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Five From Beyond!

An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

Hello again, El Moochadores! A few months back I posted about the Five From Beyond Kickstarter for a five part comic book anthology from Kyle Roberts. The 48 page book is a healthy mix of suspense, horror, and science fiction, and was successfully funded! It is now a real life, and very awesome, printed comic book that you can go get a copy of for your self! Five from Beyond had a lot of talent behind its creation, including work by Kyle Roberts (writer, inks, and illustrator), Ilaria Fella (colors), Raphael Romeo Magat (pencils), and many more.

We received copies of this book, and I think it is absolutely fantastic. Five from Beyond really reminds me of the indie comics we use to find as kids in the mid ’80’s, but now with incredible art and colors. Most indie comics back in the 80’s were in black and white, and usually had something to do with ninjas. Fat Ninja, Ninja Turtles, Panda Clan… stuff like that. Anyways… There are no ninjas in this book, but there are five really awesome sci-fi/horror, and suspense stories. The art work is solid, the editing is great, making an all around fantastic comic which you can buy online! So, go do that! Also, go follow From Beyond Comics, on their website, Frombeyondcomics.com!

I’ve posted some sample pages below, but this isn’t enough! Go buy the book!


Five From Beyond!

New Comic Project from Kyle Roberts!

Hello again, El Moochadores! Kyle Roberts is one of our favorite indie comic creators, and he has just launched (and successfully funded in less than 2 days!) a new comic anthology on Kickstarter!

Five from Beyond is a five part anthology with a healthy mix of horror, suspense, and Sci-Fi, all inspired by comics and television like the Twilight Zone, Eerie, and Tales from the Crypt. The comic was written by Roberts. Illustrated by Illustrated by Rafael Romeo Magat, and Roberts, with colors by Ilaria Fella. According to the Kickstarter page, the book is already “99%” finished, so it should be good to go as the KS campaign raps up. Groovy.

I’ve posted the KS video below, along with some of the available sample pages for the feature stories like Parent/Guardian and the Brokener. Check it all out, then hit the link above to see contributor rewards and show your support to a really cool looking comic.

An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review of…

Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers!

How could I walk into a comic book store and not buy this book? C’mon! Elvis fighting monsters!?! Shut up and take my money!!!

Now out through IDW is a prequel series to the 2002 (Bruce Campbell classic) feature film, Bubba Ho-tep! Written by Joshua Jabcuga, with art by Tadd Galusha, Bubba Ho-tep and the Cosmic-Blood Suckers pits the king of rock against an unknown alien threat! Here’s a proper synopsis:

From the mind of creator Joe R. Lansdale comes a prequel to the cult-classic film! President Nixon has discovered an alien threat, and he knows there’s only one man he can reach out to for help: Elvis Presley. But will Elvis be enough to defeat a horde of Cosmic Blood-Suckers?

I tend to treat any comic book, book, or movie, review like an art review in college, and anybody who has ever been to art school knows how bad it sucks to have your work thrown up on a wall and discussed by 29 other people who don’t share your interests. So, let’s do just that and start with the good then end with the bad.

I thought the art work (both cover and inside) was pretty incredible, and they did a great job of recreating a slightly past prime Elvis. Even characters like Nixon and the Colonel came off great, and the books colorist (Ryan Hill) did a fantastic job. I also really dig that this is much more of an adult comic book, and mostly free of a lot the politically correct bullshit bogging down modern comics. On the downside, I thought the story was a little lacking. It just seemed weird to me the book is called “Bubba Ho-tep”, when that was a specific monster Elvis fought in that one film. I don’t want to rip on the title too much (hell “Bubba Ho-tep” got me to buy the book), but I would have also paid for “Elvis and the Cosmic Blood Suckers” and it would make more sense. I also felt that elements like the bodyguard/narrator could’ve been eliminated, and more focus given to Elvis to create a less convoluted narrative. However, this is only a first issue, and maybe the bodyguards roll expands later. My only other criticism is that the pacing felt weird in the book. That is the story seemed to jump around unnecessarily between scenes, and it felt a bit rushed. Overall though, I’m probably (budget pending) going to pick up an issue #2 and see where this goes!

I was going to post some sample pages below, but if you click this Bubba Ho-Tep link, you can download the first 5 pages of Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers for Free! You can also buy the comic online from there for $3.99, but we hope you go buy it from a local store where it should be available.


THE STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology

A Kickstarter Project for a comic book anthology inspired by Las Vegas!

Hello again, El Moochadores! For today’s post I got a pretty cool looking Kickstarter project for a twisted comic book anthology about Las Vegas! When funded, The Strip will feature more than 100 pages of “weird and warped comics” about a Las Vegas as seen through the eyes of future archaeologist. Here’s a proper synopsis from their Kisckstarter page:

The Strip is a futuristic travel mag, full of speculative stories of “The Vegas that Was or Could Be!” Intergalactic travelers flock to the ruins of the once-great VEGAS to learn about the ancient culture that lived there, and each story is a special stop on the tour that re-imagines the original city of sin. The tour guides “educated guesses” are a real hoot, and each story is a flashback or historical re-enactment. Part drunk history, part whacked out re-interpretation to please the alien rocket-set.

