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3D Origami Snake

Okay El Moochadores, I thought I’d kick the day off with some really cool geek creativity. I need some motivation, and nothing for that like “moo-post’n”.

As some of you already know, we (the brethren moo) love paper craft. In fact we have our own -papercrafty- Atomic Moo related project currently underway, but more of that later. So, I came across this on the Deviant Art (yeah, while browsing for weird porn…) and this is incredible! Check out the 3D Origami Snake by Deviant Artist Catstrosity. According to his DA page it took Catstrosity (aka: Kevin from Israel) 2 years to successfully make this and it has 7625 pieces. The entire snake stands about 60 centimeters high. Unreal.

I’ve posted a few other samples of Catstrostiy’s work below, but hit the DA link above to see more of his photo and papercraft work.


Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Meets Bionic Woman Doll


The Ultra Realistic Doll Repaints of Noel Cruz!

Good evening El Moochadores! While scrolling through the latest and greatest to be featured on Deviant Art I came across the incredibly talented work of artist Noel Cruz (aka: Noeling). Cruz has a knack for painting i_and_my___little_elvira___by_noeling-d30bztn(or re-painting) dolls and miniatures. Check out the feature re-paints above of Linda Carter Wonder Woman and Lindsay Wagner’s Bionic Woman. Cruz adds a level of depth and detail that is eerily realistic. Almost like having your own little Humunculus Linda Carter at home. Is that weird? Not that I’m into dolls mind you. As a boy I had “action figures.” Way different. Anyways, check out a small sample of Cruz’s work below but hit the links above to see way more. These’s Dolls were being sold on Ebay, but I think that they have since sold. Damn. Missed out on getting my own little Linda Carter… action figure.


marilyn_monroe_doll___custom_repaint_by_noel_cruz_by_noeling-d9dlr7p hunger_games_katniss_everdeen_doll_custom_repaint_by_noeling-d9ghfsd hot_toys_doll_repaint_angelina_jolie_maleficent_by_noeling-d8ucxmb

Mario and Yoshi by Javas


Okay El Moochadores, we just finished recording the last elements for Moocast #113, so I should be able to have it online in the next few days. In the mean time, let’s keep this blog alive with some cool fan art!

Check out Mario and Yoshi from Spanish illustrator Javier Burgos Arroyo (aka: Javas on the Deviant Art). He’s got a great cartooning style and portfolio full of cool and interesting takes on popular comic characters. I’ve posted a few sample images below, along with a speed drawing video by Javas, but hit the DA link above to see way more!


superman_sketch_by_javas-d9p9cqm don_by_javas-d70ox7k chewbacca_sketch_by_javas-d8q1nd6

Thranduil Cosplay


Incredible Cosplay and First Blog Post from my iPhone!

Okay El Moochadores, Although I think this is really awesome cosplay work by TheIdeaFix on the deviant art, I’m mostly posting about this because I just got a new smart phone, and I want to learn how to blog post from my phone. So far: kind of awful. But I’m learning! So while I figure this out, check this frigg’n amazing costume work. I think his real name is Serg, and he’s a model from Russia… I think. Kind of hard to keep track of stuff. Anyways, check out a few sample images below, and I’ll fix any mistakes from my PC when I get home.



Okay – I’m at my PC, so here’s the stuff I left out…

The Cosplay work was done by Sergey Roman Reyns Slavyaninov who is a Russian model/cosplayer/ and I think in a band. He also makes a really good Loki as well as an eerily good Thranduil. Check out more of his work at Deviant Art. I’m still learning how to blog from my phone, but hopefully I’ll get up to speed soon and we can start posting way more! Groovy.

Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan Cosplay


Awesome Farscape Cosplay from Elena Samko

Hey El Moochadores, It’s not too often I come across some (any?) cool Farscape cosplay, but check out this great looking Zhaan costume by Elena Samko. Elena is a make up artist and you can see a great collection of her work on her Deviant Art page and Facebook page. I’ve posted a few samples of her work below, but hit the links to see way more. Now let’s see her pull of a Dominar Rygel.

Good stuff.

pa_u_zotoh_zhaan_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9qzy9b the_black_cat_marvel_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9hyoun the_california_mountain_snake_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9ecdyo

Alien and Predator Art!


