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Seven Steps to Great Character Design

Cool Cartoon Brew Article Featuring Aaron Blaise

Hello El Moochadores! Today I wanted to share a video about character design I found on Cartoon Brew, featuring veteran animator Aaron Blaise. I’m not going to spoil the article here (cartoon brew wrote it, you should read it there…), but both the article and video provide some pretty useful knowledge for those of us starting out in cartooning and animation. Not that I plan to do anything in animation, but I’m putting a lot more time into Atomic Tails and the Atomic Moo Comic Book. Finding web based resources like this video are a big help, especially since I have to struggle to find time to work on my comics. Also, when I started Atomic Tails, I honestly didn’t think of a lot of this stuff. I kind of just started drawing in what I hoped would look like a “Looney Tune-esq” style, and hoped it would evolve from there. I’m hoping that by studying this video and applying Blaise’s steps, I’ll improve the look of my characters. Also, Blaise is an incredible artist and it was just kind of cool watching him draw polar bears.

Anyways, I posted the video below, but click the link above to read the full article and gain more insight into the seven step process. I’m actually putting some of this into practice and hopefully later this week I’ll be able to post some of my results. ‘gonna draw a lot mice.


New Atomic Tails!

Strip #15 is online!

Yeah, I’m actually (kind of) following through on something. Anyways, check out the continuing adventures of Chudd and Trog in this weeks Atomic Tails! Also, some news about the strip: This last week I started a Facebook page and an Instagram for Atomic Tails. However, I have no idea how to link to the Instagram on here, but until I do, please look me on there and follow the strip! I am not internet savy, but thank you very much to all the people who have followed Atomic Tails just in the last week.

Anyways, I’m setting a goal to get strip 16 done by Saturday… so back to work.

Check out strip 15 below!


New Atomic Tails!

Okay El Moochadores, I just finished another strip for Atomic Tails! Check out #14 and the introduction of Buttery Wholesomeness. Based on the same Buttery Wholesomeness who occasionally helps out with the blog and podcast. The real life Buttery is much more a cartoon character. Anyways, more strips are coming soon.




and some Atomic Moo updates too…

Oi El Moochadores! Once again I gotta apologize for the lack of post and overall moo-activity, but my computer is withering away and works only intermittently. However, I’ll have some new stuff up on the MBC site soon as well as a new Atomic Tails strip this week. Oh, and a new Moocast is just about ready to go. So, yeah, I’ve been busy. Now, enough about all that let’s get into a proper post now!

So… yeah. Hell of a week, huh? Now we should point out that we don’t talk about politics on Atomic Moo. We’re a creative website and podcast mostly geared towards geeks, and pop culture junkies, but it is weird to wake up one morning and find out that the real world version of Lex Luthor will have all the access to the most powerful nuclear arsenal a true super villain could ever want. Just a little weird. That sort of weird that leaves a person a little shaken and (yeah) worried. Plus, all the craziness going on around the world because of this… fucking bizarre happening.batmetal_returns_-_large_1024x1024

To get over this weird feeling, I’ve decided to post about something that makes me happy, and that thing would be Batmetal by ArhyBES! They recently (a week ago) released a new update video, and I also found a video featuring Tenacious D as ninja turtles! Turns out, there may be a new Batmetal video next year. Yeah, we need it now. Dudes, seriously. Right fucking now. Arhybes get that shit done now!!! Anyways, along with the update and the JACK BLACK MUTANT NINJA TURTLES video I also posted a couple of other Batmetal videos. It helps. A lot. One last thing, please support Batmetal by buying a t-shirt at Sharkrobot.com. These shirts look awesome and they keep the fun-don’t let me think about politics-videos a happening. Please go buy.

Enjoy. While we still can.



Hey El Moochadores! This has been out for awhile now, but I just recently came across WoWCraft by Carbot Animation. I think I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that I enjoy playing World of Warcarft, when I can. I’m a fan, and I enjoy seeing fan created stuff for the game. These animated shorts are brilliant and they do an amazing job of parodying actual WoW game play. I’ve posted the first three episodes below, but hit the link to see much more of the series.


The Morning Moo!


Featuring a Mad Max GoKarts and Hullabaloo Animation!

Good morning El Moochadores! For today’s featured items, I found two pretty damn niffty youtube videos. First of which is a prime example of exactly what you should be doing if you have some friends, GoKarts, a lot of paintball guns, and near wasteland looking environment (Utah) in your backyard! Check out Mad Max GoKart Paintball War – 4K by youtubers Devinsupertramp. The GoKarts were made by Seth Jones and Andy Sims and filmed by Devin Grahamusing the RED Dragon, filmed in 6k, exported out to 4K compressed for YouTube“. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s got to be impressive. According to the youtube page, this video was made in support by WB Games and their upcoming Mad Max game. You can also watch a behind the scenes video here.

Animating Hullabaloo


An animation project we a looking very forward to seeing someday is the independently (being) produced Hullabaloo. Last year the makers of this series successfully raised over $470,000.00 to fund the project and below is a small example of the animation process as posted to their Facebook page and the James Lopez Animation youtube page. For more information about the show please visit www.hullabaloo-movie.com.


How the Comic Strip “Sheldon” is Created


Well, a more appropriate title to this video should be “how the comic strip Sheldon was created. According to the Sheldon Comic website, artist Dave Kellett has switched over to a more digital process. However; there’s still a ton of great advice, and technique, demonstrated on this video for would be cartoonist. Kellett made this video about six years ago, which I totally would have posted about – if Atomic Moo had existed back then. So, anyways, check out the video below along witha single example of the Sheldon comic strip, but click the Sheldon link to learn more about Kellett’s new process!





Its Monday, and what’s the best thing you’re going to see this week? Well, I’ll tell you (shhh… I got this. shhh…). Check out this great, amazing, awesome, rad (yes: rad), animation from ArhyBES, on the Youtube, about a Batman gone metal. The music is Face Fisted by Metalocalypse: Dethklok. Check out the animation below along with the animation “Batupdate.” Best Thing This Week.


Funny Bob’s Burger’s Fan Art Mash-ups

Bob's Burger/Disney Princesses by MB Gillett

Seeing the Disney Princesses drawn in the same style as the Blechers gave me a pretty good chuckle today. They were illustrated by MB Gillett, a California based storyboard artist that we met at Comikaze. She also did the Tina/Black Widow drawing below. If you watch the show you’ll get it…Tina has a thing for butts. Anyhow, check out MB’s website, or follow her on twitter (@Silly_Emby). Also, both these images are available for purchase. Email MB (mbgillett91@gmail.com) if you’re interested in buying a print.

bbavengersposter by MB Gillett

Cowboy Bebop Fan Art!


Good morning El Moochadores! I have to leave for work soon, but I wanted to do a quick post before rushing out the door. Things get a little hectic during my work week, but we’ve got some new book reviews on the way as well as a new Moocast that’s almost ready to post!

But until then: check out some amazing Cowboy Bebop fan art by Mitch Mohrhauser (aka Mitchellmohrhauser on the Deviant Art)! Mohrhauser is a concept Artist for the game and film industry and he has a ton of excellent work posted online. Check out his facebook page (link above) or his website (Artofmitch.com) to see more of his work.

Okay ‘moochadores, I’m off to earn my most minimum of wages. d’oh.

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