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A Little Star Wars at the Sochi Winter Olympics


Via every other geek site out there…: Good Morning El Moochadores! Yeah, the Sochi Winter Olympics are underway, and the last couple of days site sites have been posting this niffty little video by youtuber Natholdetpaatv2. So watch as Star Wars meets Sochi!


Alternative Movie, TV, and Gaming Prints From… DirtyGreatPixelsUK!!!


Good Morning El Moochadores! Right now a U.K. based graphic designer and illustrator is selling some amazing prints on Etsy.com! Check out the brilliant work of artist DirtyGreatPixelsUK; who has worked up new posters for films and games like Evil Dead, Mario Bros, and Robocop!

My designs are mostly inspired by movies, television and videogames, and I try to bring a fresh, alternative approach to my work. Fundamentally, I’m just a big old bag of geek which is what drives my imagination, and hopefully you’ll like the end results…!

DirtyGreatPixelUK can also be found on Facebook and Tumbler!

Check out a small sample of his work below!

Ed209 AtATPoster EvilDead MarioPoster Portal2 RollerBall

Awesome Piece of Star Wars Geek Art

Dammit, I had to step away for a bit, and when I come back I find WordPress has started fucking around with a few things… like how you upload images… fuck I hate change! Anyhow, in attempt to start doing regular posts again (it’s probably not going to happen), I thought I’d share a nifty piece of Geek Art that I came across the other day on deviantArt. It’s by a very talented illustrator that goes by the name of GrungeTV. I can’t be the first to notice how top heavy AT-ATs look, right? I mean, all you’d really need to do is hit’em pretty hard on the side and they would tip over… like cow tipping. Anyhow, the guy has more great work in his gallery, so check it out when you get a chance. Later!

Late Night Moo…

I hate the term “suffer with (or through) depression.” I admit all the time here and on the Moocast that I see a therapist and take medication for depression (fuck it, I know I’m not alone in this day and age), but I don’t feel like I “suffer” with it. At least I usually don’t, then I have a day like today and then I must reluctantly nod my head and say “yup, I’m a suffer’n.” Sorry to bring things down so much, but honestly I feel like shit. Not because of anything on Atomic Moo, but mostly because of a wonderful mix of love-life and work. It’s dumb and not worth going into (and I’m definitely the cause of all my own woe) but I feel bad and this is one of the few outlets for my emotions I have right now. And to be honest, it’s working. For example; Just working on this post is helping me feel better. That image above (VW ATAT) is fucking great to look at and kudos to the slick fuckers that put that thing together. So, I feel better because I get to work on Atomic Moo. Atomic Moo is making me feel better. Very Nice.

Here’s something else that makes me feel better…

Community Returns

The internet just told me (we are good friends…) that on March 15th the best sit-com ever (Community will return to NBC to finish it’s 3rd season! Though, those same internet sources also say the show is unlikely to get a 4th season (d’oh!). Go suck a dick NBC! For the few of you out there who haven’t seen this great show check out the video below for a small taste of greatness.

Evening Moo: Peephole Circus and My Rantings.

Peephole Circus

I’m kind of having a shitty night here El Moochadors. Things were going great until 4:45 when Trog came busting in and started pounding on the bathroom door (which I was on the other side), screaming that he needed in there immediately. I don’t like to be rushed, but I did what I could, and as I opened the door he literally dove in (no joke) then started to kick at me to get out. After he slammed the door shut and started to make sounds nobody on this earth should be capable of making, he shouted through the door that there was a package at the post office and I needed to run down and grab it… oh and it closes at five, so hurry! After fighting through traffic and making it down there in the last two minutes before they shut the door I find out, NOPE, sorry, there is no package, and have no idea if there was one, or where it’s coming from, if there’s a tracking number, etc… I’m kind of pissed I had to make the trek down there for nothing, so to cheer myself up, I head over a couple blocks to a cafe that I know makes a really great chai latte. I get the chai, and on the way out I guess I brushed to close to a tree with a fucking metal guard around it (what the fuck are those things for anyhow). Well, the sleeve to my jacket snagged it (tearing the jacket), jerking back my arm and somehow causing the chai to pop like a fucking water balloon in my hand. Pipping hot chai exploded all over me. FUCK! It still pisses me off when I think about it. And I really liked that jacket too. It was leather, and black. Every time I put it on I felt like Knight Rider. FUCK! I almost feel like crying right now… Yes, I blame all this on Trog. Muther Fucking ass munch piece of…