New Art Work from Alex Ruiz

Okay El Moochadores, in an attempt to get back to regular post again, I thought I would kick things off with some really cool looking art work I found on Deviant Art. Check out these incredible looking illustrations of The Predator and Xenomorph by Alex Ruiz. According to the DA page, the Xenomorph wasn’t completed, but yet it looks really cool the way it is now. Click the link above to check out more of Ruiz’s art, and hopefully I’ll have more post up later. This life, eh?





Okay El Moochadores. Here is my “mostly finished” Kilowog fan art. I used Adobe Illustrator CS2 for all of the vector work (yeah, I’m too poor/cheap for the creative cloud, and CS2 works great anyways), and I used one of Jason’s daily sketches as the reference.daily_sketch__kilowog_sketch_050914_by_jrmurray76-d7hvawv (1) I’m hoping to do more all digital art like this, but maybe start using more Photoshop elements in the future. One of my goals is to one day get as good as artist like Rocky Davies, but I think I still got a ways to go. Anyways, check out more of Jason’s sketch, type, and digital work on his Deviant Art page. You can also check out my meager work on my DA page. I’m already starting work on a new “Oola” illustration, and I’ll have post up about it soon.




Excellent Art Work by Lora Zombie

Good evening El Moochadores! First off, Shaun of the Dead is about the only zombie flick I’m willing to watch. It’s got everything you could want in a zombie movie. Zombies. The English. Nick Frost. It’s awesome. So I thought it was awesome that while scrolling throughzombie1 Deviant Art tonight I came across this really awesome Shaun of the Dead painting by Laura Zombie. She’s Russian, that might actually be her real last name. Anyways, Lora Zombie is a famous “urban” artist with a very cool style of illustration and painting. She also has exhibitions all over world. I’ve posted a few other examples of her work below, check ’em out and hit the links above to see more of her amazing work.


Zombie2 Zombie3 zombie4

Star Wars Art!


Amazing Fan Art from Illustrator Domenico Neziti!

I can’t help it. I’m getting stoked for the new Star Wars flick. Even though I totally shouldn’t. C’mon, Abrams boned the Star Trek franchise with those terrible films and Disney is… well, Disney. Everything they produce is like cotton candy. Fluffy, colorful, and no substance. However, it’s Star Wars and I’ve been looking forward to seeing an “episode VII” since I saw Jedi way back in ’83.

So in the spirit of fandom, and the hope that this new film will be something great (I really shouldn’t get my hopes up) check out some really great Star Wars art from Italian illustrator Domenico Neziti (aka: Nezart on the Deviant Art. Nezart has all sorts of great geeky illustrations on his page, but the above image, Falcon on the Run really captures how great it is to see the Millennium Falcon in flight again. Check out a couple of other examples of Nezart’s work below, but hit the links to see way more and maybe buy one as a print! Support your Star Wars artists people! Anyways, Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th!

Star Wars!

boba_fett_by_nezart-d8tflch kylo_ren_by_nezart-d9fagt4

The Morning Moo!


featuring Cool Art and Record Breaking Geekery!

Good morning El Moochadores! Damn fine morning too. Just think: 39 years ago today, two great men – destined to one day start a supercow podcast and website – were born. Damn fine day.

Anyways; though today isn’t a national holiday (yet) we thought we’d kick off the day off right with a good Moo post about cool geeky stuff like the great image above by Deviant Art contributor, TsaoShinn (aka: Eric Proctor). Grumpy cat never looked better. Frigg’n spectacular actually. I’ve posted a few other samples of his work, but click the link to see more of TsaoShin’s amazing portfolio of work which may have a few more grumpy cats.

are_you_satisfied_with_your_care__by_tsaoshin-d90mwdl it_s_me_by_tsaoshin-d8crt22 stitch_and_toothless_by_tsaoshin-d7i57wg

7×7 Rubik’s cube world record: 2:23.55


Y’know, I always felt a little bad that I’ve never solved a Rubik’s Cube, but then again, I’ve never tried. Sure, as a kid I smashed a few, pulled stickers off, and used them as pretend hand grenades to lob at my brother, but I never actually even tried to solve the damn thing. Maybe (just maybe) today I’ll go get a Rubik’s Cube, and do what’s right… or not. But all the same, check out this fun video of from Feliks Zemdegs, on the youtube, showing him beat the world’s record for fastest solve of a 7×7 Rebik’s cube!

Alright, El Moochadores, that’s it for this morning, but I have new Moocast about ready to post and some cool reviews coming shortly! Have a good one!

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