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Black Widow


Playing Card Project

Hey El Moochadores! One of our favorite indie comic artist, J. Gonzo, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a very cool new deck of playing cards. Working along with Justin Froyd, they’re looking to fund the Black Widow Deck!BlackWidowDeck3 A customized deck of playing cards inspired by the black widow spider. The deck will feature an intricate spider web design, custom illustrations for each card, and embossed and foiled stamped boxes for the stretch goals. Also, the decks will have hand made cigar style playing card box with magnetic clasp. I’ve posted the Kickstarter video below, but click the link above for more information about the campaign and rewards for contributing. Also, check out our interview with J. Gonzo on the Atomic Moocast #90!


BlackWidowDeck2 BlackWidowDeck

Virtues of War!

Untitled 2

An Atomic Moo Book Review of Bennett R. Coles New SF Novel!

Recently, Titan Books published a new science fiction novel by Bennett R. Coles. The new novel, Virtues of War is an exciting chunk of military science fiction in the tradition of great stories like Starship Troopers (Book. Not the movie). In Virtues of War we get to follow the lives of the crew of the Rapier. A fast attack craft assigned to a Terran expeditionary force to the colony world’s of Sirius and Centauria. On board is Lieutenant Katja Emmes who gets her first combat experiences leading her platoon into an investigation of smuggled weapons. The mission will eventually kick off a galaxy wide war, but Emmes quickly begins to develop into a first rate officer and combat veteran along with the rest of the Rapier crew.

According to his webpage, Coles is a former Royal Canadian Navy officer and his 15 years naval experience shines through in Virtues of War. Coles did a brilliant job of weaving the regulation, procedures, and day to day drama of military life, with a wonderful idea of future human expansion into other star systems. In virtues of War he presents a fast paced and action packed story that actually had me wanting to read more after finishing the novel. Also, his characters aren’t just remakes of past hero templates. Katja and the rest of the Rapier crew are become real and believable through Coles writing and, as a reader, I was quickly drawn into her journey from novice to hero.

I’ve posted the official synopsis below, but Virtues of War is available for sale online at Titan Books Online Store!

Lieutenant Katja Emmes is a platoon commander, leader of the 10-trooper strike team aboard the fast-attack craft Rapier. Although fully trained, she has never led troops in real operations before, and lives in the shadow of her war-hero father. Sublieutenant Jack Mallory is fresh out of pilot school, daydreaming about a fighter pilot position in the space fleet. He is in for a rude awakening. Lieutenant Commander Thomas Kane uses a six-month deployment in command of Rapier is to secure his rise to stardom within the Astral Force. He also plays the subtle politics of the military.

Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Limited Edition Playing Cards


Commemorating History!

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta is a new Kickstarter campaign for this unique, limited edition, luxury playing card sets. Designed and hand illustrated by Alexander Chin the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Limited Edition Playing Card sets come in two packs, Rebels vs. Royals.1bd11266ec6a42501b244ca9a2903e0c_original Chin went all out on the production of the cards. Each set features wonderful illustration work that carry symbolism “based on the court cards that they hold” along with elegant tuck cases to store the decks. Contributors to the campaign can also get access to a special gold and silver versions of the cars sets, limited to just 500 sets. So far the Kickstarter campaign is a massive success. With 18 days left to go, Chin has already earned over $62,000.00 in pledges, but there’s still plenty of time to get in and secure a deck for yourself. Check out the video below, along with a few sample images, but be sure to click the link above to see more images of the beautiful illustration work, and to learn about the rewards for helping to contribute. You can also visit Seasons Playing Cards to see more of the cards.


dbb0586ac72e330920a3efb449b976d8_original af9c131db288a06f95fa447dc9ad012e_original 2de2e253bdd8ae9a9d245b2879e78915_original

Wrapping the Boba Fett inspired Hyundai Veloster


Via GeekxGirls: Good evening, El Moochadores! I just thought I’d do a little late night posting about this really cool youtube video showing a Hyundai Veloster getting a Boba Fett wrap. According to the article, this was designed by Rebekah Stieg Knuth of FastSigns of Appleton, Wisconsin. What follows is a time lapse video showing the application of the wrap. Pretty damn niffty, and I think this would good on my VW Passat too. Yeah, I drive a Passat. damn. Anyways, check out the video and some images below, but to see more images, click the link above!


boba-fett-car-wrap-05 boba-fett-car-wrap-04 boba-fett-car-wrap-03

Billy Loves Nibbles!


