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Seven Steps to Great Character Design

Cool Cartoon Brew Article Featuring Aaron Blaise

Hello El Moochadores! Today I wanted to share a video about character design I found on Cartoon Brew, featuring veteran animator Aaron Blaise. I’m not going to spoil the article here (cartoon brew wrote it, you should read it there…), but both the article and video provide some pretty useful knowledge for those of us starting out in cartooning and animation. Not that I plan to do anything in animation, but I’m putting a lot more time into Atomic Tails and the Atomic Moo Comic Book. Finding web based resources like this video are a big help, especially since I have to struggle to find time to work on my comics. Also, when I started Atomic Tails, I honestly didn’t think of a lot of this stuff. I kind of just started drawing in what I hoped would look like a “Looney Tune-esq” style, and hoped it would evolve from there. I’m hoping that by studying this video and applying Blaise’s steps, I’ll improve the look of my characters. Also, Blaise is an incredible artist and it was just kind of cool watching him draw polar bears.

Anyways, I posted the video below, but click the link above to read the full article and gain more insight into the seven step process. I’m actually putting some of this into practice and hopefully later this week I’ll be able to post some of my results. ‘gonna draw a lot mice.


Mewshroom the Fungapuss!


New Kickstarter for a cute cat mushroom plush toy from Stitchmind!

Okay El Moochadores, Stitchmind, the creative talent that brought us The Mighty Cockblock, has a just launched a Kickstarter for a new plush toy: Mewshrooms the Fungapuss! Which is awesome and probably the best thing I could post about right now. I’m not kidding, I love these cuddly puns this guy comes up with.Image_3

Anyways, according to the kickstarter page, each plush doll is six inches tall and though the main character is in red, other variant color fungapusses (also my new favorite word) will come in different colors. Stitchmind is an incredibly talented graphic, and character, designer. I think these new plush dolls show off his diversity to work in several mediums and I hope our readers get out there and support this KS.

The kickstarter is just a couple of days old now, so there’s still plenty of time to contribute. Click the link above to learn more about the project and rewards for contributing. I posted the promotional video below along with a couple of sample images along with the Mewshrooms short bio. Best wishes to Stitchmind and I hope to pass a booth full of Mewshrooms at the next design con or sol. Cal con I attend!


Mewshrooms are magical fairy creatures that have come to our world out of curiosity. They are playful and happy creatures that hold within them fascinating yet eerie mystic powers. Drawn to humans and life, they will bless anyone who pampers and spoils them with luck, joy, and prosperity. However while their appearance may seem disarming do not be fooled! The Fungapuss posses both the predatory ferocity of the majestic cat as well as the decomposing poisons of the cunning mushroom. Woe to those that dare to treat the Mewshrooms with disrespect.

No one is certain for sure where the Mewshrooms came from or what they are truly capable of, But perhaps these questions are best left unanswered, for those that have ventured out to find the real truth have never been heard from again….

The Mewshroom also are great friends with their best buddy the Cockblock Dolls!

Image_4 Image_1

The Art of Bob Rissetto


So, I’m working my way through the con pile and lately I’ve been finding some great stuff. Also it just feels like it’s been awhile since I posted about some amazing art. So check out a small sample of art, and character design, from professional illustrator Bob Rissetto. Rissetto has an amazing style and hopefully, someday, we’ll be creating on this level. I’ve posted a small sample of his work below, but check click the link above to see much more.


victor_raptor_bobrissetto man_at_arms_bobrissetto colossus_wolverine_bobrissetto

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