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Comic Con 2018 -Trailers!

An Atomic Moo (not) Movie Review

Yesterday I was in the process of setting up a really big Atomic Moo post about all the film, and television, trailers that premiered at the last SDCC 2018. However; as I was gathering links, and embed codes, I came across Red Letter Media’s Half in the Bag episode: 150, where they reviewed many of the same trailers, but with just as much (or more!) fake disinterest, and cynicism, that I myself was about to write. So, instead of posting a giant page full of Youtube videos, I’ve decided to post Half in the Bag 150 , which (for the most part) shares my same opinions towards these films, and few trailers they missed.

Well, there are some differences. These fellows seem more or less indifferent to Disney Star Wars, whereas I hate (loathe) every hack film produced by the Disney Wars (Disney ruined Star Wars). Also, I’m all in for a Godzilla v. King Kong film. Yeah, I hate going to theaters these days, and if I end up watching any of this stuff – it’ll be from the comfort of my own home, but a Godzilla/King Kong fight may (MAY) just get me back into a movie theater. Oh, and I am very much rooting for the Shazam film. I know it probably won’t be good, but I want to be just awesome.

So what follows here is Half in the Bag: Episode 150, Trailers for Venture Bros. Season 7, Dr. Who Season 11, and The Oriville Season 2.

Enjoy and disney ruined Star Wars.

Half in the Bag: 150

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Atomic Moo Comic Con Review!

San Diego Comic Con International 2018 Photos and a Moo-Review!!!

Last Sunday, San Diego Comic Con International wrapped up its 48th year, and once again Chud and I were there for all four days for a spectacular show of art, comics, animation, film, books, music, and television shows! Oh, and alcohol. I’m really not a drinker, and though it’s been a week; I still feel wrecked. This con marked our 23rd year as attendees, and although the event had it’s highlights, I walked away feeling incredibly bummed out, but we’ll get to that later. First, the good stuff!

Much like years past SDCC had star filled panels, outside events, and a massive exhibit hall full of every piece of geek related media you could want. As four day attendees we tried to experience as much of it as possible… which actually wasn’t much. Unfortunately we got to see none of the panels in the mane show rooms. The lines for such events were huge, and mostly outside. However, Chud did get a chance to meet the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. He loves the zombie stuff. So, since we couldn’t get into the bigger, fan based, stuff, we sat in on several panels (usually held in rooms 2 or 4) that discussed more creative topics like introduction to television writing, or Indie creators. Panels such as these have way more value for us, and although I would like to sit in the main ballroom and geek out over the next big comic movie, I actually feel better and more inspired for attending the creative work panels. Also, they’re great place to take a break, and get informed at the same time.

Other good stuff this year; We got a ton of SWAG! In Moo-Post of past I’ve often referred to my “Con Pile”. A stack of cards, promo material, and comics collected at conventions that I use to find geek creative posts. I walked away from SDCC with a giant bag of this stuff. Lot’s of new stuff to post about. Then there is the stuff we bought. Comic Con is a great place to source discounted graphic novels, new and old comics, independent comics, and gear. I spent well over $100 dollars at the Famous Monsters booth. I’ll probably do a separate post about all the stuff we came back with, but now I’m happily broke.

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A Kickstarter for a Book About Un-produced Toys!

This is one of those Kickstarter projects that hits us right in the nostalgic gut at just the right time. Yes, as a kid who grew up in the 1980’s – I would have frigg’n loved a “Krull” action figure set! ‘can’t say the same for Dark Crystal though. That movie scared the shit out me. Still does. Anyways…

Right now on the old Kickstarter machine is a new campaign for a 200 plus page, hard cover, book all about the toys (action figures!) we didn’t get to play with as kids, because they never made them! Written by Blake Wright, Toys that time Forgot covers twenty stories where possible toy lines got lost in the shuffle of consumerism and development. Here’s a bit from their KS page:

Do you remember back in the early 1980s, playing with all of the toys based on the sci-fi fantasy film Krull produced by Knickerbocker Toys? What about the Masters Of The Universe meets Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots line that was Hasbro’s Tribes range in the early 1990s? Or all of those ReSaurus-made action figures and role-play accessories based on the break out video game Oddworld in 1997? No? Well, that’s because they were never made. But would it shock you to learn that each of these examples were well on their way to being produced?

