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A Smallville Man


A Superman short film set to “Walk” by the Foo Fighters

Hey El Moochadores, check out this incredible Superman animatic by illustrator Mauricio Abril. According to the youtube page this story is told with a 150 illustrations all paired with the song Walk by the Foo Fighters.




Hey El Moochadores! This has been out for awhile now, but I just recently came across WoWCraft by Carbot Animation. I think I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that I enjoy playing World of Warcarft, when I can. I’m a fan, and I enjoy seeing fan created stuff for the game. These animated shorts are brilliant and they do an amazing job of parodying actual WoW game play. I’ve posted the first three episodes below, but hit the link to see much more of the series.


The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Cool New Kickstarter and Some Animated Tom Waits!

Good morning El Moochadores! Well, I got my computer back to normal. Mostly. So, things should be back to the regular level of panic (pre-hard drive crash) as we do our best and put out the metaphorical fires that continually burn us around here. Figuratively. Anyways, the last few days have sucked, but I’m kind of in a good mood. So let’s start this Morning Moo off with a Chewbacca Toilet Paper Dispenser!

Yeah, that was awesome. Okay, so on this Morning Moo, we got a cool new Kickstarter for a novel called Blood Fuel and a really cool animation of an old interview with musician Tom Waits. Not that I’m a big Tom Waits fan (he’s cool), I just really dug the animation.

Here we go…

Blood Fuel!

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Launching just this week on the old Kickstarter (and already than half way to their goal) is a gritty new post-apocalyptic novel by brothers Caleb and Luke Prochnow. Blood Fuel is a blood, metal and death story of two brothers trying to cross over into an elite world. Here’s the synopsis:4c1d5807d412b6afa22ee27e199b0fe0_original

Blood Fuel is set in the distant future. A dark post-apocalyptic caste society that relies on the bloody entertainment of the racetracks in order to dull the hopelessness that would soon overtake the masses. The racing circuits, like the caste society are divided based on the populations wealth, rank and occupation. It is extremely difficult for a racer to cross over into a circuit outside of his/her caste. Desperation causes two brothers, Ryan and Ed, to attempt to cross that divide and enter sinister worlds that they did not know existed.

They’re actually offering two versions of the first chapter (here) which people can vote on to see which will be used in the book. Currently they’re seeking a goal of $4,500.00 to help publish the book. I also think it’s pretty cool that they designed a set of models to show the different mechs and killer machines that go along with the story. Anyways, click the Kickstarter link above to see more about the campaign, rewards, stretch goals, and information about the story. I’ve posted the promo video below.


Tom Waits on Everything and Nothing


PBS Digital Studios and Blank on Blank have produced this great series of animations that pair old recorded interviews of celebrities and artists like Johnny Cash, Hunter S. Thompson, and Tom Wait, with animations. Check out the Tom Wait interview below from a recorded interview in 1988 as told to Chris Roberts. The rest of this interview can be found at blankonblank.org.


Chuck Jones: The Evolution of an Artist


New Every Frame a Painting by Tony Zhou!

Hey El Moochadores! Normally I’d be posting a Morning Moo right now, but whilst (whilst?) perusing the many fine new items scrolling along the surface of the internet, I came across this awesome short documentary on famed animator, Chuck Jones, and I knew that this was the post I had to do this morning! Also, I’m very late for work. Anyways… Produced by Tony Zhou as part of his Every Frame a Painting series on the Vimeo,Cjones this short doc explores Jones’s “sensibilities as an artist”. Watch and learn how Jones made some of the funniest moments in entertainment history by employing minimalism and basic need. Also, please make sure to support Every Frame a Painting by “like” ’em on Facebook, Following ’em on Twitter, and maybe (just maybe) supporting the Patreon. Now, I am very late for work, because I keep watching Looney Tunes cartoons.




Batmetal in all its awesome glory has returned with another great animation. This time they’re featuring the song Murmaider from Dethlok. I can’t stop watching this.

The Atomic Moocast #102!


“Wow!”, I hear you all saying. “Another Moocast and so soon! Thank you Mister Trog, you’re awesome!” Yes. Yes I am, and you very are welcome. So, here it is folks: episode #102, where in we talk with Inside Out actress:92a86df66c5238f4842cb2d222e0e6ba_400x400 Lori Alan!!! Lori has been in such great shows like Toy Story 3, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Family Guy and now she’s here to tell us all about working on Inside out! Frigg’n groovy!

Just a real quick note about this show: While recording with Lori, the call dropped. Many times. Maybe it was Verizon, maybe it was Skype, I don’t know (wasn’t me) but there were a few times the call was interrupted. However, I’m a middling to good editor, so what follows is all the pieces put back together in a mostly seamless way.Mom'sSaddness Mostly… I would have mentioned all that on the Moocast itself, but I forgot. So, yeah, that happened, but it was still an awesome conversation and we are very happy Lori came on our show.

So, here we go folks! This Moocast is a fresh, steaming, load of podcasting excellence just waiting to ooze down your ear holes! Prepare yourselves! Go now and get a cool fizzy soda, and find that comfy spot, because you’re about to let the Moocast into your brain squidgy regions of your brain!


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

Additional Links


Down Arrow

The Atomic Moocast #97!



Hello El Moochadores! We’re back with another edition (or is it addition…) of the world’s greatest low budget podcast (Moocast)! On this episode we talk with animator/comedian Leigh Lahav (aka: OnlyLiegh)!Leigh Leigh is the animator of several popular internet animations, including the sketch comedy Fangirls! And… she was a lot of fun to talk with! Lot’s of positive energy. A good vibe. Worth a listen is what I’m getting at folks!

So, here we go Brethren and Sistren (?) Moo! It’s Moocast’n time and the time is now! So, go (quick) and hunt down a bag of tasty snacks and can full of fizzy goodness. Then (hurry) to a comfy spot in your abode, nestle in and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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BEST… Mother’s Day Card EVER!


Finding that right message to send your old mother on Mother’s Day can sometimes be difficult, but… fret naught (heh, naught)! The good people (person… guy?) over at Stode Studios have animated the perfect video for you to share with your moms tomorrow. So, give it a watch, and then maybe click the youtube link above to watch more great animations by Stode.

Also: About this video the makers stated on their youtube site:

Make sure to record and send us your Mother’s reaction when you give her THIS Mother’s Day Card.
OFFICIAL SITE: stodoestudios.com!


Where Are All The Aliens?


The Fermi Paradox explained

Ahh science. Sexy, sweet, science… Check out this great animation from Kurz Gesagt that expertly explains the Fermi Paradox, or why the aliens are so damn quiet. You can see more science animations on the Kurz Gesgat website. Now sit back and be prepared to receive education from a man with a British accent.



Its Monday, and what’s the best thing you’re going to see this week? Well, I’ll tell you (shhh… I got this. shhh…). Check out this great, amazing, awesome, rad (yes: rad), animation from ArhyBES, on the Youtube, about a Batman gone metal. The music is Face Fisted by Metalocalypse: Dethklok. Check out the animation below along with the animation “Batupdate.” Best Thing This Week.


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