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Official Gauntlet Announcement Trailer


Good morning El Moochadoers! Okay, so it’s not really “geek creative,” but I did spend a lot of time, and quarters, on the original game. So, in that same spirit of nostalgia, that feeds most of our creativity, check out the soon to be released Gauntlet! The details are below with the official game trailer.


The official Gauntlet announcement trailer for the remade and modernized 2014 edition that takes the arcade classic to new heights with more immediate arcade action, class combos, and procedural dungeons.

From Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Arrowhead Game Studio, Gauntlet returns with an entirely new look that includes one- to four-player co-op and online gameplay.

The Longer ElfQuest Fan Trailer

ElfQuest Fan Trailer

Hey remember that ElfQuest fan made teaser trailer I posted about the other day. You know, it had all the pretty ladies with pointy ears in it. Well, here’s a longer version of it… with more pretty ladies and a few hairy dudes… and a dog. I said before that unfortunately I’ve never read an ElfQuest comic, so I didn’t really know what was going on in the trailer. I guess those of you who are ElfQuest fans will have a better idea of what’s happening and who the characters are. Check it out below, or go to their website, or visit their Youtube Channel. Let us know what you think… or, if some of you feel so inclined, maybe you could explain some of the stuff that was going on in the trailer to us. Enjoy!

Critical Strike (comma) Bitches!

Dungeons and Dragons Box Set

The Mesmerist stood before the fire pit ready to cast the ancient book into the flames when the Drow sorcerer stepped out of the shadows and unleashed a powerful blast of magical frost. She was thrown backwards and knocked to the floor. Recovering quickly she stood and called for her horde of hidden minions to attack the small band of adventurers now entering the chamber… Okay, that’s not from some lame fantasy novel I’m writing, but was my take on part of a Dungeons and Dragons session I played last night with the The San Diego Dungeons and Dragons Meetup Group. The group does monthly introductory meetings for people new to the game, and I felt this was a great opportunity to learn more about a big part of geek culture.

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