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Giant Lego Spaceship!

Jordan Morgan and His 13 Foot Long Lego Spaceship!

There’s probably a very fine (blurry) line between fandom and OCD, but it’s really cool to see someone walk it. For example; check out Lego builder, Jordan Morgan and his 13 foot long Lego battleship. Reported on by Beyond the Brick back in June, this 19 minute long Youtube video goes through all the really cool details Morgan built in to his spaceship. The build includes secret compartments, lights, and even a small fleet of fighter ships. Keen! Seriously, I love watching stuff like this and in a weird way, it makes me want to work on my own projects even more. Check out the video below, and if you have any cool Lego, or geeky, builds; let us know!


We’re always looking for cool new content to share here on Atomic Moo, so if you have a “geek creative” indie project and would like us to post about it email! Also, don’t forget to help support Atomic Moo by following us on Twitter (@atomicmoo) and Facebook!

Blade Runner 2049 Binoculars!

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds from Tested

Before I jump into this post, I just wanted to write that I hope film maker Kevin Smith is recovering well after his heart attack on Sunday. Though I know it extremely unlikely he would ever know about Atomic Moo, or anything else Chud and I are making, Smith has been a great inspiration for us, and I think he’s one of the founding fathers of this thing we call geek creative. We’re very much looking forward to a healthy Kevin Smith, more films, and more Smodcasts.

Okay El Moochadores, I got a bit of free time, and after putting in some work on Atomic Tails, and a bit of drawing practice, I wanted to Moopost! On the Youtube I came across another fantastic Tested video of Adam Savage’s one day builds. Published way back on January 3rd, watch as Savage recreates the binoculars from Blade Runner 2049! Which is cool because I just watched this flick last weekend! I also fell asleep in it three times, but that’s okay! One of the reasons I like the original Blade Runner so much is that it works both as a great film to play in the background while I draw, and as an excellent “fall asleep” flick. Seriously, I can never get past Rachel’s Voight Kampff test before I’m totally passed out. Weirdly, I also fall asleep to Schwarzenegger’s Predator… I think it’s the dulcet tones of explosions and Austrian accented puns that knocks me out. Anyways, enjoy the make and if you’re prop maker or cosplayer and want to share your work with us, I would love to post it here!


3D Origami Snake

Okay El Moochadores, I thought I’d kick the day off with some really cool geek creativity. I need some motivation, and nothing for that like “moo-post’n”.

As some of you already know, we (the brethren moo) love paper craft. In fact we have our own -papercrafty- Atomic Moo related project currently underway, but more of that later. So, I came across this on the Deviant Art (yeah, while browsing for weird porn…) and this is incredible! Check out the 3D Origami Snake by Deviant Artist Catstrosity. According to his DA page it took Catstrosity (aka: Kevin from Israel) 2 years to successfully make this and it has 7625 pieces. The entire snake stands about 60 centimeters high. Unreal.

I’ve posted a few other samples of Catstrostiy’s work below, but hit the DA link above to see more of his photo and papercraft work.


Larry Hama Action Figure

Kickstarter from Fresh Monkey Fiction and REMCO

Okay, I didn’t really know who Larry Hama is until Numbers (aka: Helix Mary Sue) from Ages 25 and Up explained. However, I still think this is a good idea for a Kickstarter and worth a shout out here on the Moo. In brief: Larry Hama is a comic writer and illustrator who worked on stuff like the G.I. Joe of the 1980’s and Wolverine. I didn’t realize it, but I even have some of the old comics Hama worked on. Keen. So, yeah. Give the guy an action figure.

Brought to us by and REMCO, this figure (when made) will be 4” high sculpted by Nick Whitmore and original art by Adam Riches. As of this post the KS has met its funding goals, but there’s still 15 days left to contribute and collect some special rewards. Anyways, click the link above for more information about the project.

Go Joe.

D&D Puzzle Box

Good morning El Moochadores (…or when ever you read this)! Take a look at this 2015 video about a very intricate (and cool) D&D Puzzle Box, hand crafted by Brian Stone. According to the youtube video; Stone made the box for a friend who “wanted to throw his D&D players a real-world puzzle that they would encounter during one of their fantasy quests”. None of my friends was ever this cool when we gamed. Anyways, very cool build and (yeah) I’m kind of digging the wood makes these days.


Mewshroom the Fungapuss!


New Kickstarter for a cute cat mushroom plush toy from Stitchmind!

Okay El Moochadores, Stitchmind, the creative talent that brought us The Mighty Cockblock, has a just launched a Kickstarter for a new plush toy: Mewshrooms the Fungapuss! Which is awesome and probably the best thing I could post about right now. I’m not kidding, I love these cuddly puns this guy comes up with.Image_3

Anyways, according to the kickstarter page, each plush doll is six inches tall and though the main character is in red, other variant color fungapusses (also my new favorite word) will come in different colors. Stitchmind is an incredibly talented graphic, and character, designer. I think these new plush dolls show off his diversity to work in several mediums and I hope our readers get out there and support this KS.

The kickstarter is just a couple of days old now, so there’s still plenty of time to contribute. Click the link above to learn more about the project and rewards for contributing. I posted the promotional video below along with a couple of sample images along with the Mewshrooms short bio. Best wishes to Stitchmind and I hope to pass a booth full of Mewshrooms at the next design con or sol. Cal con I attend!


