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Build an AT-ST Costume!


Via Make Magazine: Salt Lake City based industrial designer, Joseph Bowers, recently posted an article on Make about a 7 foot AT-ST (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) costume he made last year. A complete description of the materials, and the construction process, used to make this costume is available on the make site. About the build, Bowers wrote:

The materials were extremely cheap for a project like this. I used pink insulation foam, normal printer paper, and spray paint. I used a lot of scrap wood I had handy, and got some cardboard and PVC pipe from a dumpster.12_chicken-walker3 The only other major expense included the $3 thrift-store snowboard bindings. It took me roughly a week to design and build. But I’m pretty happy with the results.

Wow! What an awesome costume and many thanks go to Bowers for carefully explaining how to make it! Hopefully we’ll get to see more cool stuff like this in the future!

I’ve posted a few of the images from the Make article below, but for more images, and information, click the link above for the original article.


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Awesome 14-Foot AT-ST Halloween Costume!

AT-ST Costume

Hey, check out this kick ass AT-ST Halloween costume I just came across in my reader (via Geekologie.com). It was created by a guy named Scott Holden, and you can see how he put this epic piece of cosplay together here. Take a look and let us know what you think. Later!


Pixar Wars!

Pixar Wars

One of the best things about having a site like Atomic Moo (believe me it’s not all the women and money… ’cause there ain’t any…) is being able to find and share awesome creative stuff like this illustration above. I feel that actively seeking out, viewing and sharing creative projects from others helps me out in my own work. If anything it makes me want to work harder and create more. Anyhow, I came across this Star Wars/ Pixar mash-up earlier, titled “Pixar Wars” (via GeekTyrant.com), and thought it looked pretty nifty. Naturally I’m a huge Star Wars geek (well, of the original trilogy at least), and I’m a huge Pixar fan as well. It was illustrated by Andrew Chesworth, an animator working out of Minneapolis. You can see more of his work on his blog, or on his website.

Cool Star Wars Stuff of the Week 19

Star Wars Logo

Okay, Chudd’s off tonight doing… (???)  I dunno, something else… So, let me start this off by first saying how incredibly lucky you are to have me at the helm tonight. It’s amazing, and I truly feel happy for all of you, our loyal readers (or just Chris, since he seems to be the only one who reads this stuff). You see, I’m fucking awesome, and humble enough to be overwhelmingly amazed by my own awesomeness.

My ego aside, I do have a hefty list of new and cool Star Wars stuff that Chudd passed on to me. So let’s just dive on in….

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