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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Fantastic Fan Art and Cool Papercraft!

Good morning El Moochadores! Unfortunately my computers is being a big ball of suck right now and might implode at any second. So, this’ll be a short post. However; We will have a new Moocast ready soon. So… yeah, you got that to look forward to!

Anyways, first up: Look up and check out this great piece of Breaking Bad fan art by Deviant art contributor, Angela Bermúdez. Bermúdez is a Costa Rican artist with a lot of talent for digital art and cosplay. This piece, entitled Heisenberg, beautifully renders one of televisions best heroes/villains (probably more villain…). Click the above link to see more of Bermúdez art, cosplay, and modeling.



We go to a lot of conventions. Comic book, science fiction, fantasy, anime, pop-culture, and design, we like them all and we usually from these cons that we bring home giant bags of SWAG. Stuff that we all get, the usually ends up in a big box right next to my computer. Yup, one giant fire hazard of paper promo cards and plastic goods just growing larger every year. Anyways, the point is, I started to dig through this (very large) box of SWAG when I came across an OiDroid.

Image found on internet

Image found on internet

I have no idea what con I got this at, or even if there are more buried in the box, but this thing is awesome! OiDroids are unique pop-out and build papercarft robots. The site, OiDroids.com offers a huge variety of different robots (96 in all) printed on a postcard size card stock. The design and illustration work of these little guys is great and people interested in them can get three different sized purchase bundles of 12, 4, and party pack sizes. Click the link above to see more, but both Chudd and I are huge fans of design and papercraft, and this looks like a lot of fun for kids, families, …or single adults with way too much time on their hands. huh. Anyways, check out a couple of sample images below!

OiDroids-12-Pack-main-r2-400x400 OiDroids-4-main-image-400x400

Cats in Boxes!

Okay, so not geek creative at all, but dammit! Cats in boxes. Have a good day folks!

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Walking Dead 8 Bit Parody, The Infinite Crisis Sound Track, and The Leviathan!

Hello El Moochadores and I hope you’re having a happy morning. Or, at least an okay morning. Or, at the very least, you have an escape route planned and your car will start. In any case, we got some cool stuff to share with you today. Below check out the sound track (Batman Theme) to the new Infinite Crisis game, a new Cinefix 8-bit parody of The Walking Dead, and this amazing proof of concept short film called the Leviathan

It’s all good.

The Walking Dead (Part 1!) – 8 Bit Cinema


Cinefix recently produced a new 8-bit parody of The Walking Dead, which is really cool, but dammit, just start making these games already. I would play this. If this was on a mobile device (phone, tablet, watch… what ever), I would totally pay to play this. A little. I would pay a little. A reasonable amount. Anyways, this represents the first two season’s of AMC’s hit zombie show. According to the youtube page, there’s a Part 2 soon to be released.

Infinite Crisis Video Game Soundtrack – Batman Theme – OFFICIAL

Infinite_Crisis_video_game_splash (1)

Check out the Batman theme for the new Infinite Crisis game.the music was produced by Water Tower Music. I haven’t yet played Infinite Crisis, so I don’t have an opinion on the game, but the music sounds pretty great!

The Leviathan — Teaser


Many of you have probably already seen this floating across the internet, because it’s rad, but check out The Leviathan, a short “Proof of Concept Teaser.” It was created by Ruairi Robinson and scripted by Jim Uhls, the screenwriter of Fight Club. The first rule of Leviathans… sorry, I had to. holy shit, I’m going back to bed.

The Morning Moo!


Now with Trailers and Futurama art!

Good Morning El Moochadores! Like a dope I agreed to work today. Today. One of my precious days off. So, this’ll have to be a quick Morning Moo. First up, did you see that awesome painting of Leela above? Sure you did! That comes to us via Deviant Art contributor Sakimichan (aka Sakimi Chan). Click the link above to see more of her (his? I have no idea if this is a man or woman) awesome work or you can see more of Sakimi’s (ah… nice and neutral) work on Tumbler and Facebook.

And what else…?

