Life as We Do Not Know It

Posted in General on December 2nd, 2010 by Mister Trog

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Sometimes I feel like I’m living life inside a bubble. Like any other day, today I commuted an hour to work (…grumble), worked ten hours (…grumble), commute back home an hour and a half through 5pm traffic (…grumble) and do the dishes (…grumble), then find out the internet is out for gods know what reason (…grumble grumble), then we get the internet back (…sigh) and find out via that NASA has discovered a new form of life ( …wtf?). Now keep in mind the whole day I had been listening to the radio either in my car or at my job and not once did any one of the stations mention this kind of, sort of, important discovery. I’m sure glad that when the local pop station wants to decide what’s more important to broadcast, either the coocky hijinx of Lady Gaga or the fucking discovery of new fucking life, I got to know all about the goofy blond bitch who likes to wear meat. Fuck you very much broadcast radio. Ok, I’m in a bad mood, but here’s the scoop…

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