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D&D Puzzle Box

Good morning El Moochadores (…or when ever you read this)! Take a look at this 2015 video about a very intricate (and cool) D&D Puzzle Box, hand crafted by Brian Stone. According to the youtube video; Stone made the box for a friend who “wanted to throw his D&D players a real-world puzzle that they would encounter during one of their fantasy quests”. None of my friends was ever this cool when we gamed. Anyways, very cool build and (yeah) I’m kind of digging the wood makes these days.


The Morning Moo!


Not News from Not News Guys.

Good morning El Moochadores! I just got a couple of things I wanted to share with all of you (the many thousands of loyal blog lovers out there). So, today we got a cool Millennium Falcon Quadcopter, D&D done very right, and a spot motion Lego painting.


Millennium Falcon Quadcopter


Via Make: Youtuber, Oliver C crafted a polystyrene skin (wasn’t that the stuff the T1000 was made out of?) to look like the Millennium Falcon! According to the article the skin fits over a Prophecy 335 drone. Very cool. Check out the video below, and also check out this (kinda-sorta) related article from Wired about modern drone use. I’m not sure if quadcopters and drones are really related, but it’s all flying robots to me. Which is kind of scary, now that I think about it.

DM Uses Ceiling-Mounted Projector To Project Game Maps!


Via Geekologie: Dammit, Dave! This how you DM! Sorry. I don’t think any of my old RPG buddies even read my blog, but still; way to think outside the box! So, check out these images from Dungeon Master Silverlight’s Reddit page. According to the Geekologie article, Silverlight was quoted as saying:

I recently ran a group of newbies through the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set. I wanted to do something really fun to get them engaged in the game and capture their attention, so I decided to set up a “hybrid” tabletop. The battle mat (map, drawings, etc.) is digital via a projector that I already owned, and then players had physical minis to represent themselves and the monsters they encountered.

Check out more images below, and (if you read our humble/awesome blog) let us know how you make RPG’s more interesting.

dungeons-and-dragons-map-projection-5 dungeons-and-dragons-map-projection-2 dungeons-and-dragons-map-projection-1

Lego Stop Motion


Also via Geekologie: Checkout this niffty little stop motion video from Jon Rolph of a painter recreating a Mondrian painting, but with Lego. Wait, wasn’t Boba Fett a “Mondrian?” nyuck.

The Morning Moo…


Some What Current News from Not News Guys…

Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, I slept in a little late, and this more like a “late-morning moo” now, but that’s okay!

Elemental Evil Returns to D&D!


As I write this, I’m thinking of our good buddy, D20, who for the last few years has been trying (mostly in vain) to get us to play Neverwinter Nights. So, Geeks of Doom reported that the free to play MMORPG, Neverwinter, will be adding “a new downloadable module from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. The new module will include all sorts of new player classes and raises the level cap to 70. The article also reports that Neverwinter may be coming to Xbox soon. Also, expect to see new modules for Wizard of the Coast games like Prince of Apocalypse, new miniature board games, and maybe more. Check out more information about the expansion modules at the Geeks of Doom article!

Windows 10 for Free!


Okay, calm down folks. This is Microsoft we’re talking about here. There aint noth’n free. I’m sure somewhere in here is a faustian bargain, that’ll sign over our bank accounts, privacy, and souls. However; for those of you a little less cynical that I am, The website arstechnica reported that Microsoft will be offering free versions of Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users for one year! The official announcement was made during the Microsoft Preview Event by Terry Myerson who said,

Once a device is upgraded to Windows 10, we’ll be keeping it current for the supported lifetime of the device… With Windows 10, we think of Windows as a service… The question ‘what version are you running’ will cease to make sense.

According to the arstechnica article, this is the first time Microsoft has offered an OS for free. For more information you can check out the arstechnica article here.

Okay, El Moochadores, this is my day off, so we’ll have some actual geek creative stuff to post about later today, and later on this week we’ll have book reviews and maybe (MAYBE!) and brand new Moocast.


