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Robotech II Motion Comic Test!


Hey El Moochadores, you may have noticed a bit of a problem with the site today. Turns out ol’Chudd forgot to pay the bill to keep the lights on around here. Anyways, the site is back up and we even just finished recording a really cool interview with Kyle Roberts! Also, I know I promised to get a post on every day, but I really didn’t count on Chudd not paying the fucking bills! C’mon universe! Work with me!

I recently came across this great motion adaptation of Eternity (which I think later became Malibu… I think) comics run of Robotech II, and I thought it was pretty great. invidwar1I pretty much love all things Robotech (with the exception of Harmony Gold’s last few attempts to do anything with the franchise), and I’m hoping somebody gets their shit together and puts out a graphic novel of Bill Spangler’s fantastic work on the series. In fact, I’m really hoping that who ever is responsible for this puts together a motion series based on Invid War (early 1990’s), probably my all time favorite comic series (yeah, even a little bit more than Saga) ever! Anyways, check out the comic below, and I hope my fellow Robotech fans will enjoy it as much as I did!




Beat Down Boogie’s Coverage of the Cosplay Celebration!

Check out Beat Down Boogies coverage of Anime Matsuri 2016 in Houston, Texas! Like always, BDB goes through and shows an enormous amount of the costumes and fun accompanied by a groovy beat. Yeah, “groovy.” Featured in this video are popular cosplayers Vampy Bit Me, Enji Night, Stella Chuu, and Angela Bermudez. I’ve posted the video below along with a few sample images. Check out the Facebook page to see the full gallery and get more information.


Image_1 Image_3 Image_4

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Robotech (er…Macross), and Star Wars Art! All the Stuff we Love.

Good morning El Moochadores! In a few short minutes here I have to run out the door to go earn a very minimum wage, so let’s get right into some of the very cool stuff I found on the top level of the internet, this morning! Starting with:

1/72 Macross Model Custom Paint

From the Robotech side of things I thought this was just called the Officers Battle Pod, but I guess it’s actually called the Glaug. Wow, ‘learn something new every day… Anyways, check out this beautiful 1/72 scale resin model from model maker Kallamity on the Facebook. I originally came across images for this model on the Macross World Facebook page, where you can see some awesome images of this make! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but hit the link to see much more cool stuff! God I love Robotech… er Macross… Not the same thing!


Marko Manev Star Wars Art


For those of you lucky enough to be attending Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, please wander by booth A106 and check out ACME Archives, and Bottleneck Gallery’s display of these very incredible Marko Manev Star Wars prints. These are numbered 13 x 19 inch, giclee and they are selling for $35 each or $125 for a matching numbered set. There’s also a “noir” version of each print for sale at the same price. Check out some samples below and also know that if you are at D23 right now, I kind of hate you. Just a little bit, and mostly because I have to go to work, while you’re at D23, but yeah…

Manevsmugglersreg_1024x1024 Manevfatherreg_1024x1024 ManevEmperorReg_1024x1024

The Morning Moo!


Featuring Fun Cosplay at a Water Park!

Good morning El Moochadores! Today we’re featuring more great Cosplay coverage from Beat Down Boogie’s trip to Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio! Wait, Sandusky? Wasn’t Tommy boy from Sandusky? Anyways, before you scroll down to see lots of great cosplayers in skimpy outfits, check out this little bit of inspiration I found on the Facebook. Via Paolo Libunao Illustration; take a look at this definition of a professional. I just copied and pasted the text here, so hit the link to follow it back to its source, or to check out Paolo’s stuff.

What makes a Professional Creative

I have met a lot of creative people who are hobbyists, amateurs, students, even professionals. There are graphic designers, illustrators, comic book artists, painters, even cosplayers. But professional are the ones that stand out from the rest of the group. From my observation here are some things that I’ve noticed from professionals.923465_800795553270159_62552319_n (1)

• Pros got a high skill level. There are amateurs who are very good at what they do but pros really put a lot of time and effort learning and refining their craft. Employers and clients demand a high quality of work.
• Pros use their skill as a business. Amateurs may make money with their art but they create because it’s what they like to do or it’s a pastime. Pros are in the business of creating because it’s means of income.
• Pros value their work. They get paid for the job done. They will not work for free unless it’s for charitable purposes. Amateurs take jobs that don’t pay but are a lot of fun.
• Pros sign contracts, NDA’s and all that legal stuff for protection. Don’t forget they ask 50% upfront.
• Pros have a timetable. Amateurs do their work only when motivated. Pros are self motivated because they need to beat deadlines and need to be credible among clients.
• Pros have people skills. Sure, creative people like being left alone in one corner so they can work. Pros need to interact with people; they have bosses, clients and are team players. When they advance in experience they may become managers and directors. That’s when leadership skills come into play.
• Pros also love what they do.