Stories like these are more prevalent than one might think. Each have a separate, unique set of circumstances with a single common thread — the majority of them have gone untold. A new book, TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT, aims to shine a light on some of the more interesting, higher profile boys toys and action figure projects that made it all the way through to prototype stage, but for whatever reasons never made it to retailers. Some of the stories are funny. Some are painful. Most are well worth documenting.

Also according to the KS, the book will feature three sections, “each section will have entries representing a healthy mix of both licensed and inventor-based products… some of which have never been seen by the public.” So, far they are just a few days into the campaign but they’ve already made over half their funding. Keep the momentum rolling El Moochadores! This is a chance to get the behind the scenes scoop on toy development and maybe a little insight on modern history!

I’ve posted a few sample images below taken from the KS page along with the KS promo video.


SDCC 2016 Photos!

IMG_0516 (2)

Two dorks lost in a sea of geeks…

Wow, what a break! Sorry for the extreme lack of post the last few days (weeks) but last Sunday we finished San Diego Comic Con 2016! Jason and I have been attending Comic-Con since 1995, and if my math is right (probably isn’t) then that is twenty one years of creative-geeky goodness packedIMG_0487 into a four day event. Usually right before our birthdays too!

Though will be Moocasting about this years con on the next episode (#119), I wanted to get some of our images online now. This year we met a lot of talented artist, performers, and cosplayers. I’ll be working hard to arrange interviews with as many as possible, but we also ran into a bunch of past Moocast interviewees like Nicole Brune, Josh Henaman, and Katrina Kuntsmann. All of whom had new art and comics out on their tables!

This last years con was incredibly inspiring, and I think we’re going to do it folks! Jason and I have been hitting the local smaller cons, but this next year I think we’re going to apply for artist alley and pro badges!IMG_3307_copy_t670 Yeah, we probably won’t get them, but we’re gonna try! Anyways, check out the images below, I’ll be adding these to our gallery pages as well.

Also, a special shout out goes to friend of the site Dean LeCrone who’s Dr. Peepers costume won Syfy’s 2016 Weirdly Awesome Cosplay! We’re going to have Dean on the podcast very soon to tell us the whole story, but check out the youtube video below too!

***note: these are just the images I took from my iPhone. Jason was kind of our un-official photographer, and we’re still putting together all of his images, which will appear with the next Moocast! Also, Jason hurry up and get me the damn pictures! Lazy.


Cosplay, Art, and Stuff at the Con!

IMG_0604 IMG_0603 IMG_0600 IMG_0599 IMG_0597 IMG_0595

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Dakota Kid Creations


The Art of Lamont Hunt

Surrounding our booth at Power-Con 2016 were a lot of fantastic artist, and (hopefully) I’ll get around to posting about their stuff over the next couple of weeks. One artist that really stood out though was Lamont Hunt of Dakota Kid Creations. Hunt, a professional character designers, had a bunch of great prints featuring a fun style. I’m not totally sure how he is illustrating (kind of looks like markers or water color) but the results are amazing. I love cartooning, and seeing his work was really inspiring.

Check out a few sample images below, but you can see way (WAY) more on his facebook page!


13332810_1634068540201596_6574866939439856827_n 13323726_1634064063535377_6460441164066105886_o 13307240_1634070406868076_4077464984384176558_n

June Print Sell!


We need money! Yeah, I know we’re all about the creative vibe, but we’re in really bad need of new equipment and supplies, so Murray Brothers Creative is having an art sell! For the rest of the month of June (2016) we’re selling our 8 1/2″ x 11″ prints for only $8.00 each. We’re also selling our larger 11″ x 17″ prints for only $15.00 each. This is beautiful vector art printed on a high quality card stock that’ll look great on your wall! Also, a purchase will help to get Chudd a new computer. Seriously, his Apple is like 10 years old. That’s like… 600 in apple years, I think. So, hit the link above, help us out, and get some cool art at a discounted price. Check out a few sample images below!


evil_lyn_vector_051616_by_jrmurray76-da3zfa3 MechaGorilla_8.5x11_2016Update_v3 MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-5

The Atomic Moocast #116!


