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G’morning El Moochadores! Okay, I have to run. Not literally. Well, maybe. I’m really late for work, and (even though I really hate my job) I don’t want to be homeless. Well, okay. Wearing an old army jacket, and circling the shore on a rusted out beach cruiser does, kind of, sound cool. But I also like regular showers and not spending the weekend in county jail… so, I’m going to work. However; I’ve done pretty good with keeping up on the ‘morning moo’ so check out this quick post of Conan O’brien’s “interview” with Archer.


The Morning Moo…

Good Morning El Moochadores and a happy holiday weekend to you all. We just recorded another Atomic Moocast last night, and the whole damn crew was there! It was one of the funnest times I’ve had on Skype ever! So, That’s two Moocast I’m now working on and hopefully with the extended holiday weekend I should be able to get them both on.

But until then… Here’s just a few things I found on ye ol’internet that I thought the rest of you would like.


Star Wars: The Old Republic “Your Saga Begins Launch Documentary”

Star Wars: The Old Republic launched just a few days ago and for those few nerds out there who aren’t pissing away buckets of time actually playing the game, you can go check out this niffty doc put out by the games makers that shows what they went through to get us all a little slice of the Star Wars universe.

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