So what about you? Are you a pro? Are you ready to be one? How about we hear what you have to say.

Colossalcon 2015 Cosplay Videos From Beat Down Boogie!


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The Morning Moo!


Featuring Robotech T-shirts and Marvel Fan Animation!

Good morning El Moochadores. Among the many amazing things bobbing on the surface of the internet today are these two items. First; Check out the above t-shirt from 80stees.comzentradi-logo-robotech-t-shirt.dsk featuring the Robotech Defense Force logo. The bill the shirt as “simple” but in reality this is awesome. Also, for those of you who don’t already know, I love Robotech and I have a birthday in July. Anyways, the t-shirt is selling for $20.00 and comes in a colored version as well. there’s even a Zentradi logo t-shirt for sale on the site which would also make a great gift for someone who has a birthday in July. ‘just saying.

Moving on…

Dancing Baby Groot Stop Motion: Guardians of the Galaxy


Take a gander at this fun fan animation from Kyle Roberts and Reckless Abndnmnt Pictures. Through the magic of stop motion animation we get to re-live the cutest moment of Guardians of the Galaxy that is in now way getting kind of annoying. I’m just saying. I like this video. I kind of liked the movie, but any more “dancing Groot” stuff after this, and I feel like I’m going to start kicking at every potted plant I come across. Let’s move on world.

The Morning Moo!


Katsucon 2015 photos and video!

Good morning El Moochadores! Today we’ve got some great video and photos from Katsucon 2015, all provided by Beat Down Boogie. Good thing too. Katsucon takes place in National Harbor, MD. And there’s no way I’m leaving sunny (meh… pouring rain right now) San Diego to see some cool cosplay. Well, not unless it was an all Slave Leia con. Which should totally happen! Anyways, check out the videos below, along with a sample of the photos. You can see more images at the Beat Down Boogie Facebook Page. Now, I need to see about organizing the first Slave Leia con. First brilliant idea of the day and I’ve only been awake 10 minutes. Groovy.


KATSUCON 2015 – COSPLAY – Pretty Strange

KATSUCON 2015 – COSPLAY – Smiles Were Bright


image8 image7 image6

image5 image3 image1



AWA 2014 – Cosplay Celebration Video from Beat Down Boogie!

Hey El Moochadores, check out Beat Down Boogie’s coverage of 2014’s Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA)! Their coverage includes awesome video work set to music and images from the con! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but you can see the rest on the Beat Down Boogie Facebook page!


10409310_720309104672765_6460200747110176039_n 10361327_720306621339680_467244627427289273_n 1460243_720308058006203_6294475523898326145_n 10672319_719972718039737_6559528328142749954_n 10484926_719972818039727_8288408358197818420_n 10433107_720306171339725_4794369574489380661_n

Faye Valentine


Incredible Cowboy Bebop Art by Reiq

Via Deviant Art: Good evening El Moochadores! Check out this amazing Faye Valentine art from illustrator Reinaldo (Reiq) Quintero! Faye (and Ein) never looked better and I especially liked that I came across this illustration while I’m currently binge watching Bebop episodes on the youtube. Check out more of Reiq’s stuff at Facebook and Livestream. Actually, we’ll probably post some of the livesteams, they’re really pretty cool. Also, check out a Bebop episode below. Teddy Bomber… I love that one.


Cowboy Bebop Fan Art!


Good morning El Moochadores! I have to leave for work soon, but I wanted to do a quick post before rushing out the door. Things get a little hectic during my work week, but we’ve got some new book reviews on the way as well as a new Moocast that’s almost ready to post!

But until then: check out some amazing Cowboy Bebop fan art by Mitch Mohrhauser (aka Mitchellmohrhauser on the Deviant Art)! Mohrhauser is a concept Artist for the game and film industry and he has a ton of excellent work posted online. Check out his facebook page (link above) or his website (Artofmitch.com) to see more of his work.

Okay ‘moochadores, I’m off to earn my most minimum of wages. d’oh.

Five Minute Long Fan Made Dragon Ball Z Trailer


Hey El Moochadors. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life’s been a series of swift kicks to the nuts lately, and neither Trog or I have had time. Anyhow, I did come across something worth passing on (via geekologie.com). It’s a fan made Dragon Ball Z trailer… a five minute long fan made Dragon Ball Z trailer! I can’t be the only one the mistakenly called it “Dragon Ballz,” right? I dunno… Check it out below, and enjoy. Later!

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