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Comic Con 2018 -Trailers!

An Atomic Moo (not) Movie Review

Yesterday I was in the process of setting up a really big Atomic Moo post about all the film, and television, trailers that premiered at the last SDCC 2018. However; as I was gathering links, and embed codes, I came across Red Letter Media’s Half in the Bag episode: 150, where they reviewed many of the same trailers, but with just as much (or more!) fake disinterest, and cynicism, that I myself was about to write. So, instead of posting a giant page full of Youtube videos, I’ve decided to post Half in the Bag 150 , which (for the most part) shares my same opinions towards these films, and few trailers they missed.

Well, there are some differences. These fellows seem more or less indifferent to Disney Star Wars, whereas I hate (loathe) every hack film produced by the Disney Wars (Disney ruined Star Wars). Also, I’m all in for a Godzilla v. King Kong film. Yeah, I hate going to theaters these days, and if I end up watching any of this stuff – it’ll be from the comfort of my own home, but a Godzilla/King Kong fight may (MAY) just get me back into a movie theater. Oh, and I am very much rooting for the Shazam film. I know it probably won’t be good, but I want to be just awesome.

So what follows here is Half in the Bag: Episode 150, Trailers for Venture Bros. Season 7, Dr. Who Season 11, and The Oriville Season 2.

Enjoy and disney ruined Star Wars.

Half in the Bag: 150

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WoW Disney Princessess


Via GeekxGirls.com: I came across these World of Warcraft (WoW) – Disney Princess mashups the other day and thought they were pretty great. I don’t know, maybe its just me, but the Panda-Belle is kind of hot. Anyways, these illustrations were created by Spanish artist, Libertad Delgado Rodríguez (aka LiberLibelula on the Deviant Art). Enjoy the sample images below, but click the above link to see much more of her work!


disney_princess_warcraft_07 disney_princess_warcraft_06 disney_princess_warcraft_05 disney_princess_warcraft_03 disney_princess_warcraft_02 disney_princess_warcraft_01

Disney Villains as Pin-Ups!


New Illustrations from Andrew Tarusov!

Illustrator Anderw Tarusov has recently posted a great looking series of illustrations to his Facebook. Check out a great assortment of Disney villainesses (yeah, I think that’s a word…) transformed in to sexy pin-up girls! I’ve posted only a few samples below, but hit the link above to see much more. Also, Tarusov has a Patreon where contributors (depending on amounts) can get access to videos showing process steps, NSFW illustrations, and even commissions. Check it out and support an artist.


12140846_1620786568194829_1377970557184588597_n (1) 12079171_1620786554861497_8983772165352372232_n 12072681_1620786558194830_4913898499286293365_n

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Global Toy Unboxing Live Stream Event


Though I think I’m well past my avid collecting days (maybe), it is cool to check in on this global live stream put out by Disney on the youtube to see the new stuff that’s about to hit stores. Wow, they really know how to market this stuff and they’re gonna make a bunch of money. Just please remember that, if you go to one of the stores for this event, to act like a human being, and please do not trample or kill another Star Wars fan just so you can get your hands on a six inch plastic Wookie. Also, this is not an endorsement of the new films. Though I love Star Wars (OS), the prequels were a big ball of suck, and Abrams did (in fact) ruin Star Trek. So… we’ll see.


The Morning Moo!


Featuring Muppets, Music, and Millennium Falcons!

Good morning El Moochadores! I finally have time to do a Morning Moo, so let’s make it a good one! Starting out: Check out this 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon reportedly being made by Hot Toys. These images have already appeared on several other websites, but who cares, this looks frigg’n awesome! According to the whole internet, this 1/6 size model is being made to accommodate Hot Toys’s line of 12 inch figures. Now let’s get them to make a scale Falcon model that fits us 6′ size figures.


Armenian girl Sings Like 5th Element’s Plava Laguna


Okay, so I fucking hate pretty much anything on TV anymore, but this is Armenian TV! So, it should be 100% more… Armenian. I don’t know where I was going with that, but recently on their version of The Voice a young girl preformed this very awesome rendition of Plava Laguna’s (big blue chick) tech-opera song from the 5th Element. According to sources, the real song this was based on is Lucia di Lammermoor an Italian opera from 1835 by Gaetano Donizetti. But we all already knew that.


The Muppets – First Look Presentation


Ha! The Muppets are back! Check out this “first look” from ABC featuring The Muppets in their new upcoming series, The Muppets. The new show will premiere Tuesday, September 22nd and it looks pretty damn cool. Check out their new “mockumentary” like style and a bit more adult like humor.


The Morning Moo!


Featuring BB-8 and Hasselhoff Awesomeness!

