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Magfest 2017

Cosplay, Gaming and Music from Beatdown Boogie!

We’re back! That’s right El Moochadores, we (the intrepid Brothers Moo) have survived yet another swirling storm of disaster and chaos (aka: our lives) and are now (some how) wiser, better looking, and ready to blog. So, let us celebrate this triumphant return by getting back to some cool geek creativity.

Recently Distractotron visited MAGfest 2017 and they brought back a whole bunch of cool photos and video work. MAGfest (Music and Gaming) is a “four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community.” According to the website the event runs 24 hours a day (wtf SDCC? get it together!) and offers “consoles, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes, vendors, guest.” Cool, maybe Atomic Moo and the Murray Brothers Creative can attend a future MAGfest. We’re cool too, right?

Anyways, check out the videos (parts one and two) below along with a smattering of images taken from the Distractotron Facebook page.


NYCC 2016 Coverage from Beat Down Boogie!


Spotlight Videos One and Two!

We’re west coast guys and, for the most part, content with our lives here in sunny, beautiful, San Diego. However, we’re also very poor and unable to attend some of the amazing comic book conventions happening around the world. So, we rely on the stunning photo and video work of the fine people at Beat Down Boogie to provide excellent coverage of events like NYCC 2016. Just seeing all the beautiful cosplay and fun events shot in slow motion and paired with good tunes fills me… aww, who am I kidding. These guys are good at something and they get to travel around the world doing it and that feels me with a jealous rage! I’m terrible at everything and it gets me no where! Fuck’n life. So anyways; for what ever reason, check out the videos below to either enjoy them or seethe with the frustrating jealousy.


image_6 image_5 image_3 image_2 image_1

Yestercon 2016!


Keeping Your Childhood Rad!

Okay El Moochadores, tomorrow we’re going to be boothing at Yestercon 2016! This retro con “celebrates everything amazing about your childhood”, so huge on the nostalgia factor! The event will be tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm at the Carson Center (801 E Carson st Carson, Ca 90745). That’s only like ten minutes from LAX and Los Angeles. Click the link above for ticket sales and information about the event.

We’ll be up there with our prints, mini-prints, buttons, and more, and we hope you swing by our table to say “hi!”Of course you can always just go online a purchase a print at murraybroscreative.com!

Check out a small sample of the prints we’ll be taking to the con!

the_sorceress_vector_bust_052916_by_jrmurray76-da4fl60 Space_Girl_8.5x11 Poe-Mask_11x17_2016Update



Cosplay in 4K from Beat Down Boogie!

Beat Down Boogie just released a new video showing off all the great cosplay at MomoCon 2016. Like always, cool costumes, cute girls, and a groovy beat. Check out way more of their projects at Distractotron and the Beat Down Boogie official site.

Dig it.

The Atomic Moocast #115!


WonderCon 2016!

Yeah, I know WonderCon was about a month ago, but damnit! We’re in the midst (Midst, people! Midst!) of some very important con preparation ourselves, and that sort of slowed things down a bit. However, the podcast is here! So rejoice! Then check out a few notes about this episode: NEuY5mxKsO4Jyv_1_b

First: Many thanks to all the comic creators and artist who let us interview them at the con! Unfortunately, I lost about half the interviews I had recorded that day. D’oh! You have to understand, that I’m very new to recording stuff on my iPhone. Add that to my limited intelligence and… well, bad stuff’s going to happen. Seriously though, I feel terrible about it. Somehow I deleted about 1/2 of all our interviews and it was gone before I had a chance to pull them from my phone. Some of these interviews included conversations with past Atomic Moo interviewees like Josh Henaman (Big Foot: Sword of the Earthman), and Sarah Bitely (Pimpkillah!). IMG_0289Also, because I lost so many interviews, I will be posting about this great stuff here on the website, so as to make sure everyone get’s some coverage for their hard work. Check the show notes below for information about the featured interviews, but keep coming back to see more great art and comics featured at this years con. Which leads to…

Second: I’m really new to recording with an iPhone. So, things are going to sound weird. I know that it’s always been a struggle to get good audio with our limited resources, but I’m getting some new challenges thrown at me with this new set up. We’re practicing more and recording as much as possible, so hopefully it sounds better in the future, but the sounds kind of all over the place on this one. I did my best to level everything, but… ehh… you’ll hear. I hope.

