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Hendo’s How-To: Cable’s Arm (Deadpool 2)

Opa, El Moochadores! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything cosplay, and yesterday (while suffering through the painful grind of my soul-crushing day job) I came across this great video by super-sexy/cute copslayer Hendo.

In the youtube video below, Hendo shows us how to make a fantastic looking “Cable” arm, like the one the rest of you got to see in Deadpool 2. I wish I could’ve seen Deadpool 2 too, but I have to pay off a lot of credit card and student loan debt. sigh.

Anyways, I really did enjoy the make process Hendo uses here, and I hope this helps any potential cosplayers who may decide not to cosplay as Deadpool or Harley Quinn for upcoming conventions. Lot’s of DP’s and HQ’s at cons now days. There are other characters out there, folks. Check out more of Hendo’s cosplay work at Facebook page, or on her Instagram.


NYCC 2016 Coverage from Beat Down Boogie!


Spotlight Videos One and Two!

We’re west coast guys and, for the most part, content with our lives here in sunny, beautiful, San Diego. However, we’re also very poor and unable to attend some of the amazing comic book conventions happening around the world. So, we rely on the stunning photo and video work of the fine people at Beat Down Boogie to provide excellent coverage of events like NYCC 2016. Just seeing all the beautiful cosplay and fun events shot in slow motion and paired with good tunes fills me… aww, who am I kidding. These guys are good at something and they get to travel around the world doing it and that feels me with a jealous rage! I’m terrible at everything and it gets me no where! Fuck’n life. So anyways; for what ever reason, check out the videos below to either enjoy them or seethe with the frustrating jealousy.


image_6 image_5 image_3 image_2 image_1



Street Fighter Parody – Teaser

The creative minds over at Beat Down Boogie are working on a new project that mashes the hardcore action of Street Fighter with the hardcore action of… the fast food industry. Food Fighters! Check out the teaser trailer below and look for new images and information on their Facebook page.


Thranduil Cosplay


Incredible Cosplay and First Blog Post from my iPhone!

Okay El Moochadores, Although I think this is really awesome cosplay work by TheIdeaFix on the deviant art, I’m mostly posting about this because I just got a new smart phone, and I want to learn how to blog post from my phone. So far: kind of awful. But I’m learning! So while I figure this out, check this frigg’n amazing costume work. I think his real name is Serg, and he’s a model from Russia… I think. Kind of hard to keep track of stuff. Anyways, check out a few sample images below, and I’ll fix any mistakes from my PC when I get home.



Okay – I’m at my PC, so here’s the stuff I left out…

The Cosplay work was done by Sergey Roman Reyns Slavyaninov who is a Russian model/cosplayer/ and I think in a band. He also makes a really good Loki as well as an eerily good Thranduil. Check out more of his work at Deviant Art. I’m still learning how to blog from my phone, but hopefully I’ll get up to speed soon and we can start posting way more! Groovy.

Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan Cosplay


Awesome Farscape Cosplay from Elena Samko

Hey El Moochadores, It’s not too often I come across some (any?) cool Farscape cosplay, but check out this great looking Zhaan costume by Elena Samko. Elena is a make up artist and you can see a great collection of her work on her Deviant Art page and Facebook page. I’ve posted a few samples of her work below, but hit the links to see way more. Now let’s see her pull of a Dominar Rygel.

Good stuff.

pa_u_zotoh_zhaan_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9qzy9b the_black_cat_marvel_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9hyoun the_california_mountain_snake_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9ecdyo

The Morning Moo!


Featuring WoW Cosplay, Star Wars Animation, and Chris Farley!

Alright El Moochadores, time to get back on track. Or is this a road? The airport moving sidewalk we call Atomic Moo… the point is, it’s Morning Moo time and there’s a lot of cool stuff to share. Let’s start with some frigg’n amazing World of Warcraft cosplay from Phaleure Cosplay10433264_769795979760244_445073380078797727_n and cosplayer Ellie Marie (aka: Dust Bunny on the Deviant art). Look to the image on the right and you’ll see Marie’s Warsong Commander costume from Blizzcon 2014. I’ve posted a few more images below of the costumes construction but you can see way more on Phaleure Cosplay’s Facebook page. Also, click the above links to see her Deviant art portfolio. For the Horde!!! Actually, that’s not true. When I play WoW, I play Alliance. However, I do really like to bashing Horde players in PvP. Okay, that’s not true either. I mostly get the hell beat’n out of me in hopes of scoring a few honor points. Still… awesome cospaly.

10672377_756098724463303_6228101599382197349_n 10646795_750957291644113_6505405642491450354_n 10645049_736666096406566_4264262085785477711_n 10329029_773008802772295_4174553787569703263_n 1622640_764186146987894_7540743926811535984_n 10761_759671627439346_3493875374495195219_n

I Am Chris Farley Documentary Trailer


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Cardboard Iron Man!


Via Geekology: Does the sound of cardboard rubbing against itself bug anyone else? It’s one of the worst sounds in the world and granted this full size Iron Man suit made of cardboard looks cool, but – ye gods! Who ever struts around in that thing will drive the world mad!download Also, don’t smoke too close to the guy. Anyways, check out this amazing bit of cosplay by cardboard artist (yup, that’s a thing) Kai-Xiang Xhong. Along with a few images of the suit there’s a youtube video from the Stan Winston School that shows the suit and many more of Kai-Xiang Xhong’s sculptures! God! Just thinking about cardboard rubbing together is wigging me out… ehhk!


Awesome Psylocke Cosplay

Bishojou Psylocke by Mostflogged

Super quick post of this great looking cosplayer, Mostflogged, dressed as my favorite purpled haired mutant. I think I’m going to spend the rest of my day drooling over this image. Later!

Homer Drooling

Sexy Greedo!

Sex Greedo

Hey El Moochadores! I’m about to leave for work, and it looks like a busy day, but I’m almost done with a new Atomic Moocast and maybe I can guilt Chudd into doing a post later on. Until then…

Sexy Greedo!!!!

Via Sexy Star Wars Girls; Up until now, Greedo was way down on the list of all the possible Star wars characters I would want to snog and snuggle with, but cosplayer Corinne Alexandra definitely (maybe) took this character from a -100 to a solid 10 with her sexy twist on the costume design. Excellent work Corinne!

Check out more of Corinne Alexandra’s photo and art work at her website, Stuckwithpins.com.

Awesome 14-Foot AT-ST Halloween Costume!

AT-ST Costume

Hey, check out this kick ass AT-ST Halloween costume I just came across in my reader (via Geekologie.com). It was created by a guy named Scott Holden, and you can see how he put this epic piece of cosplay together here. Take a look and let us know what you think. Later!


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