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STAR WARS 80s High School by Artist Denis Medri!!!


Via Geek Tyrant; Good Morning El Moochadores! A while ago we posted about the the wonderful illustration by artist Denis Medri, but today I saw several more illustration by Medri depicting scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy as if it were a 1980’s high school drama. This is pretty cool and not a totally bad idea for an actual movie. Check out the sample images below and make sure to visit Medri’s Deviant Art page to see more of his brilliant work!


P.S. I tried to put them in order like in the actual films, but I’m also rushing out the door to get to work! So, sorry if some fall out of place!

star_wars_80s_high_school___leia_message_by_denism79-d5vt5zh star_wars_80_s_high_school___vader_the_bullit_by_denism79-d5w9xib star_wars_80s_high_school___vader__leia_and_troops_by_denism79-d5xsac4 star_wars_80s_high_school___luke_binary_sunset_by_denism79-d5w64l5 star_wars_80_s_high_school___ackbar_ninb_lobot_by_denism79-d5whc2n star_wars_80_s_high_school___prof_kenobi_save_luke_by_denism79-d5x9xit star_wars_80s_high_school___han_shot_first_by_denism79-d5vxg6b star_wars_80_s_high_school___millenumfalcon_by_denism79-d5xgjt4 star_wars_80_s_high_school___let_chewbie_win_by_denism79-d5wi6lg star_wars_80_s_high_school___prof_yoda_train_luke_by_denism79-d5xknto star_wars_80s_high_school___han_meet_lando_by_denism79-d5xojik

The Never Ending Nightmare

Image from The Never Ending Story

I think that for many of us who grew up in the 80’s there is a sort of mental trauma that endures to this day for having seen the Never Ending Story. Not that there was anything violent or explicit in the film, it was just so damn boring! I first saw this film sometime around the fifth grade, in class, and the whole time I couldn’t believe the teacher choose this for us to watch when he could have just as easily picked Star Wars, Superman, or A Clockwork Orange. You know, something a little easier on a young mind. But, as damaging as it was to my young mind check out what The Never Ending Story did to these two head cases as they discuss it with their therapist.

French Kids vs. Old Tech

French Kids and Old Tech

Good morning! Is it still morning? I dunno… Check out this video of these french kids trying to figure out some vintage technology from the 80s. Being born in ’76, I got the full 80s experience as a kid, and it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were using floppy disks, or staring at the piss yellow screen of a Gameboy. I can’t wait until these little bastards are in their 30s and some tiny punk is trying to figure out what an iPad is for. Thanks to BoingBoing.net for sharing this.

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