Summer of 83

Summer of 83

Hey El Moochadors, check out Mikey Mason’s new D&D inspired song “Summer of 83.” I remember that year. I turned seven that summer. Didn’t know much about D&D yet, but Return of the Jedi came out then, so that kept our minds pretty occupied. Anyhow check out the video below, or go to Mikey’s website. Let him know he’s done good.

Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song)

Best Game Ever

Hey Kids. It’s been a rough day… that’s all I can say right now. I haven’t eaten, very little sleep last night, been driving all over San Diego county, and now I’m feeling pretty dizzy… Anyhow, might as well unwind with a post, right? Here’s another niftysong from Mikey Mason. You might remember is “She Don’t Like Firefly” Song, or his song “My Next Girl Friend.” This one is centered around our favorite RPG, D&D of course (well, actually back in the day my favorite RPG was Star Wars, you know, when they were using only six sided dice… but for this post I’ll just say it’s D&D). Check out the video below, or go to Mikey’s website and let him know he’s doing good. I’m sure he’d like that. In fact, I think all of us need to hear it every now and then. It’s nice to be appreciated… Wow, I’m getting really dizzy; I better go eat. Enjoy the video.

“Tonight” a D&D Song by Allie Goertz

I’ve been seeing this pop up on my reader a few times today, and I probably should’ve saved this for tomorrow morning’s regurge, but what the hell, right? Check out this Dungeons and Dragons song by Allie Goretz. Songs like this really make me… angry! Where the hell were cute girls like this when I was playing D&D twenty years ago??? We got gypped I tell’ya! Sure, now it’s cool to play D&D! Now all the hot girls are into it! I’m going to go in my corner to sulk… with a large slice of pie… enjoy the video.

Dungeons and Dragons Love Song

Dungeons and Dragons Love Song

Hey kids, how’s your morning going? Great! As for me, I couldn’t get much sleep last night, so I’m feeling a little out of it this morning. I’m also feeling a touch of anxiety. In less than 45 minutes I’m going to try and reserve a hotel room for Comic-Con through their website. I know I’m only a 30 minute drive from San Diego, but my brother and myself got a room last year, and we had a great time down there, so I’m hoping to do the same this year. Depends on if their servers are working or not. I was fortunate enough to get our four day passes while at the con last year, so I didn’t have to deal with all the registration problems others went through. Hopefully it won’t be the same for hotel rooms.

Anyhow, I came across this neat little animated music video on Neatorama.com, about a girl’s love for a D&D nerd (or is it an AD&D nerd?). It’s pretty nice to listen to. It’s mellow. I’m feeling a little more relaxed sitting here listening to it. Almost enough to put my head down on the keyboard and take a nap. Probably not a good idea.

The song is by The Doubleclicks, two sisters, Angela and Aubrey, from Portland — Sister huh? Maybe Trog and myself should put on something decent and take a drive up north? Wait, I feel too lazy to walk down to the store for a muffin… so that’s not likely to happen. Check out their website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. I’m sure they would appreciate it. The animation is by Brad Jonas, and you can see more of his great work on his site (I really like this guy’s drawing style).

Well, looks like I got a little time before hotel registration begins. I think I might boil some eggs in a pot and lay down for a second. Wake me when it’s time, and enjoy the video.

Critical Strike (comma) Bitches!

Dungeons and Dragons Box Set

The Mesmerist stood before the fire pit ready to cast the ancient book into the flames when the Drow sorcerer stepped out of the shadows and unleashed a powerful blast of magical frost. She was thrown backwards and knocked to the floor. Recovering quickly she stood and called for her horde of hidden minions to attack the small band of adventurers now entering the chamber… Okay, that’s not from some lame fantasy novel I’m writing, but was my take on part of a Dungeons and Dragons session I played last night with the The San Diego Dungeons and Dragons Meetup Group. The group does monthly introductory meetings for people new to the game, and I felt this was a great opportunity to learn more about a big part of geek culture.

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