As of this post Red Stylo Media has hit over half their funding for the project, but there’s only about two weeks left to join in and help contribute. I’ve posted their promo video below along with a few sample images taken from the KS page. Check it out, and hit the link above to learn more about contributor rewards and the many creators behind this project.


The Peter Pan Manga – Volume 3

A manga adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic story, Peter Pan by Elaine Tipping

Okay El Moochadores, this last year I started using Instagram for the first time (atomic_tails), and I still don’t know if I’m doing it right, but I do see a ton of cool art and comic projects posted there daily. Soooo… I thought I’d start to share some of these on my very own geek creative website. One such project is up on Kickstarter right now is from manga artist Elaine Tipping. The Peter Pan Manga – Volume 3 which, like the title says, combines the classic J.M. Barrie story with a very cool manga style. This third volume includes chapters 7-10 and if you contribute enough you can even get the previous two volumes.

Okay, not that I’m a huge Peter Pan or manga fan, but I actually do dig this project. I honestly do enjoy any sort of mash up and I think it’s a good step in the evolution of story telling. I’ve posted some sample pages below which show off Tipping’s incredible artistic talent and interesting take on a classic tale. Also, fuck Disney for trying to take other peoples stories and branding them as their own. Seriously. Peter Pan is in the public domain and belongs to everyone, not just the halfwits that bought (and ruined) Star Wars. Sorry, ‘couldn’t help my self…

Anyways (I gotta see a therapist) check out the sample pages below along with the promo video for the KS. Use the link above to visit the Kickstarter page and learn more about the project, rewards, and more about the comic. As of this post the project has more than half its funding and 20 days left to contribute. So, get on board and help make something very cool!


Misplaced: The Collected Edition

New Kickstarter for a four issue collected volume from Source Point Press

Hello again El Moochadores! Been awhile right? Well, we’re back and this time we got a Kickstarter campaign to share! Sooo… Let’s go!

Currently on Kickstarter is a new(-ish) campaign for a pretty cool indie comic; The Misplaced: The Collected Edition. Written and Illustrated by Chris Callahan, and published by Source Point Press, Misplaced is a collection of four issues about a dark supernatural tale of love and desperation in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy. Here’s a proper synopsis:

A young man pushes through the afterlife searching for the soul of his lost bride. But to find the missing, one spirit must return to the land of the living and uncover the truth of immortality.

From what I’ve seen, this comic looks pretty cool. Callahan has an almost “Sandman” like art style and I’ve always dug the other world adventures. Maybe it’s all the Lovecraft reading. Anyways… As of this post the kickstarter has met its goal and there are 19 days left to contribute. Also, they have some pretty cool stretch goals. If the campaign earns $4,500.00 then every single backer will receive a FREE digital copy of our newest release FALLSTREAK. A whole graphic novel! If the campaign hits $5,500.00 then the Misplaced will be produced as a hardcover volume at now extra cost to the backers. El Moochadores interested in contributing can hit the KS link above to read more about the rewards which also include digital copies and original art.

I’ve posted the Kickstarter promo video below, along with the sample pages provided on the KS page. For more information you can also check out the Misplaced page on the Source Point Press website.


Atlantis: The Last Survivor: Episode 1

Hello El Moochadores! I’ve been trying to get this post written for the last couple of days now, but life keeps getting in the way. Anyways…

I recently finished reading Arin Leviti’s new indie comic Atlantis: The last Survivor, and its pretty damn good. Featuring illustrations by Giuseppe Cafaro and colors by Federico Blee, this fantasy story takes readers to the magic filled Atlantis and follows the adventure of lovers Agathon and Phile. Here’s the proper synopsis:

Agathon, the son of a member of the resistance, is kidnapped and taken to the capital where he discovers that everything his parents had taught him is true. His only hope rests on the mysterious demigoddess Phile and Temacles, a member of the resistance who has infiltrated the oligarchy.

Agathon and Phile, united by their love and the hope for a new beginning, fight a battle against time to restore the Flux, overthrow the High Priestess and save Atlantis from itself.

As far as independent works go this is definitively top tier. Carfaro and Blee’s talent as illustrators is on full display here and they do a great job of bring Leviti’s fantasy story to life. I really enjoyed this book. So much so, that I even went back (after getting a review copy) and paid for it just to make sure I do my part to keep the story going. Okay, true the books a bargain. You can get a digital copy of issue #1 on Comixology for only $0.99, but I’m broke right now! $1.00 is actually huge for me! It’s all relative folks. So, yeah, absolutely go pick up a copy of Atlantis: Last Survivor and have something cool to read over this nice holiday break. Well, nice for others. I gotta go back to work. damn.

Check out a few preview pages of Atlantis: Last Survivor below, but don’t forget to hit the link above and support independent comics!


Aerobicide – The Extreme Ninja Workout!


Kickstarter Campaign for a Retro-Action Comic Book Set in the 1980’s!

