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On the Shortness of Life – Seneca

A Lesson in Ancient Stoicism

Hello again El Moochadores! I’ve got a few posts to put up today, but I wanted to start with this helpful(?) youtube video I came across while working at my computer (Atomic Tails!) yesterday. For some weird reason, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on stoicism lately. I know I’ve been posting a lot of “how to” and “sketch book” videos lately – and these are helping me a lot – but listening to videos like the one below just make me want to work harder to be an independent artist, and live a better life. Videos, like this, help me stay focused while sketching cows and drawing mice.

So, while you work on your own projects today, give a listen to Seneca the Younger… well, some English guy reading a translation of Seneca the younger. It may help you, or at least lull you into one hell of a great ASMR mellow and then a nap. Your welcome.


Numbers Needs Glasses!

Okay El Moochadores, one of the Brethren Moo (Numbers!) is in a bad way, and needs money for a new pair of spectacles (or was it testicles… heh), and since I know how much a pair of glasses can cost I thought we would do our part to help him get a new pair. Currently there is a Gofundme to help him out and get him the new specs, which is almost funded. Way to go Numbers! Also, go check out Numbers’s web comic Ages 25 and Up, and make sure you donate before he starts using My Little Pony Figures in the comic. He’s that blind with out glasses.


The Atomic Moocast #112!


November Brune!

Finalmente! We’re back! Well, kind of. Sorry for the hiatus El Moochadores, but we’re back now with a new(-ish) Atomic Moocast for your listening pleasure. On this episode talented artist Nicole Brune joins the show to share a little hope and optimism.NB-headshot-IMG_5344-jan-2015 Also, to make sure we’re working on the stuff we said we’d be working on. I actually recorded this interview with Nicole way back in November 2015 (if you can remember back that far) and yeah, it took me a while to get this one together (sorry Nicole!) but it’s ready and hopefully Jason and I can get back on to a regular schedule of recording and new interviews. Anyways, it was great having Nicole on the show once again and we’re hoping to have back on sometime in the future.

No more delay, let’s get into it folks! It’s been too long! The time is now to heal the ache of your Moocastless ear holes with our soothing audio slather! Get ready for it! So go now and grab that cool beverage from the back of the fridge! Grab a salty snack while you’re there too! Then hustle on over to your favorite comfy spot, plug in, load up, or what ever you need to do, and get the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about rolling across your brain once again!


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

  • Nicole Brune
  • Nicole Brune on the Deviant Art
  • Nicole’s Paetron
  • Cherry City Comic Con
  • Scream and Ink

    Down Arrow

    GWAR and Regional Identity in Richmond


    Dr. Michael Bishop TED Talk

    Okay, this is… awesome. Yeah, I use “awesome” a lot, but c’mon: a GWAR TEDxRVA!? Hell yes! Check out Dr. Michael Bishop as he discusses his part in GWAR and the bands regional identity as tied to Richmond Virginia


    Michael Bishop is a Richmond musician best known for his work with GWAR. In the late 1980s, Bishop started as the bassist for the shock rock band while in high school, creating the character Beefkake the Mighty. Bishop left the band to concentrate on Kepone, a post-punk group who released three records between 1992 and 2000. In 2012, he earned a Ph.D. in music from the University of Virginia, specializing in popular music ethnography and performance studies. Following the death of GWAR singer Dave Brockie in 2014, Michael became the band’s vocalist, the Berserker Blöthar. Today, he stays busy as a writer and learning strategist, a member of Kepone and a country and soul group called the Misery Brothers, and the bassist for Sarah White. He also works with composer J. William Adkins on music, stage, and animation projects.

    The Morning Moo!


    Featuring Bartkira, Robotech, and Pole dancing!

    Good morning El Moochadores! Chudd and I are about to start SDCC 2015, but I wanted to get a post on before we slowly walk our selves to death over the next few days. Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for any lack of post over the next few days, but things are going to get pretty hectic. However, I do have a new Moocast all finished and ready to post, and I’ll try and get that on sometime today as well. So, here we go folks, let’s kick this Morning Moo off with Robotech!!!