Good morning, El Moochadores. This Morning Moo we have two pretty awesome videos featuring the new droid from Star Wars episode VII and
a David Hasselhoff music video of an epic nature. Now enjoy the magic while I go earn a minimum wage.


David Hasselhoff – True Survivor


I don’t know if it can get any better than this, but check out David Hasselhoff’s music video for the crowd sourced (independent) film, Kung Fury. This is the lead track called True Survivor and you can purchase a download of it from iTunes. According to the True Survivor Youtube page; Kung Fury (the short film) will be released on youtube on May 28th of this year. ‘can’t frigg’n wait.

BB-8 on the stage at Star Wars Celebration 2015


Here’s some footage from the recent Star Wars Celebration 2015, of little BB-8 being all… BB-8. I know there is mixed fan reaction about this new droid (the new Jar Jar?) but, the tech behind getting this little guy to roll around in real life is really cool. Plus there’s an R2-D2 on stage too.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2


The new teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII was just released! Check out… MORE STAR WARS! heh.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring cool videos from Glove and Boots and Big Bee Studio!

Good morning, El Moochadores! For this morning’s feature we have two very cool (and funny) videos! Check out parody’s of Pixar’s Cars, and an Uptown Funk

Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS Movie Trailer


Dammit, yeah. I’d watch this. I’d dig the money out of my pocket and pay to watch every abominable moment because: It’s Star Wars! Well, thank the gods this only a parody from Big Bee Studios. Excellent animation work, but I sincerely hope Disney never sinks this low with their new property. Anyways, check out this funny parody, Disney/Pixar’s X-WINGS Movie Trailer, and hope it doesn’t spark a bad idea in a talentless Disney executive’s brain.

Shaolin Monk – “Uptown Funk” PARODY


Do you guys love Glove and Boots. We love Glove and Boots. Not any weird way. Just the sort of “special” love a bunch of grown men can have for funny hand puppets. You know what I mean. Anywhat: Check out the new Glove and Boots parody video, Shaolin Monk. A parody on the (much too over played) Uptown Funk song so (too) popular on the radio right now. Wait, radio’s still exist, right? That’s still a thing some people use, right? Also, it’s not like I hate the Uptown Funk song, but they play it every-other-fucking-song down here. Way overplayed Radio guys… who, may or may not exist anymore.

The Morning Moo!


Featuring the Pixels Trailer, and Disney Fan Art!

Good morning El Moochadores! My apologies for missing yesterday’s Morning Moo. The crappy part of my life (day job) got in the way of the stuff I really want to do. I’ll try not to let it happen again. Oh speaking of not giving a shit about the day job, check out this imageselfie_by_the__mad__russian-d8kjwir I found on Deviant Art by The–Mad–Russian called Selfie. Okay, maybe it’s wrong to say the Storm Trooper does give a shit, and he likes his job. Still probably not the best time to snap a “selfie”. All the same, brilliant photo! And maybe being a Storm Trooper is really fun. You would get to see the galaxy, meet interesting alien races, and they give you a gun! Anyways…

This morning we got the new Pixels trailer and Disney based fan art with a process video. It’s all good.


Pixels – Official Trailer


Sony Pictures has recently released the official trailer for Pixels, a new film starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, and Peter Dinklage. I think this film is based (I THINK) on the 2010 video, Pixels, by Patrick Jean. So far I’ve seen a lot of negative buzz about this movie on the internet, but I like Sandler’s movies and this looks fun, and (if true) I like that it’s based on a fan (geek creative) project. Check out the trailer below along with the original Pixels short. Pixels will hit theaters this summer. You can get more information on the Pixel official website.

Arienzel by SemiLex


Deviant art contributor, Semilex (aka: Alex) posted this very cool mash up illustration of Disney’s Ariel and Rapunzel characters. Apparently when you mix the two characters you get a naked girl with a lot of red hair. Semilex also provided a time lapse video of him illustrating this piece. Click the link above to see more of Semilex’s amazing portfolio of work!

No Lens Flares! …So Far.


Star Wars: Episode VII Teaser Trailer!

The new Star Wars: Episode VII Teaser Trailer hit this morning in all it’s glorious 1 minute and 38 seconds. Glad to report – no lens flares as of yet. Sorry, I can’t help myself. I love Star Wars but everything about this production, so far, just smells of an approaching shit storm. J.J. Abrams did a terrible job with the Star Trek films, and Disney movies are always directed towards the lowest rung of society. However… this looks pretty cool and I dug seeing the Millennium Falcon in action again. The new Star Wars film will hit theaters December 2015 and will star Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny BakerJohn Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Crystal Clarke, Pip Andersen, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow. Wow, Max Von Sydow! The only man who could play Ming the Merciless and Jesus. Too bad it wasn’t in the same film…


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