New Mad Men Final Season Trailer


Funky. Check out AMC’a trailer for the final season/episodes of Mad Men. The final episodes will begin airing April 5th. Groovy.

Mad Max “Japan” Trailer


Speaking of “Mad Men” (heh. get it? “Mad Men.” Golly, but I’m clever at 7:00 am) check out the Japanese trailer for the new Mad Max: Fury Road. I don’t know, but some how the extra Japanese words floating around kinda makes the film look a bit more awesome. The producers should think about adding that into the film as it’s released in the US. Mad Max: Fury Road will hit theaters in May.

The Morning Moo!


With Marvel/DC Mash-up art, Walking Dead Facts, and Swords. SWORDS!!!

Good damn morning, El Moochadores. I hope you all slept well. I didn’t. There’s a very loud owl that has taken up residence outside my bedroom window. I use to like owls. Anyways, today we skimmed the top layer of the internet and got some great fan art, an infographic, and some Walking Dead stuff.


10 Iconic Swords… Except Excalibur. WTF?


Via Geek X Girls: Check out this cool infographic from Robert Shaw a UK based illustrator and animator. Wait, the dude is from England and he left out Excalibur!?! They even made a movie, called Excalibur! All the same though (oh, and it was Geek X Girls that first pointed out the glaring lack of Excaliburs on this graph) pretty solid art and information. I think that if I were to heft just one of these swords I would some how feel manly-er.

Top 10 Facts – The Walking Dead


Via Geeks are Sexy: More zombie stuff. Yay. Okay, so, I hate zombie stuff, but yet I love “behind the scenes” TV and movie stuff. I’m feeling a little conflicted here, and tired. Fucking owl. Anyways, check out Top 10 Facts: The Walking Dead from youtubers Top 10 Memes. I wonder if the blue meth caused the zombies. Is that what happens to a blue meth addict after Walter died? Think about it…

DC/Marvel Mash-ups from Eric Guzman!


Via Geek-art.net: Professional illustrator, Eric Guzman has created these incredible DC/Marvel mash-ups (or Amalgams… which, I think means “mash-up”). I’ve posted a few below but you can see more of these amalgams (that’s a real word, right?) on his Deviant Art page.

thunder_god_by_ericguzman-d67zctr the_amazing_spider_bat_by_ericguzman-d66atof spider_bat_dr_octofreeze_final_by_ericguzman-d66qjao

banenom_by_ericguzman-d66bm5v ms__wonder_by_ericguzman-d67web6 darewing_final_low_res_by_ericguzman-d68foll

Awesome Breaking Bad Poster by Kevin Tong

Artist Kevin Tong is now selling this great looking poster of Walt’s “Super Lab” from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. You can find and purchase Tong’s poster at This link.

Good Times for Zombies!

It’s been a pretty good week for zombies, if zombies could have a good week. Then again how the hell would I know, closest I get to being like a zombie is on those days I have a box chuck full of donuts and uninterrupted access to WoW. Anyways, today I read on the website nj.com that a zombie walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey set a new Guinness World Record. 4093 zombies participated, breaking the old record by just 67 zombies. Check out the video below.

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Watch the First Five Minutes of AMC’s The Walking Dead!

This show looks bad ass! Check out the first five minutes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Thanks to dailymotion.com making this available, and Geektyrant.com for sharing it with the rest of us. My friend, Chris, emailed me digital copies of the first two issues of this (many thanks!), and I picked up a physical copy of the first volume while up in San Clemente (Surf City Comics), but I still haven’t had a chance to read it yet. What the hell is wrong with me? It doesn’t air until Sunday, so I’ve got a couple days to get caught up. Watch the beginning below and let us know what you think.

The Walking Dead – Opening Five Minutes Episode 1
Uploaded by dreadcentral. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

17 Minute Video on the Making of The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead

This seventeen minute long video on the making of AMC’s new series, The Walking Dead, was a real treat. Thanks to GeekTyrant.com for posting this! The Walking Dead is set to premiere on Halloween night, so that’s something to look forward to… other than lots of candy, some whiskey, and half naked girls running dressed as nurses or school teachers. I love Halloween….

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