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Comic Con Videos!


Some of the Awesome Videos from SDCC 2015!

Hey El Moochadores! You’ve all probably seen this small collection of trailers from Hall H (and other San Diego Comic Con halls, and ballrooms. Heh. “ballroom…”) by now, but they’re really fun! So, just for shits’n giggles; here are four of the popular videos from last weeks SDCC 2015 starting with the Deadpool! Well, sort of. This is that popular “leaked” video that’s been bouncing around the internet. Which, is still really cool, but where the hell are all the other leaked videos? C’mon nerds! With all the cosplay, and weird get ups, not one of you can “spy style” hide a camera somewhere in your storm trooper armor to give the rest of geeks and dorks an illicit view of Hall H happenings? Come on!

Okay. Deadpool.

Archer’s Comic-Con Message!


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The Art of Jason Edmiston!


Via Geek Art: Good morning El Moochadores! Earlier this morning I came across this brilliant They Live painting by artist Jason Edmiston.They-Live-final Not a popular movie, but a cult favorite of the Moo-crew here. This art work is brilliant and it got me clicking on links back to Edmiston’s Deviant Art page. His work is absolutely wonderful. It’s like watching an artist hug and headbutt pop-culture at the same time! Here’s a bit of info from his About page:

A commercial illustrator since 1996, Jason has created work for advertising, editorial, packaging and book publishing clients internationally. He is a traditional artist, painting in acrylic on watercolour paper or wood panel. His style ranges from realism to exaggeration, usually emphasizing the figure, and a certain degree of humour or caricature. Jason is often asked to emulate a specific genre of illustration, such as movie posters, pulp covers or retro style advertising. His fondness for pop culture, especially movies and toys often creep into his work.

Check out a small sample of his work below and go visit his website where you can purchase several of his prints!


Rocket-Queen-final-sm fly-final-Rue-Morgue Rob-Zombie-Horrorhound-final-small Gamorrean-Guard-final-734x1024 FM-Vicent-Price-final bride-768x1024 Apes-Terminator-final 920371_10201052251732736_2082051075_o-700x1024

Awesome Evil Dead 2 Geek Art

Morto Diabolico 2 by Jusscope

Hey El Moochadors. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to do a post, so I thought I would take a moment this morning, before I get to work, and write about this nifty piece of geek art I spotted on deviantArt.com. Evil Dead 2 is easily in my top ten favorite horror flicks (probably just under Hellraiser…), and I really like what the artist, jusscope (Justin Orr) did here. I dunno… I think my favorite part is Ash’s deadite girl happily popping her head off. Anyhow, jusscope has more great work in his gallery, so check it out when you get a chance. I need to go put some pants on and get caught up on work. Later!

The Late Night Moo…and Zomboobies!

Good evening El Moochadores! This won’t be a lengthy post because I’m finishing up with a new Atomic Moocast and I want to see if I can get it online tonight. However, Chudd and I came across some cool stuff that flaked off the internet and I wanted to post some of it here. Check it out!


Via Topless Robot, Check out this heart warming tale of a group of doctors trying to create the perfect boobs only to be turned into boob craving monsters. Wait, aren’t most doctors boob craving monsters anyways? Well, whatever. Give it a watch and let us know what you think about boobs and zombies.

Evil Dead 2: Rotoscoped!

What the hell is Rotoscoped? Well, whatever it is it looks pretty fucking amazing. Take a look at this amazing video via Pretend For Real Studios.

Okay folks, I’m tired and the Moocast is almost ready to come out the oven. Have a good night and we’ll have more Atomic Moo goodness online as soon as we can. G’night!

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Fan Film

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

Hey geeks! Here’s something I came across on my reader last night (via GeekTyrant.com). It’s a short fan film by Trent Duncan, called Freddy vs Jason vs Ash… which is pretty much Freddy vs Jason vs Ash… wasn’t there a comic book about that a while ago?

Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy, but what do you expect from a fan film? Being a horror movie geek I can appreciate it for what it is, and what they were trying to do. I’ve always been more in favor of old school horror anyhow, and hey, at least the girls in it are hot. Anyhow, check it out below, and let us know what you think.

Nerd Sex Tape

Nerd Sex Tape

I’m not sure what to say about this. I just got done with work, so my mind is a little scattered right now. I thought taking a moment to relax and go through my reader might help. I dunno… I might actually use some of these lines, like the MCP one. That is if I could ever get a date again. One of these days… Thanks to Megasteakman for putting this together and ToplessRobot for sharing it. I think it’s time for a drink.


Hand Prosthetics in Film

Hand Prosthetics in Film

Hey Geeks! Looks like this is turning into a lazy Sunday. There’s a lot of stuff that I want to get done, but I can’t seem to get to it. For example, I thought it would be a good idea to get up early and go for a run along the beach, but there was a marathon going on down there, so I just went to Denny’s instead and ordered a Lumber Jack Slam. I went back to bed as soon as I got home… yes, I feel very ashamed of myself. I really want to finish those wallpapers (there’s at least eight I want to do, and I’m only on the fourth), but… I don’t know… they probably won’t be done today. Anyhow, check out the work of someone who obviously has their shit together and can manage to follow through on something. I saw this awesome “Hand Prosthetics in Film” poster, by Fro, on LaughingSquid.com. Fro is a graphic artist/web designer from Los Angeles, and he does some really fantastic stuff. If you get a chance, check out some of his “Lost” art work. Again, this is another one of those times when I see the work of a graphic artist who puts my stuff to shame, and then I feel bad because I’m not doing enough. Just managing to stay awake for more than an hour today would be an achievement. Sorry, can’t do it, I’m going back to bed…

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