An Atomic Moo Comic Shout Out!

Hey El Moochadores! We’re back with another great and fantastic Atomic Moo Comic Book Shoutout! This time we’re featuring Billy Loves Nibbles. A new graphic novel from Travis Bundy, and Creator’s Edge (the same publishers of The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade). This is the story about a developmentally challenged man (Billy) and his dog (Nibbles). As the story begins;BillyLovesNibbles2BillyMeetsNibbles Billy and his poor mother live in a bad neighborhood. In between the dilapidated buildings are drug dealers, pimps, and gangsters, but Billy’s mother is working hard to raise her soon to be nice and honest. She’s taught him simple rules that guide all of his actions. Then Billy’s life goes from boring to awesome when on his birthday his mother gives him a sickly pug puppy, Nibbles. Billy and his mother nurse the puppy back to health and soon Billy has a new best friend! Which is great, until the day a drug dealer hits Nibbles with his car. Big mistake. Billy, a massive man with a child mind, confronts the dealer, and ends up punching him to death after being hit by the man. Soon after, Billy’s mother is hurt in retaliation by the dealers bosses. All of this puts Billy on a quest to “make things right” that pits him against the worst drug dealers and gangsters in his town.

This is a refreshing use of sequential storytelling and very enjoyable. In a way it reminded me of stories by R. Crumb and American Slender. It’s a much more grounded story than your typical comic book full of superpowers and spaceships. Yeah, Billy has extraordinary strength, which he sometimes forced to use against the bad elements he faces in his adventure, but he’s not your typical comic hero. He has a simple mind and a simple life, and most the story is about him fixing the bad stuff that happened. The story is a bit heartbreaking at times. Billy comes face to face with a cruel world and is constantly being bullied or called “retard” by the other characters, but as long as he has his mother and Nibbles in his life, none of that matters. Not to say this book doesn’t get violent, because it does. Very, very violent. However, watching Billy burst into a “Hulk” like rage only adds to the books charm.

As far as I know the book is in the process of being printed right now. Last month Travis Bundy ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign to get the book publish. According to the IndieGoGo page, all contributions over the needed $2,500.00 for publishing would be donated straight to the ASPCA and Humane Society. Also, a percentage of every book sold will be donated to the same charities. There’s going to be an initial run of 500 copies of this book, so keep an eye on the Creator’s Edge website for future sales. You can also get more information on their Facebook page. I’ve posted a few sample images below, but this is just a small sample of a great read.

Nibbles1 Nibbles2 Nibbles3

The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Mad Max GoKarts and Hullabaloo Animation!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s featured items, I found two pretty damn niffty youtube videos. First of which is a prime example of exactly what you should be doing if you have some friends, GoKarts, a lot of paintball guns, and near wasteland looking environment (Utah) in your backyard! Check out Mad Max GoKart Paintball War – 4K by youtubers Devinsupertramp. The GoKarts were made by Seth Jones and Andy Sims and filmed by Devin Grahamusing the RED Dragon, filmed in 6k, exported out to 4K compressed for YouTube“. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s got to be impressive. According to the youtube page, this video was made in support by WB Games and their upcoming Mad Max game. You can also watch a behind the scenes video here.

Animating Hullabaloo


An animation project we a looking very forward to seeing someday is the independently (being) produced Hullabaloo. Last year the makers of this series successfully raised over $470,000.00 to fund the project and below is a small example of the animation process as posted to their Facebook page and the James Lopez Animation youtube page. For more information about the show please visit


The Atomic Moocast #105!


Our Interview with Time Keeper Producer Daryn Murphy and Actor Matt Lunsford!

Hello El Moochadores!!! Get ready for another trip down the golden road of creativity and enlightenment with this newest edition of the The Atomic Moocast!!! On today’s episode we’re talking with Time Keeper Mitch producer/director, Daryn Murphy, and series star, Matt Lunsford. Matt plays Mitch Manners a would be time traveler sent back to do small things that will later have a huge effect on the future. However, one day he is asked to do not such a small thing, and his life gets considerably more interesting. Currently, Time Keeper is just finishing an IndieGoGO campaign, and today is the last day to help make series 3 happen! So get in there and help them out! As of this post there is still 17 hours left to contribute! I’ve posted a few Time Keeper episodes below along with their campaign video.