    Well, a cool Robotech t-shirt at least. Look up and check out this great looking tee being sold on for a meager $20.00. This would make the perfect gift for (just an example) your favorite Robotech love’n podcaster/blogger who just happens to have a birthday at the end of this month. Hint. Hint. G’ahh! Robotech!!!


    Bartkira the Animated Trailer


    This has been pretty popular across the web this last week, but just in case you missed seeing it on (almost literally) every other geeky website; Check out Bartkira, the Animated Trailer by Bartkira Roadshow.


    Pole Dancing Adventures The Book: Vol 2


    Pole dancing + Comic Books? I must investigate… Okay, I’m a dude and seeing a cute (scantly clad) girl swing around on a pole is kind of neat. Yeah, it really (really) is. However, it’s also a lifestyle being explored through the magic of sequential illustration in this 2nd volume, Pole Dancing Adventures: Volume 2 by Leen Isabel. This is a 100 page volume featuring over 70 comics that shows what it takes to be pole dancer, along with illustrated tips and tricks, and you can help get it made through the Kickstarter campaign going on right now! So far the book has reached about half it’s funding, so now would be a good time to jump in and contribute. I’ve posted the kickstarter video below (its a little hard to hear), but hit the link above to see more information and rewards for contributors.

    Y’know, if I had a girl friend, I would totally get her this comic… and a metal bikini… Which is probably why I don’t have a girl friend right now… huh. But C’mon! Is it really too much to ask for a girl to wear a skimpy Star Wars costume and dance around a pole while I toss nickles at her? C’mon!

    The Morning Moo!


    Featuring cool fan art, body paint, a Batmobile, and RDJ being awesome!

    Good Morning El Moochadores! By now you’ve probably all heard the sad news of fantasy author Terry Pratchett’s death. He was 66 years old and, according to sources, had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Above is one of many fan illustrations that appeared on Deviant Art shortly after news of his death was announced. The above piece was created by illustrator, and Deviant Art contributor, Sandara. RIP Mr. Pratchett, and thank you very much for all the good reads.

    Now, for some lighter stuff. There’s been too much damn death lately. Anyways, on today’s Morning Moo we got a cool fan mad Batmobile, sexy Transformers body paint, and Robert Downey Jr. doing something really great!


    Bat the Animated Series Batmobile!


    This is video is from a few years ago, and I may have posted about this in the past but I’m too lazy to check, However; Check out this fan made Batmobile from the Batman: The Animated Series. According to the Youtube page the car was fabricated by Bellotti Eugenio and Fusco Luigi Antonio. You can check out more photos of the Batmobile here.

    Arcee Body Paint


    Via Geek X Girls: Sexy Transformers body paint. This is a real thing. Awesome! Check out photos from Joey D of model Rosie Mae as Transformer Arcee. the body painting effects were done by Allyson Averell.

    arcee_transformers_body_paint_03 arcee_transformers_body_paint_02

    Robert Downey Jr.Gives a Child an Iron Man Prosthetic Arm


    Finally; This video has been popular all over the web recently and it shows actor Robert Downey Jr. (as Tony Stark) presenting a 7 year old boy with an Iron Man prosthetic arm. The prosthetic was made by Albert Manero, who uses 3D printed material to make affordable prosthetics for kids.

    The Morning Moo!


    Not News from Not News Guys.

    Good Morning El Moochadores! Check out that frigg’n amazing Star Wars print at the top of this post! That was designed by Spanish artist Juan Esteban Rodriguez (“…you killed my father, now prepare to die.” sorry, I do that in my head every time I hear a Spanish sounding name. Back to the post!) for Bottleneck Gallery in New York. They are releasing a limited number of prints of this (today, I think) which has already sold out… Damn son. All the same, go check out Bottleneck Gallery’s shop where you can find other great looking prints and posters!

    and for more Star Wars goodness, check out:

    Star Wars Snow Sculptures!