Cherry City Comic Con 2016!

Wow. This was a tough one. The gods that live in my head were really working against me when putting the new episode together, but for better or worst (probably worst…): It’s here! It’s weird how one event can change things. Salem’s Cherry City Comic ConCCCC2016 was our first time attending a comic book convention as vendors and it was pretty damn groovy. I think we’re addicted. Since the con we’ve established Murray Brothers Creative, where we are selling our art online. I’ve also started the set up work for my own web comic (Coming Soon!), and Jason and I have booked more cons! Feel’s kind of great. Also, CCCC 2016 was a cool road trip and much needed vacation to see an old friend.

Anyways, on this episode I have a small sample of some to the interviews I gathered from the convention.IMG_0223 I didn’t post every interview because it was taking too long to get the show done, but I might include some of the other audio in near-future episodes. Many thanks to everyone who talked with us, and I’m including links to the different artists, cosplayers, and whatever else, we talked to here in the show notes. I also posted a small sample of our photos from the convention below. I have more to post, I just need to get them from Jason’s iPhone.

So here we go folks. My Sisyphus like attempts to stay on top of this website all boiled down into one hour (almost) of low budget audio excellence! Now’s the time to gather up an ample collection of salty snacks and fizzy beverages, then settle in a to a comfy chair as you hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about! Now, I need a nap.


Free music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Incompetech.com. Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes, Links, and Photos

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Murray Brothers Creative!


Check out our new portfolio site for cool stuff at great prices!

As many of you already know, Jason and I like creating art. One of the main reasons we started Atomic Moo was a chance to create our own work, and learn from other creatives. So, that’s why we have the Moocast (with all its great interviews), and the beginnings of a comic book. It has been our goal to live a life where we are creating the art we enjoy and being successful creators at the same time. I’m not sorry when I say, day jobs suck. Working for other people, and doing something you don’t enjoy, sucks. So all of this (the podcast, blog, reviews, comic book) is us trying to learn how to live a different life away from the suck that is normal life. And I think we are one tiny step closer in that direction. atomicmoo_5x7_by_jrmurray76-d9z31nf (1)

The other day I finished the basic set up for our online portfolio and store: Murray Brothers Creative! This is where we will be selling all of our very cool prints, fan art, and what ever else we can make. I actually take a bit of pride in this, not just because I know dick all about websites, and even using Square Space was kind of a task, but because we’re actually putting our selves out there and… doing something! I’m not saying we’re great artist. We’re no, (Well, I’m actually pretty proud of Jason and his style of art), but we’re trying to get out of our shells and do more than we thought we could, and hopefully we can make something a lot of people will enjoy at the same time.

So, I’ve blathered enough, but the website is online. It’s at its most basic form. Jason is in the process of creating a lot of the design elements that will really make it awesome, but for right now it works as a portfolio and store. I’ve only put on a few test pieces to start with (about six of our 8 1/2″ x 11″ prints. Each selling for $12.00), but I’ll be adding more in time and announcing hit here. Also, Murray Brothers Creative has a blog, where I’ll be posting about convention appearances, sales, and new art as well. Check out a small sample below, but hit the Murray Bros. link above to see the whole thing.

Fugg’n Groovy.

Fat_Girl_One_8.5x11 Fat_Girl_Three_8.5x11 Fat_Girl_Two_8.5x11

MurrayBrosCreative_Sample-8 Raven_8.5x11_2016Update The_Hunchback_8.5x11_2016

Black Science Vol. One!


