Our friends over at Titan Books just published a fantastic hardcover collection of three crime stories by new author Ariel S. Winter. The Twenty-Year Death is three exciting pulp noir fiction novels, each written in the style of past mystery genre authors; Georges Simenon, Raymond Chandler, and Jim Thompson. All three novels are tied to the lives of an American writer who’s failing career is driving him deeper into alcoholism and that of his beautiful young wife, who’s destined to be a Hollywood starlet. In stories spanning 1931 to 1951; Winter introduces us to a cigar chomping french detective who is compelled to solve a string of murders in Malniveau Prison. He then takes us to Hollywood where a “hardboiled” private investigator tries to uncover who’s behind the brutal murder of a young actress in The Falling Star. Then finally, Winter gives voice to our stories failing writer in Police at the Funeral, where Mr. Shem Rosenkrantz can’t escape a series of murderous tragedies. Each story has the “voice” of it’s time period and Winter does a great job of taking us back to the pulp fiction of half a century ago when CSI didn’t exist and answers couldn’t simply be “googled.”

After I had finished reading The Twenty-Year Death we got in touch with Mr. Winter, who volunteered his time for a written interview here on Atomic Moo. Check out our Q&A with writer Ariel S. Winter, and please follow the links back to Titan Books or on Amazon.com where you can get your own copy of this amazing book to read.

Q&A With Ariel S. Winter

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