Mewshrooms are magical fairy creatures that have come to our world out of curiosity. They are playful and happy creatures that hold within them fascinating yet eerie mystic powers. Drawn to humans and life, they will bless anyone who pampers and spoils them with luck, joy, and prosperity. However while their appearance may seem disarming do not be fooled! The Fungapuss posses both the predatory ferocity of the majestic cat as well as the decomposing poisons of the cunning mushroom. Woe to those that dare to treat the Mewshrooms with disrespect.

No one is certain for sure where the Mewshrooms came from or what they are truly capable of, But perhaps these questions are best left unanswered, for those that have ventured out to find the real truth have never been heard from again….

The Mewshroom also are great friends with their best buddy the Cockblock Dolls!

Image_4 Image_1

Dedalo Playing Cards!


New Kickstarter from Thirdway Industries Custom poker size playing cards!

Giovanni Meroni is back with a new deck of playing cards featuring stunning new designs! No joke, these cards are amazing. I got all ASMR, brain tingling, just looking at them.6a62d25cdbe0973c797a1ca5ea727589_original Anyways, check out The Dedalo Playing Cards Kickstarter, and take in an almost spiritual experience in graphic design.

Inspired by mythology, each 52 card deck comes in a custom foil box and there are three different sets to choose from: Alpha, Omega, and Apeiron! Seriously, you have to read the kickstarter page just for the “myth” behind these cards! As of this post, Dedalo has already hit the funding goals (way to go Giovanni), but you still have an opportunity to contribute, get a set, and some cool rewards. I’ve posted a few sample images below, but hit the link above for more information about Dedalo, the campaign, and some very inspiring design work!

98f191d4e7f8de18c1ed3cd9b4284254_original 613b1ac865b309358c2d73e4bb3a6a10_original 613b1ac865b309358c2d73e4bb3a6a10_original

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Meets Bionic Woman Doll


The Ultra Realistic Doll Repaints of Noel Cruz!

Good evening El Moochadores! While scrolling through the latest and greatest to be featured on Deviant Art I came across the incredibly talented work of artist Noel Cruz (aka: Noeling). Cruz has a knack for painting i_and_my___little_elvira___by_noeling-d30bztn(or re-painting) dolls and miniatures. Check out the feature re-paints above of Linda Carter Wonder Woman and Lindsay Wagner’s Bionic Woman. Cruz adds a level of depth and detail that is eerily realistic. Almost like having your own little Humunculus Linda Carter at home. Is that weird? Not that I’m into dolls mind you. As a boy I had “action figures.” Way different. Anyways, check out a small sample of Cruz’s work below but hit the links above to see way more. These’s Dolls were being sold on Ebay, but I think that they have since sold. Damn. Missed out on getting my own little Linda Carter… action figure.


marilyn_monroe_doll___custom_repaint_by_noel_cruz_by_noeling-d9dlr7p hunger_games_katniss_everdeen_doll_custom_repaint_by_noeling-d9ghfsd hot_toys_doll_repaint_angelina_jolie_maleficent_by_noeling-d8ucxmb

The Making of a Captain Phasma Chrome Helmet


Via Make Magazine: This isn’t so much of an original post as it is a shout out to go look at another web page. Anywhat, Maker Shawn Thorsson recently set out to make a Captain Phasma chrome helmet and you can see the process documented on his website. According to the website, and Make article, Thorsson began working on the helmet before he had actually even seen the movie, and with only sparse information and photo references. Frigg’n wild. Although I really did not like the new movie, I do think this make is incredible and Thorsson did an excellent job.

Check out a few sample images below and hit the link above to see (and learn) much more about the process of making a stormtrooper helmet. Even if it was one from a really bad movie. Sorry. Dammit, I just can’t help it.


22297073919_8d9dce8397_c 21722403181_7d5bf4f89c_c 21721731652_7403e4e148_c 21419903472_f7d9fa0b9f_c 20969845513_f4e8376c2e_c 20808143514_5072364ef8_c

Element Playing Cards


New Kickstarter for Italian Designed Playing Cards!

Hey El Moochadores! As you may already know (or maybe you don’t know), we’re into design around here, and often we’re introduced to new projects that incorporates cool graphic design work that we’re willing to share here. For example; check out this Kickstarter for a deck of cards, by Italian design student Alessio Lombardi, that uses a high quality production with a minimalist design to produce a striking deck of cards. Created along with Andrea Lombardi (wife, sister, cousin, mother… single!?)Image_One the cards represent the legendary four elements of wind, water, fire, and Earth. Wait, no Fifth Element!? Where’s the card with a minimalist Milla Jovovich and her crazy orange hair? heh. Anyways, According to the kickstarter; the cards (when funded) will be printed to high quality standards through, and will feature a “linen finish with air pockets for greater durability.” There are a lot of good rewards to encourage contributing, so go click the link above to learn more. Below I’ve posted a few sample images from the Kickstarter page along with the promo video, but more information about the cards can be found at (nice ASMR vibe off that site) or their Facebook page.


Image_Two Image_three Image_four

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