The Sweet Taste of Galactic Opression!

Via Geek X Girls: Check out this awesome cake (well… when aren’t cakes frigg’n awewsome?) from ChrisTheCook and posted on the Cake Central website. According to the Geek X Girl website the AT-AT is lemon raspberry flavor and about two feet tall. I’ve posted a few sample photos of the cake below, but hit the links above to see more photos. Okay, now do a Super Star Destroyer. I’ll help eat it.


900x900px-LL-49dca9e4_2013-04-2715.30.17 900x900px-LL-71aa7b0e_IMG_6713

900x900px-LL-ca962c71_2013-04-2715.27.35 900x900px-LL-eb192b19_IMG_6339