe Q*bert vs. Zombies. Yeah…


Robotech Academy: An overview with Greg Snegoff


The Robotech Academy Kickstarter is still going and to help promote the fund raising efforts they released this story overview by Greg Snegoff. Snegoff was the staff writer and dialog director from the original series. So, give is a watch then make an old Trog (that’s me, Trog) happy by pitching in a few bucks so as we can all (or just me) have s’more Robotech.

More Robotech!

Atomic Moocast #80: Psy-licious Interview with Nicole Brune!


Pin up artist Nicole Brune is back to talk about art, getting models into her hotel room, and Comic Con! Nicole is going to be at the San Diego con this week. You can check out her art, and models(!) at booth 4528.nicolega1 Also, we’re changing things up around here… a little. Check out the new intro and State of the Moo segment at the beginning of the podcast. So here we go folks! Episode 80 is fresh out of the digital oven and ready to served piping hot into your gaping ear holes! 80 episodes… wow! That is 80 episodes of the lowest budget podcasting excellence and it’s just a tap, click, or tap away!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Nicole’s Art

i__d_rather_kiss_the_wookie_by_nicolebrune-d5s8bzn 051_up_all_night_websize_watermarked_by_nicolebrune-d7157wf 046_cold_blooded_web_by_nicolebrune-d6bt2o0


WB SDCC 2014 Promotion Bags… Preview!


Hey El Moochadores, take a look at the 2014 SDCC Warner Bros. Bags being given away to attendees at this years 2014 San Diego Comic Con! Chudd and I have collected these bags for years and we’re eager to get down there and pick this years offerings. I’ve posted a small sample below, but hit the link above to see them all!

TEEN-TITANS-GO-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 FLASH-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 BATMAN-CLASSIC-TV-SERIES-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 BATMAN-75-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024

CONNECTICON 2014 – Cosplay + Anime + Video Games


Beatdown Boogie recently shared with us their amazing video and photo work from this years ConnectiCon 2014! Check out some incredible cosplay and camera work along with a small sample of their photo gallery from Facebook!


Eight Five Four One Seven Six Three Two

Professor X Hodor


Speaking of Game of Thrones mash ups (see the last post), artist Marco D’Alfonso (aka m7781) did an excellent job of adding Hodor to the Marvel universe. Very nicely done.


Game of Poles


Via Folks, what you are about to witness here is a better mix than Chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a better mix than anything Chex could come up with. What is this magical swirl of greatness, you probably didn’t ask? It’s Game of Thrones and Pole Dancing. About damn time. Check out the amazing talents of the Pole Nerds, a group from Brazil (Brasil… que legal!) interested in gaming, fantasy, science fiction, and pole dancing.


Futurama… 3D!!!


Via Geek Tyrant: The year 3000 never looked better! Check out these awesome 3D versions of the Planet Express Ship in glorious 3-D! That’d be the third dimension to the lay person. Actually, what the hell is a “lay” person? That’s not racist is it? I should probably not say it until I find out. Anyways… the 3D art was created by artist Alexey Zakharov. Check out some short animation tests and some images below.


Futurama 3d (test shot) from seccovan on Vimeo.

express8 express6 express5 express4 express3 express2 express1

Atomic Moo Graphic Novel Review of Death


Recently released through Vertigo Comics is the definitive collection of Death stories straight from the pages of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. This collection includes an introduction from long time Sandman fan, Tori Amos,Death_Samp5 then kicks off with Death stories The sound of her Wings, A Winters Tail, and facade. The novel also includes Death: The High Cost of Living, Death: The Time of Your Life, as well as the story Death and Venice and Endless Nights. There are also the short stories The Wheel and Death Talks About Life and the graphic novel finishes with a gallery of Death portraits from the artistic talents of Brian Bolland, Jeff Smith (Bone), Chris Bachalo, and many more.

Up until reading this collection I couldn’t claim to be a fan of Sandman or any of the comic’s associated characters. It’s not that I don’t like Neil Gaiman stories (hell, American Gods has to be somewhere in my top 10 of “all time favorite reads” if I had such a top 10…), because I do.Death It’s just Sandman is something I never picked up as a teenager. Which really fills me with a lot of regret because these stories are wonderful. Yeah, on the surface, I wouldn’t think I’d enjoy any story where Death is a sort of upbeat goth chick/hipster from the ’90′s… but I did. These stories are thoughtful and, while still being comics, deal with strong emotions of loss, pain, or regret. Yet at the same time they are humorous, insightful, and even adventurous. They’re beautifully illustrated tales that have a unique “Gaiman” quirkiness that lets you enjoy people dying. Sometimes painfully. I think one of my favorite sets of stories is Death: The High Cost of Living, where Death has taken human form for a day and adventures around New York with a suicidal teenage companion. Very much not the type of comic I go looking for (what with the lack of scantly clad women, explosions, and a Star Destroyer or two), but I thought it was fun in it’s own weird magic sort of way. Death is almost sort of vulnerable in this one as she, along with Sexton Furnival (great name), try and escape a mad man hell bent of capturing her. The story also includes the character Mad Hettie who I enjoyed very much. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this collection of comics and I encourage other Death/Sandman newbies to give it a try.

Death by Neil Gaiman can be found in bookstores now or online at Vertigo Comics. I’ve posted a small sample of images below, but the graphic novel is so much more than this. Go get a copy and enjoy the hell out of it! Now, excuse me while I go put on a flannel shirt, and my Doc Martin boots, and go listen to my Nevermind cassette.

Death_Samp6 Death_Samp4 Death_Samp3 Death_Samp2 Death_Samp

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