Anyways, I got an email earlier from Matt. Looks like he’s an animator and sent me a link to one of his videos from his YouTube channel, Peephole Circus. Here’s the link he sent me below.

Yep, that’s pretty much what I wanted to do to Santa this year. I started to browse around his channel and I found some more nifty stuff on there. Like this AT-AT video.


Fucking ruined that jacket! And it’s cold right now, so I kind of need it. But what am I suppose to do now, duck tape it? Fuck. Sorry, can’t seem to let go of it right now… Anyhow, if you get a chance visit Matt’s channel there on Youtube, or visit his Facebook page. Enjoy the rest of your evening El Moochadors. I’m gotta go find something to punch… like Trog…

The Evening Moo

Salt Vader

Alright… I’m going to get things started here, then I’ll let Trog finish’er off. That’s right! It’s called team work bitches! Two brothers working both ends of this blog—wait… that’s starting to sound really fucked up… Anyways, in the short time that I’ve been home I’ve managed to wolf down a steak that was a little to rare (it was still wearing the luchador mask) and see a few awesome examples of geek creativity. Like this guy who creates geek art with salt. I’m not sure how long these pieces last, but I gotta imagine they’re pretty temporary. Good thing he puts them up on Youtube. Check out the Darth Vader one below; he’s got more though on his Youtube channel.

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Awesome Star Wars Dioramas

Tie Fighter Repair

Hey El Moochadors, I came across these images of these incredibly detailed Star Wars models earlier (via GeeksAreSexy.net and Kotaku.com) and thought they were worth sharing. They were presented at the Shizuoka Hobby Show—I’m horrible at geography, but I think that’s near Tijuana… I have no idea who put these together, but holy shit did they do an awesome job. I kind of wish the toys were up to this level of work, though they would probably cost a fortune… and I’m a 35 year old man dependent on freelance work, so I don’t know if I could collect them anyhow. They also did some Gundam models, but I’m way more of a Star Wars geek (and honestly I don’t want to sit here and post all those images… sorry, I’m lazy). Anyhow, check out the images below and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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The Late Night Moo…

Ola El Moochadores and Buenos Nachos on this fine Friday evening. Chudd’s off doing the sort of things Chudds do, so I’m going to post a few of the things I thought were really (really!) cool on the internets tonight.


High-Tech Batman

Via Geektyrant take a look at this high-tech Batman costume designed by Adam Fisher.

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Pixar Wars!

Pixar Wars

One of the best things about having a site like Atomic Moo (believe me it’s not all the women and money… ’cause there ain’t any…) is being able to find and share awesome creative stuff like this illustration above. I feel that actively seeking out, viewing and sharing creative projects from others helps me out in my own work. If anything it makes me want to work harder and create more. Anyhow, I came across this Star Wars/ Pixar mash-up earlier, titled “Pixar Wars” (via GeekTyrant.com), and thought it looked pretty nifty. Naturally I’m a huge Star Wars geek (well, of the original trilogy at least), and I’m a huge Pixar fan as well. It was illustrated by Andrew Chesworth, an animator working out of Minneapolis. You can see more of his work on his blog, or on his website.

AT-AT’s Coming at YOU!

AT-AT's coming at you

To get in the spirit of the day (May 4th), check out this animation of a dancing AT-AT by Peepholecircus TV.

May the fourth be with you… (golly, I hate myself just a little more for doing that)

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