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Batman Rockabilly Video!


Via Batman Rockabilly (Facebook): Take a look at a near animated version of artist Denis Medri’s unique retro re-imagining of the heroes and villains of Gotham City in this short, nearly animated, video. I hope the folks over at DC animation are watching this, because this is a show I really want to see!


The Excellent Geek Art of Dmitry Grebenkov!!!


Good damn morning, El Moochadores! Take a long look at some amazing art I found on Deviant Art this morning while looking for Bronie art…er… porn. Yeah, I found this while looking for porn. Anyways, digital artist, Dmitry Grebenkov is a Russian digital artist who has a real knack for making fun geek art! Below are a few samples of his work, but follow the links back to see more of his portfolio!


25_years_later_hitgirl_by_dmitrygrebenkov-d5x6knq artgermination_dark_knight_challenge__catwoman_by_k0dy-d59dm27 catwoman_by_dmitrygrebenkov-d61rpbs lara_croft_by_dmitrygrebenkov-d64d8kq Nosferatu_by_k0dy

The Gorgeous Super Heroines of Reinaldo Quintero!


Good evening El Moochadores! While browsing Deviant Art I came across some incredible looking illustrations by artist Reinaldo (Reiq) Quintero. Quintero has a knack for illustrating beautiful, fully developed, women. I posted a small sample of his work below, but go check out his deviant page or his Youtube to see more of his work and tutorials.


Elastic_Girl_by_reiq jessica_rabbit_by_reiq-d1y3pth samus_aran_metroid_prime_by_reiq-d16nu73 she_hulk_by_reiq-d61w3jw supergirl__by_reiq-d63gi7g wonder_woman_52_by_reiq-d5eompy 76c1f994bf1c4db7699988b3a92e10df-d15dly9

Awesome Geek-Art of Kit-Kit-Kit

kit-kit-kit geek-art

Hey El Moochadors, I thought I’d get a quick post in before bed tonight of something pretty cool I saw the other day (via GeekTyrant.com). They’re by a Japanese artist, and deviantArt member, kit-kit-kit (sorry, I’m not sure what his real name is). Damn, I really want to know how he creates these pieces. It says they’re digital art, but is he creating these in Illustrator and putting a texture layer on top, or are they painted in Photoshop or Painter? I dunno… I tell’ya though, that’s the level of work I want to aspire to. I’ll post a few below, but check out his gallery for more great work. Later!

Let's make a wish by kit-kit-kit She'll be here any minute by kit-kit-kit Hahaha!! by kit-kit-kit Amazon Princess by kit-kit-kit Let's go together by kit-kit-kit I'm so excited! by kit-kit-kit I'm off today by kit-kit-kit As if a flash by kit-kit-kit

Awesome Superhero Typographic Classifications

Batman/Sans Serif by Matthew Olin

I think I just ate too much rice pudding… Nope, I know I did, dammit. I gotta feeling it’s going to take awhile to get through this post. I might need to stop for nap. Anyhow, I came across these nifty typographical classification posters (via GeekTyrant.com) by Graphic Designer Matthew Olin. I like how he used the Hulk for Slab Serif. Anyhow, check out the rest below. Later!

Hulk/Slab Serif by Mathew Olin Cat Woman/ Didone by Matthew Olin Spider-Man/Script by Matthew Olin
Cyclops/Display by Matthew Olin Flash/Handwriting by Matthew Olin Thor/Blackletter by Matthew Olin

eh, what the hell? Enjoy this too…

Holy shit, that cracks me up every time. I think I’m going to put this at the end of all my posts.

Afternoon Moo: Tetris the Movie, Awesome Geek Art, and an Interesting Idea for a SW Fan Film


Hey El Moochadors. Well, I’m not really getting anywhere with the projects I wanted to do today, so I thought I forget about it all and do a post. Here’s some interesting stuff I came across for you to check out, like this nifty looking teaser trailer for a Tetris film. Like it says in the description on the YouTube page, “If Battleship gets its own movie, why not Tetris?” Sure, why not? I still have to ask how the hell are they going to move the blocks in place and save humanity??? Looks like it’s being put together by Warialasky (I’m not sure if that’s a person or a group… or both). Anyhow, check out the trailer below, or go to their YouTube channel. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you want to follow them there.

More stuff below….

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The Awesome Steam Punk Art of Doonboy

Wonder Woman 1887

Hey El Moochadors. Sorry for the lack of posts today, but before this day is officially over I thought I’d do a quick post of an artist I recently discovered on DeviantArt.com… at least I think it was recently. I don’t know, my memory is pretty fuzzy. Maybe I came across this guy’s stuff before, did a post about it, and then forgot. I dunno. I’m too lazy to check though. And even if I did, what the fuck right? He does great work, worthy of a couple posts… or Moos… or whatever we call them. Anyways, he goes by the name of Doonboy, his real name is Michael Dooney. He’s got this series of popular superhero chicks in 1887 steampunk garb. I gotta say the Evil Lyn and Princess Leia are my favorites. Anyhow, check out the rest of them below. He’s also got a ton of other great stuff in his gallery and on his website (I dunno… I’m really liking those Jeannie prints).

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Morning Regurge

I can not seem to get my shit together this morning. I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I had to run Trog out to Poway this morning before I met with a client at 9. I’m feeling kind of beat right now. Anyhow, I was just going through my reader and I’ve come across this image a couple times already of a full body shot of Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman costume for Dark Knight Rises. I thought I saw something on ToplessRobot.com that said this was a fake? I have no idea if it is or not, but it looks pretty much like what we saw in that earlier pic of Catwoman on the Batpod.

I dunno, the fact that she doesn’t have cat ears or a tail doesn’t really bug me that much, if at all. In fact this is kind of what I expected from Chris Nolan’s Batman. More of a high-tech thief, with out the campiness of previous outfits. Plus it’s Anne Hathaway. She’d look good in burlap sack, with a rope tied around the middle  and “Catwoman” written on the front with a black marker.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got this morning. Well, actually there’s some other stuff, but I’ve got work to do, so I’ll have to wait until later to post about it. Enjoy your day!

Nifty Batgirl Fan Film

Batgirl Fan Film

Good morning El Moochadors. I hope you all had a great weekend. Last night, while I was trying to relax and settle down before bed, I came across this nifty Batgirl fan film on Youtube. It’s created by Breathe Again Entertainment, where they got some other neat projects for you to check out (like the X-23 fan films). Anyhow, I wish I could say more about this project, but I really didn’t get much further than 1:30 in to the film…


Hey, it was late… no one else was around… what’dya think I guy like me was gonna do? Don’t judge! Anyhow, I need to finish watching this later. Check it out below, or go to their YouTube Channel. I’ve got some socks to wash…

Sexy Sleek and Geeky Art of Mario Chavez

Saturn Girl By Mario Chavez

Hi everyone! So, in my ongoing quest to find those things both geeky and awesome I’ve come across a seriously amazing portfolio of work by artist Mario Chavez on deviantart.com.
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