Third: The movie review of Batman v. Superman at the very end of this podcast was heavily edited. You see, I got this problem where I can’t talk about any movie without bring up how much I hate (HATE) the most recent Disney/Star Wars film. So, because we were talking about Batman v. Superman,2016-04-01-1459488050-1567099-bvs I kind of went through and edited out all my tangents about the (not Star Wars!) Disney-bullshit that has me so perturbed these days. It’s not like I’m afraid to tell people my feelings about that (shitty) film, it’s just that I felt it wasn’t necessary for a discussion about another movie. So, the review at the end may feel a little, “clunky” and “malformed.” Much like Disney/Star Wa– goddammit. I can’t stop myself.

So, having wrote all that: Here it is folks! One hour of Atomic Moo bliss ready to make a home somewhere in the deepest crevices of your brain! But don’t hit “play” yet! Get ready for it! Go and grab some tasty snacks! Then turn off your all distractions and nestle into your comfy zone. Then all that’s left to do is settle your brain and smile as you relax with the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!



Check a small sample of photos from the con and some of the featured artists work! Also, if I can somehow find the lost interviews (learn my iPhone) I’ll post them on a future Moocast episode.

Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

IMG_0220 IMG_0230 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0238 IMG_0246 IMG_0249 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0263 IMG_0278 IMG_0275 IMG_0277 IMG_0291 IMG_0292 IMG_0286 IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0307 IMG_0314 IMG_0320 IMG_0330


Down Arrow



Beat Down Boogie’s Coverage of the Cosplay Celebration!

Check out Beat Down Boogies coverage of Anime Matsuri 2016 in Houston, Texas! Like always, BDB goes through and shows an enormous amount of the costumes and fun accompanied by a groovy beat. Yeah, “groovy.” Featured in this video are popular cosplayers Vampy Bit Me, Enji Night, Stella Chuu, and Angela Bermudez. I’ve posted the video below along with a few sample images. Check out the Facebook page to see the full gallery and get more information.


Image_1 Image_3 Image_4



Epic Cosplay Review from Beat Down Boogie!

Beat Down Boogie just released a new HD video of all the great cosplay at Dragon Con 2015! They also posted an extensive photo gallery of the costumes and parade on their Facebook, a few of which you can see below. But don’t miss out! Hit the links and see way more!


Title Imge_5 Image_9

Image_8 Image_7 Image_6

Emerald City Comic Con Cosplay!


Amazing Coverage from Beat Down Boogie of ECCC 2015!

Hey El Moochadores, Beat Down Boogie was at ECCC 2015 and they came back with these great cosplay compilations! Check out all the wonderful costumes and a few sample images from the BDB facebook page below!


11150323_806976789339329_6402969862820758413_n 11150210_806960532674288_3948696641559318407_n 11133781_806963082674033_3192767740873956288_n 11102622_806963709340637_1084603898645320501_n 11062801_806960916007583_7610871529682658657_n 17424_806972499339758_3189398120307036330_n

The Really Long DRAGON CON 2013 Video – 40 minutes!


Hello El Moochadores! I was sent this video a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to post about it since then, but since the universe likes to kick me around like a sorry used bean bag, I haven’t had the spare time until now… So…

Check out a 40 minute long video of all the cool cosplay from Dragon Con 2013! Sure Dragon Con was months ago, but since Halloween is just around the corner (and some of us are still scrambling for costume ideas) I thought this would be a good time to check out all the brilliant ideas people came up with.1237883_557822180921459_89691190_n The video was produced by Beat Down Boodie on the youtube and if you check out their Facebook you can see dozens of excellent photos from the con! My only problems with this video are One: I didn’t get to go. Two: At 40 minutes, just make it into a documentary and throw some voiceovers and interviews in there! It’s cool, but like the title says, it’s really long. Also, if anyone out there knows who this Tank Girl1174574_559442884092722_1411995768_n is, please let me know. I want to make her mine. Yes, She’ll be a bloggers wife and we’ll travel to the furthest reaches of San Diego county – staying in only the finest of the Motel 6’s her money can afford… but, y’know, only so long as she’s dressed like Tank Girl all the time!

Anyways! Check out the video below and enjoy the hell out of it!

Atomic Moocast #23: Interview with Steam Crow!

Good evening El Moochadores and how the hell are you tonight? Good, I hope, and probably better once you give the new Atomic Moocast a listen. On this episode we had the opportunity to interview Steam Crow creator, Daniel Davis. Many thanks to Daniel for spending some time on our podcast and telling us all about his illustrations, wonderful creative web site, and making money at the cons!

Later in the Moocast (after the break) D20 jumps in the recording for a little “Moo-News” and helps us establish a key part of the cult of the Atomic Moo… The Danhood. All is explained on the Moocast, Mu HA HA Ha! Okay, enough of that. So, this is it folks! Squeeze on in to that comfy chair, pop the tab on that fizzy soda, get your best girl to curl up next to you, and hit play to start the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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