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Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear

Been awhile, right? Well, no we haven’t given up on Atomic Moo, but life is getting a little better and making semi-regular posts should become a thing again. I hope.

Anyways, let’s kick things off (again) with some cool geeky fun provided by Nukazooka on the youtube. Now, I’m pretty sure a dark lord of the Sith could kick the living hell out of a “space ranger” in a manner of seconds, if that were a thing, but the video is still a lot of fun to watch. Despite Disney ruining both Pixar and Star Wars. Yeah, Rogue One sucked and I still hate Disney for every ounce of non-creative garbage they push on a non-thinking public. Sorry, I’ve also been spending time on political blogs, and I’m pretty sure there is a legit tie between the Force Awakens and the Trump attack on American government. But totally enjoy the video!!!


Three Beautiful Star Wars Posters from Andy Fairhurst


Via Deviant Art: Hello, El Moochadores and check out the above, and wonderful, Star Wars poster art from UK artist Andy Fairhurst. According to Fairhurst’s Deviant art page the posters are “officially licensed limited edition prints” for Bottleneck Art Gallery and Acme Archives and they’re so good that you kind of just feel the magic of the force when looking at these. Keen.

Anyways, according to the bottleneck page, the posters are currently sold out, but I did post a few more samples of Fairhurst’s work below, so that you can all enjoy the talent in a digital way.


vii_by_andyfairhurst-d894ysr robocop_by_andyfairhurst-d7yt2xg 88mph___part_3_by_andyfairhurst-d8d3qwv

The Morning Moo!


Not News from Not News Guys.

Good morning El Moochadores! Did you ever eat a bunch of pizza, and then fart yourself awake all night? No. Mean neither. Anyways, on this Morning Moo we got some amazing creative projects. Check out some stunning fan art, the best armor ever, and a vampire film by Flight of the Concords, Jemaine Clement!

It’s all good.

Gwen Stacy by SourAcid!


Via Deviant Art: To kick off this Morning Moo, check out some stunning art by South African artist Karl Liversidge (aka: SourAcid)! I’ve posted a few other samples of his amazing work below, but hit the links above to see more!

supergirl_by_souracid-d8fbcqp bat_girl_by_souracid-d8fydyg

Medieval Lord Vader Custom Armor by Azmal!


and here I thought I would never want to cosplay. …and when I do see the costume I want, it’s all in leather. wtf? Anyways; Also via Deviant Art: Check out this frigg’n awesome Medieval Darth Vader custom armor by Samuel Lee (aka: Azmal)! You check out more of Azmal’s fantastic custom leather work at princearmory.com!



What We Do In The Shadows: The American Release!


Via Kickstarter: The creators of Flight of the Concords check out the Kickstarter to help bring this film to the us. Produced (and starring) Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, the film is a mockumentary that follows the lives (un-lives) of three vampires living in the modern age. There’s only 12 days left on the kickstarter campaign, so get them wallets out folks! This looks pretty damn awesome! For more information check out the link above, or follow the films progress on Facebook. Check out the films kickstarter video below along with the trailer!


Star Wars Paper Toys!


Via… some geek-site… Sorry, I forgot to write down who posted this first. heh. Anyways! Check out the Star Wars paper toys of Momot! Now, I would tell you more about Momot, but his site is in all Korean. I don’t read Korean. Hell, I can barely read and write English, and it’s my only language; However this is really great work and Momot has several other great Paper craft works on his website (link above) and on his Behance page.


ec91a98db7e406124734da38f3067741 de6cd0b75b6480b00eadd38f6b2c5d71 c32b43146574a4e892ab6340fcc59ef0 aeba2c01dfc14739b83afd3dd5107326 88564319fc23bfc15acbc354cfa4ec78 941488ee2598172050dcffa8d55e0cd4 3801d0dfbb640ba6c90a085e8b2eac8d 375e293f7e9f0729e786c575e18421c8 3fdbfcbca79d22b7c23cdfc490a8db23 1fef1ea0f45642da37d7ea41fb6d357c

Trial of the Mask: Steampunk Star Wars Fan Film

Trial of the Mask

Hey El Moochadors, here’s a super quick post before I run out the door for work on something cool I came across this morning (via… shit I lost the link…). It’s a Star Wars Steampunk fan film based on Boba Fett. Anyhow, check it out below, or visit their channel here. Crap, I better get out the door or I’m not going to have time for a bear claw. Later!

Star Wars Meets Marvel: Awesome Geek-Art Mash-ups

Iron Trooper by Robert Shane

Hey El Moochadors, just a quick post this morning of some awesome crossover geek-art by UK illustrator Robert Shane. That Iron Trooper looks pretty kick-ass, and I’m digging how he worked the Imperial symbol into that power generator… chest thing… What the hell is that thing called??? Check out the other pieces he’s done below, and also check out his gallery for more awesome geek-art.

Darth Doom by Robert Shane Mace Fury by Robert Shane

A Unicycling Darth Vader Plays Star Wars Theme on a Flame Spouting Bag Pipe…


Via Geeks are Sexy: Good morning El Moochadores! The title of this post kind of says it all, but I really hope you enjoy watching The Unipiper work his magic. I think we should all strive to be even just half this awesome every day.


Darth Vader Cloth Doll… with Removable Helmet!!!


We all love Darth Vader (well… maybe not Captain Needa), but I think Deviant artist, Rono22 (aka: Marta), might love the big guy a little more. After all she made a really, freaking, amazing Darth Vader cloth doll, with a removable helmet. Check out what she had to say about making the doll on her Deviant page;

Here’s my opus magnum, my most favourite character of all the times, Darth Vader. One month of work, sometimes up to 8 hours a day. Roughly 40cm tall, random fabrics, felt, faux leather, ballpen parts etc. No wire frame. Hand sewn. Based the look mostly on “The Return of The Jedi”, the costume references found on 501st website and Sideshow’s Darth Vader bust. Not to mention I made some serious research on Sebastian Shaw (the man who played Anakin in the Original Trilogy)

You might say he’s a product of a little bet with my mum (or a challenge rather). Back in the day when I was 10 or so I started to make Star Wars dolls. When I was, like, 18, I bought a Darth Vader plush. And my mum was all like “pfff, he looks lame, even you could do it better!” And I was like yeah, how about no—- wait- you are right! I can make it better!

And I did! (although, 3 years later)

Good job Rono22! My only problem with it is calling it a doll. I’m a boy and that’s a Darth Vader. Boys don’t want to play with Darth Vader “dolls.” So, great work on that cloth replica of a Sith Lord! It’s very much a CLOTH REPLICA I’d want in my collection of ACTION FIGURES and REPLICAS. Not dolls.


66 Behind the Scenes Photos from The Empire Strikes Back on IMGUR!!!


Good evening El Moochadores! Okay, I didn’t post all 66 images here. Sorry, but I’m very tired, and I want to go to bed soon. However, I did post a few sample images (mostly of Carrie Fisher, she was just so damn cute!!!) and if you want to see the rest please go visit Joinyouinthesun’s page on IMGUR. Anywhat, check out a few of the images below. Some of the 66 in the album are very popular, but there were many in there that I had never seen. Like the Wampa attacking the Snowtrooper. Give them a look at let us know which pictures you liked the most!

PLWLhLq mvz0F4F A9Ixbz0 41q8aHN 18dImvS 9NRpkOm u4BoXCl ZPMGkFS

Luke’s Change: an Inside Job


Well, golly! I never thought of it that way! Check out Graham Putnam’s funny mockumentary that digs deep into the “conspiracy” surrounding the destruction of the Death Star and the loss of thousand Imperial soldiers lives!

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