Okay El Moochadores, yet another reminder of why I’m kind of an awful person. The creators of this comic contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would post about it on the Moo. To which I said, “Sure! Of course I will.” Then life happened, I got sick, and forgot all about it until today, when I was cleaning up my in box. D’oh! However, there’s some good news! First, there’s still time to contribute (keen) and second: The book has it’s funding (double keen)! So, get your wallets out while I tell you all about it.

Creators at Shonuff Studio have a great idea for a comic book. Okay, maybe not “fire breathing super-cow” great, but still pretty great all the same. The book is called Aerobicide: The Extreme Ninja Workout and pits a young asian-american women against the evil gangs of yuppies and weight lifters that plagued the 1980’s! Here’s the official synopsis:

It is the 1980s. Venice Beach has been taken over by Weight lifting gangs, Yuppies and evil ninjas.sheri-banner-web An 18 year old dance instructor, Sheri Ken, has inherited the skill of a ninja by the way of ancient chants on a cassette containing Heavy Metal music. She must use her ninja skill to annihilate any foe who threatens her dance studio and to make it in time for her next Hollywood audition.

They had me at “Weight lifting gangs.” According to the KS page, they’ve already partnered with Ape Enertainment to publish the book, they’re just seeking the cost of printing the first run of 24 page, full color, comics. Terry Parr, the comics creator, does all the talented art work for the book, which looks frigg’n great.

Though it is true they got their funding, there are still a few days (6 as of this post) to contribute and get in on some of the cool rewards like exclusive prints, a cosplay cover (Leggings!) and VHS covers. Which is cool, until you have to explain to millennials what a VHS was and why it was so important back in 1988… I hate kids. Check out the KS promo video below, along with some sample images from the comic.


aerobicide-05-color aerobicide-14-color sheri-banner-web

GWAR: Orgasmageddon!


The Scumdogs conquer comics!

We love comic books. We love Gwar. Can we love Gwar in our comic books? Oh, fuck yes. So, the band of all bands has just launched a Kickstarter to fund the making of a full color four issue series, Orgasmageddon! Written by Matt Miner and art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, the series takes the band through time and space where I’m guessing they kill the shit out of everything. Groovy.

Hit the link above to check out all the contributor awards. As of this post the campaign is only a few days old, but they’ve already hit a big chunk of their funding. However; they’re not there yet! So, check out some preview pages below along with the promotional video then stumble on over to their KS and give cash, coin, or blood… whatever it takes to get this book made! Also, I posted a youtube video of one of my all time favorite Gwar songs: Saddam A Go-Go!


gwarcomic2 gwarcomic1

Brooklyn Gladiator #000!


Excellent Comic pulled from the Con Pile!

Okay El Moochadores, my excavation of the “con pile” continues and today I uncovered something really cool! At this last SDCC 2016 I wandered past the Heavy Metal booth where actor Dan Fogler was signing preview issues of his comic book, Brooklyn Gladiator! Yeah, Dan “Balls of Fury” Fogler made a comic book! keen.

Written by Fogler with Anderw Harrision, also illustrated by Tom Hodges, Brooklyn Gladiator is set in a dystopian future best described as “the lovechild of Orwell, Image_1 Huxley and stoner conspiracy theories.” Set in a world where capitalism, pollution, and government control all conspire to control the American population, a man with strange psychic abilities fights back. Here’s the synopsis from the 2015 Kickstater:

John Miller is public enemy number one.He fights nanite-enhanced maniacs in the underground gladiator circuit and sells bootleg drugs far less contaminated than the government’s brand. Psychic abilities have surfaced in John’s mind, allowing him to bypass the state’s tech and access ancient knowledge. John’s talents will send him on a journey against the machines that govern his city as he deconstructs their regime and the very concept of civilization.

I really dug the art in this book and it’s own special brand of a failed nation. The book starts with some really cool quotes like “mindless consumers buy more crust than pizza. More filter than cigarette” – which kind of sums up my feelings towards this current, Farce Awakens, loving generation of Pokemon chasing nimrods – who’s disinterest in anything unrelated to iPhone apps and skinny jeans allowed for our current sham of an election cycle. Huh. I’m pissed about something, but I’m not sure what anymore.

Anyways, this was a fun read, unfortunately I couldn’t find where a copy of issue #1 can be found (true, I did not look very hard. I have mice to draw!), so I think there is just the preview issue. There is a Tumbler page for the comic and future information might appear there. As for meeting Fogler at the con, and getting a signed issue… meh. Kind of frumpy dude, but then again it was the last day of the con, and San Diego Comic Con can kind of drain your energy. Still, a lesson for any creator at any level, selling their books to fans: liven the fuck up and don’t be a dick when someone’s buying your comic! Smile. Say “hello.” Money is tight right now, so show a little gratitude when some one gives it to you, and don’t act like a miserable old fart! And if you’re not that excited to be there: go the fuck home and don’t create a bad first impression for your other writer and artist who’s work is represented in that book you’re frumpy hands are scribbling on. Fuck’n celebrities.

All the same check out some sample images below. These are just black and white images I pulled from the Kickstarter page and the final, color, pages our much more impressive.


Page Sample Page Sample 2

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