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Magfest 2017

Cosplay, Gaming and Music from Beatdown Boogie!

We’re back! That’s right El Moochadores, we (the intrepid Brothers Moo) have survived yet another swirling storm of disaster and chaos (aka: our lives) and are now (some how) wiser, better looking, and ready to blog. So, let us celebrate this triumphant return by getting back to some cool geek creativity.

Recently Distractotron visited MAGfest 2017 and they brought back a whole bunch of cool photos and video work. MAGfest (Music and Gaming) is a “four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community.” According to the website the event runs 24 hours a day (wtf SDCC? get it together!) and offers “consoles, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes, vendors, guest.” Cool, maybe Atomic Moo and the Murray Brothers Creative can attend a future MAGfest. We’re cool too, right?

Anyways, check out the videos (parts one and two) below along with a smattering of images taken from the Distractotron Facebook page.




Cosplay in 4K from Beat Down Boogie!

Beat Down Boogie just released a new video showing off all the great cosplay at MomoCon 2016. Like always, cool costumes, cute girls, and a groovy beat. Check out way more of their projects at Distractotron and the Beat Down Boogie official site.

Dig it.

Justice League VS Legion Of Doom


New Cosplay Video from Distractotron!

Good evening El Moochadores! Distractotron has a new cosplay video from Dragon Con 2014! Watch as the JLA takes on The Legion of Doom as shot by Justin Reich and Blake Faucette. Very cool stuff, but where was Elongated Man? Nobody ever gives old Dibny the cosplay love. Shame. And G’nort! Sure, he’s not JLA, but c’mon! Be a G’nort already people! Anyways… Check out more of Distractotron on thier Facebook page!


Star Wars: A New Friday

Star Wars Meets Friday Mashup


Distractotron has a couple of new videos out that bridge the gap between the movies Friday and Star Wars, and why not dammit! Check out more of Distractotron’s stuff on their Facebook.


MomoCon 2014 by Beatdownboogie!


Those groovy videographers over at Distractotron and Beatdownboogie have a new video online showing off some of the cool Cosplay at this years MomoCon 2014. I’ve posted a few sample images as well, but to see more go visit the Momocon 2014 gallery on the Beatdownboogie Facebook!


10410585_667602286610114_7870862010974944802_n 10409744_667606449943031_545015852376168715_n 10409726_667601946610148_5582829213685137692_n 10402568_667614199942256_6132130810054058233_n 10390099_667609926609350_4994916174315086779_n 10371977_667612726609070_4748689821250747827_n 10369212_667605849943091_3296927486743764699_n 10341854_667606939942982_5384208641384668443_n 10325792_667605639943112_8025953875380169270_n 10322836_667601939943482_7040650400453526705_n 10322721_667603276610015_3530401037632473953_n 10320517_667603166610026_3999040845272925243_n 10300892_667602049943471_876292520506188567_n

Cosplayer Chronicles by Distractotron!


The sheer awesomeness of videographer Blake Faucette and Distractotron continues with a fantastic new web series that focuses on interviews with individual Cosplayers and their experiences wearing costumes! These episodes are absolutely outstanding and show a massive amount of talent on both the film maker, and cosplayer’s, sides. I’ve posted two the newest videos (interviews with Soni Aralynn and Thaxos) below, but be sure to checkout the Distractotron Youtube channel to catch every one!


DC Comics 2013 Epic Cosplay Video


Hey El Moochadores! Check out another great video by Blake Faucette and Distractotron.com from Dragon Con 2013. This time the feature is of all the wonderful characters from the DC Universe! Give it a watch and let us know what your favorite costumes were! I’ve also posted a few images below, but this is just a small sample. A complete set can be found at the Distractotron Facebook page.


1463517_582999418445550_499563947_n 1470226_583000261778799_1630275786_n 1472977_582999561778869_304388702_n 1483135_583000558445436_752793407_n 1484143_582999915112167_948330008_n 1486827_582999588445533_1224347652_n

Marvel Comics 2013 Epic Cosplay Video


Good morning El Moochadores! Blake Faucette and Distractotron have a new video montage out on the Youtube featuring cosplayers doing their best Marvel comics characters at Dragon Con 2013. The costumes look amazing and the video work is excellent, but where was Beard of Bees Deadpool?beardofbeespool Okay, so maybe the cosplayers have the lame excuse that he wasn’t invented long enough prior to Dragon Con to do a good cosplay of the character. Or, maybe, some might say he’s a little lame – but I say, “bullshit!” Moving forward I want to see some good Beard of Bees Dead Pool cosplaying… and use real bees dammit! Otherwise what’s the point? Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah! Marvel video! It’s good. Watch it below.


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