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Featuring Fantastic Fan Art and Cool Papercraft!

Good morning El Moochadores! Unfortunately my computers is being a big ball of suck right now and might implode at any second. So, this’ll be a short post. However; We will have a new Moocast ready soon. So… yeah, you got that to look forward to!

Anyways, first up: Look up and check out this great piece of Breaking Bad fan art by Deviant art contributor, Angela Bermúdez. Bermúdez is a Costa Rican artist with a lot of talent for digital art and cosplay. This piece, entitled Heisenberg, beautifully renders one of televisions best heroes/villains (probably more villain…). Click the above link to see more of Bermúdez art, cosplay, and modeling.



We go to a lot of conventions. Comic book, science fiction, fantasy, anime, pop-culture, and design, we like them all and we usually from these cons that we bring home giant bags of SWAG. Stuff that we all get, the usually ends up in a big box right next to my computer. Yup, one giant fire hazard of paper promo cards and plastic goods just growing larger every year. Anyways, the point is, I started to dig through this (very large) box of SWAG when I came across an OiDroid.

Image found on internet

Image found on internet

I have no idea what con I got this at, or even if there are more buried in the box, but this thing is awesome! OiDroids are unique pop-out and build papercarft robots. The site, OiDroids.com offers a huge variety of different robots (96 in all) printed on a postcard size card stock. The design and illustration work of these little guys is great and people interested in them can get three different sized purchase bundles of 12, 4, and party pack sizes. Click the link above to see more, but both Chudd and I are huge fans of design and papercraft, and this looks like a lot of fun for kids, families, …or single adults with way too much time on their hands. huh. Anyways, check out a couple of sample images below!

OiDroids-12-Pack-main-r2-400x400 OiDroids-4-main-image-400x400

Cats in Boxes!

Okay, so not geek creative at all, but dammit! Cats in boxes. Have a good day folks!

The Morning Moo!


Not News from Not News Guys.

Good morning, El Moochadores! Check out a few samples of the ads that ran during last nights Superbowl.


NBC – Heroes Reborn: The Aurora


Heroes is coming back with an all new miniseries… Wait, do I end that sentence with a period or an exclamation mark? I’m not sure, but Heroes Reborn 13-episode miniseries that “will reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season, where ordinary people wake up to the fact that they have extraordinary abilities.” Cool.

Ted 2 – Official Super Bowl Spot


More Ted stuff!!! Check out this cool promo where in Tom Brady becomes a possible “donor” for Teds new baby.


Say My Name: Extended Cut


…and Bryan Cranston “suits” up again for an esurance ad. dammit Cranston.

Breaking Fans


Via Geeks are Sexy: So, AMC’s hit TV show, Breaking Bad, has just ended and now we all know the story or Walter White. I can’t say I was a fan of the show. I didn’t hate it, ‘just never really had a chance to watch it. However, I totally get how bad it sucks to lose a show you really like! Here’s a niffty short animation that shows how a couple of geek girls try and help their anguished friend over the loss of Breaking Bad. The video is done by Leigh Lahav. Check out more of her cartoons via the link above or like her on Facebook.


Saint Walter (Awesome Breaking Bad Geek-Art)

Saint Walter by SharpWriter

Hey El Moochadors, sorry for the lack of post lately. Trog’s been kept busy with work and I spent all day yesterday bing watching Breaking Bad. Ended about how I expected. Anyways, I saw this this morning and thought it was pretty epic and worth sharing. It’s by deviantArt member SharpWriter. This guy’s done some pretty kick-ass stuff, and you should all definitely check out his gallery. I gotta go find something else to fulfill my meaningless life now that Breaking Bad is over with, so later!

The Morning Moo!


Good damn morning El Moochadores! It looks like it’s gonna be a great day today and I want to kick it off by posting about a few things I picked from the nostrils of the internet! They’er great! Like the fantastic Breaking Bad painting above! It is titled I Am Awake by Devian Art contributor Lerms. Lerms has a fantastic illustrations style and I’ll probably feature a more extensive look at his art somewhere’s down the road.

Evil Dead Necronomicon Bikini Set


I’ll never pass up the opportunity to see a beautiful girl in a small bikini… unless that bikini can gnaw your fingers off or damn you to hell. Via Geekologie; take a gander at the Necronomicon Bikini! Based off the Book of the Dead featured in the Evil Dead movies it was made by Etsy seller Bloodlustproductions. So, now there’s a whole new reason for beautiful women to scare me.

Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies

Via Geeks are Sexy: Okay, so I’m mostly putting this one on because I know it’ll upset Chudd. The dude just doesn’t like Ponies, but there are several of you out there who do! So, check out this animated mash-up of LOTR and My Little Pony produced by JJKmovies on the Youtube!

Goolge Map the Tardis!


Via Laughing Squid: Right now there is a unique “Easter Egg” where you can Google Maps Dr. Who’s TARDIS! Go to a street view of Earl’s Court Road and click on the two white arrows (double arrows that appear as you approach the box) outside the very familiar Blue Police Call Box. This will take you inside the Tardis! Keen!

20130815-11232923-2013-08-15_1122 20130815-11232923-2013-08-15_1123

Alright then my Brethren and Sistren Moo, that’s about all for this morning. There’s still a lot of cool stuff to write about today so keep coming back to the site for more updates on the geeky, cool, and amazing! Have a great day!

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game parody


Via Geekscape; Good Morning El Moochadores! check out this very cool Lego and Breaking Bad mash-up by Brian Anderson.I would write more, but I just woke up with a fairly large hang over and I’m pretty sure I’m about to lose what ever I ate for dinner last night.


Awesome Breaking Bad Poster by Kevin Tong

Artist Kevin Tong is now selling this great looking poster of Walt’s “Super Lab” from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. You can find and purchase Tong’s poster at This link.

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