Also on this episode, Chudd and I discuss making our first official comic book page. It did not go well… damn.

So here we go folks! The button to all your audio podcast satisfaction is just a click away! Now would be the time to roll on over to your favorite comfy spot! Maybe even grab a bag of vein clogging snacks and a frosty beverage, as you settle in and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links!

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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Robotech (er…Macross), and Star Wars Art! All the Stuff we Love.

Good morning El Moochadores! In a few short minutes here I have to run out the door to go earn a very minimum wage, so let’s get right into some of the very cool stuff I found on the top level of the internet, this morning! Starting with:

1/72 Macross Model Custom Paint

From the Robotech side of things I thought this was just called the Officers Battle Pod, but I guess it’s actually called the Glaug. Wow, ‘learn something new every day… Anyways, check out this beautiful 1/72 scale resin model from model maker Kallamity on the Facebook. I originally came across images for this model on the Macross World Facebook page, where you can see some awesome images of this make! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but hit the link to see much more cool stuff! God I love Robotech… er Macross… Not the same thing!


Marko Manev Star Wars Art


For those of you lucky enough to be attending Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, please wander by booth A106 and check out ACME Archives, and Bottleneck Gallery’s display of these very incredible Marko Manev Star Wars prints. These are numbered 13 x 19 inch, giclee and they are selling for $35 each or $125 for a matching numbered set. There’s also a “noir” version of each print for sale at the same price. Check out some samples below and also know that if you are at D23 right now, I kind of hate you. Just a little bit, and mostly because I have to go to work, while you’re at D23, but yeah…

Manevsmugglersreg_1024x1024 Manevfatherreg_1024x1024 ManevEmperorReg_1024x1024

Coming Soon: Atomic Moo #1!


We’re Working On It!

Good morning El Moochadores! Yeah, we’ve been MIA the last few days, but for a good cause! Old Chudd and I have finally got the gears in motions, and we’ve begun work on the very first Atomic Moo comic book! daily_sketch__atomic_moo__1_pg1_080815_080915_by_jrmurray76-d950r1x Yup! Atomic Moo #1 is now under construction and you lucky El Moochadores can check out the pencil work for page one on Chudd’s Deviant Art page.

Okay, so we’ve never actually made a comic book before, and this probably won’t look so great at first, but it’s a start! And, with a little due diligence and persistence, we’ll get better at it! We hope… Anyways, you can check out the pencil work here and some more of the concept work through the links above. I’ve posted a few sample images of the other concept and practice art below, but hopefully we’ll have more pages coming soon! Now, I have to get back to work on this thing. Somehow, it’s become my job to ink (digitally) this page, even though Ive never (ever!) inked a comic book page! Ha! Madness. We’re shooting for an overall deadline to finish the comic by this December, but… well, we’ll see.


daily_sketch__atomic_moo_030115_by_jrmurray76-d8k3or3 daily_sketch__atomic_moo_norton_051115_by_jrmurray76-d8t2mm3 daily_sketch__atomic_moo_head_study_052715_by_jrmurray76-d8v1iwe

GWAR and Regional Identity in Richmond


Dr. Michael Bishop TED Talk

Okay, this is… awesome. Yeah, I use “awesome” a lot, but c’mon: a GWAR TEDxRVA!? Hell yes! Check out Dr. Michael Bishop as he discusses his part in GWAR and the bands regional identity as tied to Richmond Virginia


Michael Bishop is a Richmond musician best known for his work with GWAR. In the late 1980s, Bishop started as the bassist for the shock rock band while in high school, creating the character Beefkake the Mighty. Bishop left the band to concentrate on Kepone, a post-punk group who released three records between 1992 and 2000. In 2012, he earned a Ph.D. in music from the University of Virginia, specializing in popular music ethnography and performance studies. Following the death of GWAR singer Dave Brockie in 2014, Michael became the band’s vocalist, the Berserker Blöthar. Today, he stays busy as a writer and learning strategist, a member of Kepone and a country and soul group called the Misery Brothers, and the bassist for Sarah White. He also works with composer J. William Adkins on music, stage, and animation projects.

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