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Official FOX Trailer

Okay El Moochadores, not exactly geek creative, (still very geeky and a few days old now) but check out the trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s new series The Orville! Maybe it’s because I wish there had been a Galaxy Quest 2, or that I really loved the Ted films, but this made me happy to see and I hope it turns out great.


Gigahoes: Season 2!


Crowd Funding Launch!

A little over a year ago we posted about a funny new webseries, Gigahoes, created by Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan. I’m still of the opinion that, as a society, we’re failing ourselves by not having sex-bots. Seriously! We got cars that drive themselves! We got the Musk “zip tube” all planned to hurl people across the state of California! We got scientist counting all the little “higgs boson” particles! All this wonderful innovation and I still can’t cash my change jar in on 15 minutes with a discreet, and compliant, sex bot!? WTF humans!?

Anyways, Gigahoes is back with a season 2! Well,image_01 they will be back with a season 2 if we can help get them get their funding. Recently the crowd funding campaign for Gigahoes Season 2! Here’s the pitch:

Two years ago we turned to Kickstarter to help get our show off the ground. We shot with a shoestring budget and were able to pull it off, but just barely. Now we want to make this show bigger and better. Something worthy of your time and donations.

In season 2 everything is going to be better. Better sets, costumes, special effects, locations, production value. But we can only do that with your help.

Shooting in NYC is tremendously expensive. We do the best we can to cut costs, but we insist on paying our amazing cast and crew. It takes a lot of time, equipment, people and money to make our show look good. So, we are asking for a lot of money from you. We need as many people to give as possible.

As of this post there’s over 50 days left in the campaign, however; don’t delay! Get in now and help support the new season and get some rewards for your contributions. Below I’ve posted the Kickstarter promo video and episode one for season one. Check it out. Love it, and support the idea of sex bots. Sweet sex bots in the now…




“In the Future, Humans Create A.I.”

“Three Days Later They Have Sex With It…”

If robot hookers existed, would you have sex with them? Of course! So would I, or any other semi-rational science fiction fan of Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, or Space Camp. No, that’s not the question. The real question is, why don’t we have sex robots now? Where the hell are you on that one science? Sure, you’re real quick to get us stickey pads and George Foreman grills, but you can’t produce at least one trick turning cyber vixen? wtf science? Could you at least advance the Roomba to a point where does more than mop the floor in a literal sense? C’mon!

Okay, so at the moment we can’t have robo sex (dammit), but we can at least pretend such a thing might someday exist by watching a very funny web series that explores the would be future of robot prostitution.Image_03 Created by Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan, Gigahoes is a mockumentary web series about a future escort agency that deals in “sex-bots.” Each episode follows the exploit of one of their sex robots as it performs for various weirdos and sex addicts.

There’s a real “Clerks” like charm about this series that I enjoyed. Yeah, It has a sort of low budget feel, but the writing and acting are excellent, and each episode goes deeper down the rabbit hole (kind of literally in one show) of weird sexual exploits with out being over the top and remaining very witty.Image_02 The series features a talented cast, including creators Lash and Gilligan, along with Jessica Park, Malorie Bryant, Kimberlee Walker, Daniel Florio, and KL Thomas. My only critism of the show is it’s lack of science fiction. I think a show about future sex robots, like this one, is a brilliant idea, but would benefit from looking at the low budget science fiction of the 1980’s, like Dr. Who and Red Dwarf. I think they should go nuts (figuratively) with the wardrobe and sets! “Fake future” it up a little bit to pull us into the 2030’s. Right now the show feels too much like 2014 -15, but (y’know) with sex droids.

All the same though, this is a fun series and well worth a look. Plus, if a sex droid that looked like Jessica Park or Kimberlee Walker did exist, I could see myself calling up an order.image_01 Maybe bring her to my place… call her “Vicki”… then have her wear a puffy red dress and white appron… and bake me some cookies… and don’t judge me! Every red blooded American male who grew up in the ’80’s has had that fantasy at least once, and if you haven’t, then go back to Russia you commie! Jesus, at least I wouldn’t call her “Johnny Five”… well, not at first…

Anyways, check out a few sample episodes below along with a 2014 New York Comic Con video. More information and behind the scenes videos can be seen at their website!


Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of IT CAME!


Ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to meet Grurk. He’s an indestructible robot from another planet and, in true b-movie form, he’s here to smash the 1950’s English country side in the wonderful graphic novel, It Came! Created by Dan Boultwood this hard bound collection of It Came comics is a funny and thrilling new graphic novel published by Titan Books. Here’s the synopsis:

1958. Driving through the British countryside, unthinkingly misogynistic space scientist, Dr. Boy Brett, and his companion, Doris Night, pop into a quaint village pub for a cheese ploughman’s…ItCame_5
But waiting for them outside is a most unwelcome visitor: Grurk, an indestructible, monosyllabic robot from outer space, on a mission to harvest the British Blitz spirit for energy!Pursuing Grurk in their Morris Minor, will Boy and Doris be able to save the British from a life without stiff upper lippedness, or will Her Majesty’s Kingdom be forever resigned to a life down in the mouth?

It Came was a treat. The illustration and lay out of the book is excellent. Boultwood has an unique illustration style that simplifies (in a good way!) yet engages the reader. He knows just how to capture the right moments of action and expressions for an exciting story about a mad alien robot. Y’know, our kind of story.ItCame_1 Layered on top of the amazing art work is some of the best humor in comics since Dead Pool. Nothing is taken too serious and the book is full of mock ads, intermissions, and title pages reminiscent of an 1950’s movie going experience. All you need is a box of pop corn and your set. Well, except then your buttery fingers might mess up an excellent graphic novel… Anyways, below I’ve posted a few more sample images from the graphic novel. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to purchase the novel on the Titan Books web site, but it is out in store now and it can be purchased online at Barnes & Nobles online store.


ItCame_7 ItCame_6 ItCame_4 ItCame_3 ItCame_2

Reggie Watts – TEACH: SCIENCE


Comedian and master musician Reggie Watts has a new web series online where in he is a retro era science (?) teacher. This may be a one off web episode; though I hope not because it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today and I really hope there will be more. Here’s the synopsis for the 1st episode:

In the series premiere of TEACH, Reggie Watts teaches his class about contons, the 4th dimension, and cheetahs

So, if you’re not a fan of Reggie Watts, you soon will be. Check out the video and if you have links to more stuff by Watts, let us know in the comments section below!


Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster on Parks and Recreation!


Y’know, most of what you’re about to see here is stuff I’d actually like to see in a new Star Wars movie. Well, maybe not the Thanos stuff, but still! Check out this very cool appearance by Patton Oswalt on this upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation! By the way, I’m not alone in thinking Amy Poehler is very cute, right?

Enjoy the awesome! Robot Chewebacca!

Rage of Thrones by Axis of Awesome!!!


Via the mighty Buttery Wholesomness; Check out this very funny music video from the comedy band Axis of Awesome! Rage of Thrones is musical nerd rage at it’s best!


Batman Shampoo vs. Bane-Ana!

Hey El Moochadores! This is just a quick post because currently I’m working on a few book reviews and some freelance stuff, so I don’t have a lot of time. However, I really wanted to get this on Atomic Moo! Via Geeks are Sexy, Watch… this… thing by Youtuber Matt Mullholland! Matt, I don’t know what the others are going to say about you, but I think you’re a fucking genius.


Monster Roll

A Short Film by Dan Blank

Via Geeks are Sexy; Yes, we want the full length film. No irony, no sarcasm. We really, really, want this film. Check out Monster Roll by film maker Dan Blank, where a city in peril (by monster sized fish) is saved by… Sushi Chefs!

We’re really excited to finally release MONSTER ROLL online. This short was created as a proof-of-concept for a feature about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters. It’s a crazy idea, but one we just really wanted to see made. So, we made it.
We sorely miss the tone of those big, fun fantasy movies we grew up with–movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Big Trouble in Little China. We also want to continue the tradition of more recent movies like The Host and District 9 where strong story, characters, and humor take priority over expensive VFX sequences.
If you like MONSTER ROLL and want to help it get to the next stage, please share the film with friends. Just by spreading the word, you can help prove that we’re not totally crazy in thinking this is a movie a bunch of us want to see.


The short video is below, take a look and let us know what you think.


The Atomic Moocast #39: Interview with author Kael Rhys!

Hello El Moochadores and Brethren Moo! We’re back with yet another awe inspiring episode of the Atomic Moocast! On this episode of the Moocast; Chudd and I talk with independent author Kael Rhys about his book, I am Warcry!

Kael was very cool and a lot of fun to talk with and I really want to apologize to him for taking so long in getting his interview online. Seriously, I recorded this last month and just recently had enough time to put it online. If you people online knew how hard I work for you! Okay, enough of that! We have a Moocast to get through! So, here we go folks! It’s time to rangle up a frosty beverage that fizzes and pops, then go lurch your way to a comfy chair where you can sit back and listen to the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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