    Via Geeks are Sexy: The Sapporo Snow Festival started today in Japan and for a center piece they created this niffty looking Star Wars themed snow sculpture of Darth Vader and the gang. According to the G.S. article, the sculpture measures 15 meters tall, 22.6 meters across, and 20 meters deep. Also, I’m not sure how much drinking goes on at the festival, but just to be safe: please don’t lick the yellow parts of the statue.

    and then…

    New Steam Crow Crago Bag


    The fine fellows (actually, I think it’s just one guy) just came out with this neat looking cargo bag sporting a cool Steam Crow logo. The bag looks great and retails for a meager $35.00. You can get this bag, and more great stuff, at the Steam Crow online store.

    Okay El Moochadores, that’ll be it for this morning. Now I have to finish posting a review, edit a new moocast, and find my porpoise in this world.


    The Blue Dart!


    An Original Serial Podcast!

    Okay El Moochadores, after a week of being sick I think I’m starting to feel better. I’m at least coughing up less goo, which is a positive sign. Anyways, I’m way behind on posts, and Moocasts, so it’s time to get back to work! Starting with…

    The Blue Dart!!!

    Now, most of us have learned what a “blue dart” is by the age of twelve, and a lucky few of us have the scars to remember it by… However; the imaginative minds over at Creator’s Edge Press have spun this all ages prank (we learn at twelve, but the fun lasts a life time) into an epic online radio drama! Check out this very funny, and well produced, audio serial podcast about a super powered alien who, after crash landing on Earth, becomes the champion of Bigg City! Now on planet Earth, the Blue Dart teams up with local drunk, Wendell Stokes, and starts punishing Bigg’s City’s evil doers! Keen.

    bd_ep3_cover_web (1)

    The show follows the same style of the early radio dramas of the 1930’s and ’40’s, but with more fart jokes… It’s actually a lot of fun, and there’s real quality in the production value and writing of the show. Troy Lund does an excellent job voicing the Blue Dart, along with excellent narration by creator Steve Hill. Currently there are six episodes that can be found on, but for some reason only half of each episode would play. That could just be a problem with my player, or computer, but full episodes can also be found on iTunes, just search “Blue Dart.” The series is produced by Creator’s Edge Press, and written by Travis Bundy and Steve Hill. Check out the Creator’s Edge Press website for more information about the show. You can also check out the first episode here!


    AT-AT Cake!


    The Sweet Taste of Galactic Opression!

    Via Geek X Girls: Check out this awesome cake (well… when aren’t cakes frigg’n awewsome?) from ChrisTheCook and posted on the Cake Central website. According to the Geek X Girl website the AT-AT is lemon raspberry flavor and about two feet tall. I’ve posted a few sample photos of the cake below, but hit the links above to see more photos. Okay, now do a Super Star Destroyer. I’ll help eat it.


    900x900px-LL-49dca9e4_2013-04-2715.30.17 900x900px-LL-71aa7b0e_IMG_6713

    900x900px-LL-ca962c71_2013-04-2715.27.35 900x900px-LL-eb192b19_IMG_6339

    Atomic Moocast #81: Alt Control Delete!

    Interview with Ramón Govea of Black Mast Studios!


    Hello again El Moochadores! We’re back with another fun and informative edition of the Atomic Moocast! On this episode we have a State of the Moo, a SDCC 2014 review, and best of all: ACD Cover An interview with Alt Control Delete (ACD) creator, Ramón Govea! ACD is a fantastic new comic looking for funding through Kickstarter, and Ramon told us all about making and managing the book! Keen!

    Here we go folks! It’s time to scroll down and click play on the audio excellence we call the Moocast! So Prepare yourselves! Find a cool fizzy soda to gulp down between chuckles! Find a snack loaded with cheese or chocolate chips! Then find a comfy chair adequate to manage your bulk as you mouse over the play button and click start on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


    Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

    Songs used:

    • Funk Game Loop
    • As I Figure
    • Who Likes to Party

    Show Notes and Links

    Alt Control Delete Links

    ACD Sample Pages and Pin Ups!

    COMIC_TEMPLATE COMIC_TEMPLATE Poster Daniel Pin Up lores

    Additional Show Notes and Links

    Sketch Books by Kyle Roberts

    Batman_Cover Wolverine_Sketchbook_Cover Wolverine_Sketchbook_Cover_Back

    More links will be added later… but I have to go to work. d’oh.

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