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NSFW My Little Pony Song


I thought I would do a quick post of something I just saw on my rss reader before I go to bed (via ToplessRobot.com). Well, if this is what My Little Pony is actually like, then I feel sorry for making fun of Bronies… I guess I’ve been missing out. Anyhow, if yer one of those sensitive types that don’t like bad language (I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing on this site then…), then this is not for you. You’ve been warned. For the rest of you foul mouth bastards, like myself, enjoy!

“Finish Her!” My Little Pony Fighting Game Looks Interesting…

MLP: Fighting is Magic

Here’s something I just came across in my reader (via NerdApproved.com) for all the Bronies out there. Looks like an independent studio is putting together a My Little Pony game (called “My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic”). It looks like it’s being developed by Mane6, and they make it clear on their Youtube page that this is a fan game, with no profit intended. Visit Mane6’s website if you want to learn more about the project.

As much as the idea of grown men watching a show about magical ponies bugs me, this game does look pretty interesting. Hell, I can’t think of how many hours I’ve wasted on Robot Unicorn Attack. So, if I can find I copy of this when it’s released, I might give it a try. Still, I have no desire to watch the show; my geekiness only goes so far. I can’t believe there’s man-geeks out there that actually collect the figures (read this). What the hell is the world coming to??? What’s next? Care Bears? Strawberry Shortcake? POOCHIE???

I need to relax… I’m going to go dust off my Star Wars toys… Enjoy the video.


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