An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

Okay, El Moochadores, I know WonderCon is well into the past, but I still got a stack of really great stuff from the con that I want to post about. So, let’s do that…

A few weeks back I posted about one of three graphic novels (East of West) that I picked up at the Image booth. Since then, I have had a chance to read the other two graphic novels and… Wow. What the hell happened to Image? For years I thought of them as the lesser end of the major comic book publishers triangle, but holy shit are they making some great comics now! So, tonight I’m going to be very enthusiastically reviewing my copy of Black Science!

Well, “review” is kind of a stretch. It’s more like me telling any of our blog readers, this book is awesome and they need to buy it. Here’s why: Like East of West, Black Science takes comic book fans somewhere else. In the story sense, almost literally. The story, by Rick Remender (writer), and Matteo Scalera and Dean White (artist),RightImage is almost like a better version of Lost in Space. Scientist Grant McKay has invented “the Pillar”, a breakthrough device that transports people to other (infinite) realities. Of course, there’s a screw up and now McKay and his team are lost in the “Eververse” (I love that term), searching for a way home.

From the very first page this book has a pulse. It’s action packed and plays hard with a part of theoretical physics I’ve always loved. I think its also great that I read this comic at just about the same time I discovered Rick and Morty. Not that the two have anything in common (Rick and Morty can get way darker…), but this brand of weird science is made all the better by some incredible art work and interesting twist on the “what if” of pan-dimensional America. Also, and I don’t know if this is the best time to bring this up, but every graphic novel I got was priced at just $10.00 ($8.00 for the digital version). These are awesome comic books priced way better then anything being put out by Marvel and DC. When did Image get this good!?

Anyways, if you’re interested in a unique read I highly recommend Black Science. It’s a chance to get away from the normal comic book stories about mutant guys and gals in yellow spandex and enjoy some fantastic science fiction!

Check out a few sample pages below along with the official synopsis (way better than mine), then wander on down to your local book or comic book store and pick up a copy for yourself.

Science bitches!

Anarchist scientist Grant McKay has done the impossible! Using the Pillar, he has punched a hole through the barriers between dimensions, allowing travel to all possible universes. But now Grant and his team are trapped in the folds of infinity, the Pillar sending them careening through a million universes of unimaginable adventure, sanity-flaying danger and no way home… – See more at: https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/black-science-vol.-1-how-to-fall-forever-tp#sthash.p9dRsJe4.dpuf

PageSample SamplePage2 SamplePage3

The Foreigner, Volume 1 – Graphic Novel


New Kickstarter for a Cool Comic!

Kaz, a socially awkward Brooklynite, is cast into an alternate world and must confront battling kings to save his wife and return home.

Okay El Moochadores, time to turn our collective attentions to this great looking Kickstarter for a new indie comic called The Foreigner, Volume One. Written and illustrated by published author, Kensuke Okabayashi, this futuristic fantasy takes an normal guy (Kaz) into an alternate world chuck full of killer robots,1778fbc00dd81659b521e28d8927ae2e_original zombies, and warring royals! Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out the synopsis below:

A once peaceful but now war-torn world, Ravenika is an alternate universe ripped apart by three brother kings battling for each other’s land, riches, and power. In an attempt to save his abducted wife, Kaz, a socially dysfunctional Brooklynite, is mysteriously transported to this desolate and dangerous world where he must restore peace among these familial foes if he ever hopes to return home.

This was a great read! I received a digital version of issue #1, along with a press package (*press packages are awesome and I wish more indie comic artists would put them together when trying to promote their work*), and I enjoyed the story along with Okabayashi’s talented art style. It’s easy to see all of Okabayashi’s professional talent in full swing here and I was kind of surprised to read that this was his first Kickstarter. Though definitely not a Manga, the comic does carry some of that vibe – especially when the killer robots show up. There were a lot of questions with the first issue (like why the abducted wife of an office worker), but I trust that Okabayashi will reveal all as future issues are produced.

I’ve posted a few sample pages below, but remember, the comic book is looking for funding. So go check out the Kickstarter page and give it some support. You can also learn about rewards for contributing there, one of which looks like a 3D custom model.


Sample_a Sample_b Sample_c Sample_3 Sample_2 Sample_1

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